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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Silent Saturday.....(due to sore throat)

My son has been so generous that he's passed on his terrible cold to me....I woke this morning feeling my throat had been cut, so we've had a very quiet day here today. The boys are probably ecstatic but they're making the right sympathetic noises and providing copious cups of tea.
So I thought I'd have a quiet post today....just letting the photos do the talking for me.
Here's some of my produce...
I'm happy to report I have runner beans too but I'll have to show them another day...

This one makes me laugh ~ is it my fever or does that look like a little alien?

And then there's the mutant trees????
Opening their arms to harness the power currents running through the electricity power lines....

Now I'm frightening myself...I think the fever may be reaching a peek and I need to lie down....
I hope your weekend is going well and not weird like mine LOL 
Keep smiling :D


  1. Lovely photos. Hope you're feeling better soon!

    1. Thanks Beth...I'm one of those people that can feel terrible when suffering with a cold, which can last weeks but no-one really notices, whereas when my hubby suffers he streams for 48 hours then it's done :(
      I went to an art workshop yesterday and that made me feel so much better :D

  2. I love how that tree grew. They would have chopped it down here. What kind of plant is the alien looking one with the black things ??

    1. Well it had a little help...in fact all the trees in this area are pruned that way by the local council.
      They cut them back to allow for a two year growth without affecting the power lines. It takes the council that long to cover the area pruning in a continuous circuit.
      There would be an outcry if they cut all the trees. There are so many tree lined streets here in Melbourne.
      I've tried to find the photos from when the plant flowered but unfortunately I haven't been able to locate it. Obviously my filing system needs a tweek!

      I believe it's a type of orchid (fingers crossed)I haven't seen any like it before. I picked the seeds from another plant and brought them home...threw them into a pot and away they went. I've recently transplanted them into the garden. When I find the flower and it's name I'll let you know.

      So glad that you popped by and hopefully we'll chat again soon :D


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