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Monday, 26 March 2012

Pets in the Park.....Zac and Muffin's Grand Day Out

Zac: Hey Muffy I'm bored...what do you say we go out for the day? 
Muffin: That sounds like a good idea but where shall we go?
Zac: I've heard that there's a great event that happens every year called 'Pets in the Park' and it's on now!
Muffin: Okay that sounds brilliant...lets go! ^..^
So what was in store for our pooches at the Stonnington 'Pets in the Park' event at Central Park in Malvern East.
Here's some of the highlights of the day....

  • Pet Q&A with Dr Jack Ayerbe from Radio 3AW
  • Jack Russell Terrier races
  • Pet competitions with a range of fantastic prizes donated by Stonnington Leader, Pookinuk and Pipsqueaks Photography
  • Announcement of the winner of Stonnington Leader’s on-line ‘Best Rescue Pet’ competition
  • Discounted microchipping
  • Children’s entertainment, activities and rides
  • Entertainment on the main stage
  • Demonstrations by pet obedience clubs and trainers
  • Snake handling
  • Responsible pet ownership tips
  • Information from animal welfare groups and service providers
Even Channel 10's weatherman, tv personality Mike Larkan was there, so we knew that the weather would be good.

Zac was certainly on form and even took on the Jack Russell races to impress his girl. 

 Come on Zac...!

Muffin thought she'd have a go too....

But alas Shih Tzu's aren't made for racing...they're not in the least aerodynamically built.
Looking cute is her best sport!
(in a hushed voice....just between you and me, she came last) But then it's all about taking part, isn't it?
She came out of the trap like a whippet, but then became confused...
Meanwhile Zac was a greyhound in disguise....who would have guessed....here he comes on the outside...
Watch him go!

There he was gone...!
By the way...the dog that's in the lead didn't get to go into the traps due to his size, so I think Zac was indeed the true winner.
The prize ~ a well deserved favourite chicken treat ...

Hero of the day...not bad for a 12 year old eh?

There were agility tests too but Muffin was suitably impressed with the racing, so Zac thankfully could relax.

There was so much to see, eat, drink, ride, and read.
Here's some of the things that we saw...a face only a mother could love, but it did make me feel slightly better about my wrinkles.

 I've been interested in the work of Guide Dogs Victoria for sometime, even contemplating being a puppy raiser. They do such amazing work, so please take to look into their website at Guide Dogs.
There were other charities at the event, such as Oscars Law  which I've previously posted about on my blog
Then the kids needed fun too...face painting, art workshops and of course 'Thomas the Tank Engine' rides.

  Home produce stalls, plants, pet equipement, even microchip services and health advice all available plus the Chadstone/East Malvern Rotary barbeque and tea/coffee shops.

There were also so many information banners with fantastic photographs. I could have taken all day just looking at these alone.

If you missed this great event then make sure you mark your diary for next year.
A great day was had by all....and Muffin had eye's for no other ^..^

Enjoy your day : D


  1. Wow looks like you and the dogs had a great day out. Such fun! Zo xx

    1. Hi Zo, we certainly did and to think I nearly didn't take Muffin with me. I'm so glad that I did because she had such fun, as you can see :D

  2. What a fun day and some delightful photo's! Thanks for sharing....Amy Jo

    1. It was indeed Amy Jo,
      Both Zac and Muffin slept for most of the day once we got home...pooped pooches! ;D

  3. Lovely pics, Zac & Muffin looked as though they had a fun day, bless them, they are gorgeous, Hugs May x x x

    1. Thanks May, I think we all had a good day. ;D
      I can't believe it's nearly Wednesday...I'd better get into my desk!
      Have fun x

  4. What a fun day! I know you love your sweet pooch!

    1. I have to admit Debbie...she had me at hello ^..^
      Hope your week is going well? Have a wonderful Wednesday :D


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