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Friday, 9 March 2012

Tired Trainers!

It's time to call it a day I think...my trainers (or runners) have finally given up on me. Sadly they want to retire.
We have travelled far and wide, over continents, scaled heights I didn't know I could reach, covered miles in all kinds of weather, walked, jogged and even on rare occasions when the wind was blowing in the right direction...ran!

I did try to slow things down for them...only using them to walk Muffin, but they still want to split ~ literally!
Oh well, all good things must come to an end I suppose....but I worry how much a new, young, flash, energetic pair might demand of me. Eek! : (
p.s. I'm so excited today because I've just got back from the Art Shop! Oh my....I'm so thrilled and want to get into my studio as soon as possible to get working!
We have a long weekend coming up here in Melbourne, so whatever you get up to have a good one.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Enjoy and keep smiling :D


  1. I have a pair just like those, an old friend they are.
    I can't wait to hear about those art supplies you bought,,,,

    1. Well I didn't go completely mad...I was very restrained really :$
      It was like a whole new world that I'd lost touch with.
      I just bought paper, pads and lots of different pens. The shop didn't stock any silk paints or gutta so I may have to go online for those.
      I'm away into the studio now...whoohoo ;D
      Catch you later....and watch this space as they say xoxo

  2. Oh, they look so comfy... how can you bear to part with them? I would paint them in your favourite colour , fill with soil, plant some flowers in them and pop them in the garden to live another more artsy life and give you memories.
    JoZarty x

    1. What a brilliant idea JoZart...I never thought to do something like that. It's a perfect idea and quite a fitting end.
      Thanks for the idea ;D

  3. Yep, time to retire the old dogs. I love my Nike's but have discovered Saucony's and they are such an awesome runner! Just missed your WOYWW. Always behind. lol loved looking at your wonderful leafy designs. Awesome! Also the dogs are just the cutest! I just signed on as a follower.

    Stop by and sign up for my give away if you wish.

    1. Hi Needlewings, yep...sad but true. They're time is up, although Jo's comment above was a great idea. I think I like the idea of them going out to pasture ;)
      I haven't heard of Saucony's but I'll take a peek.
      Thanks for your compliment on my leafy design. I sneaked off this afternoon and finished another design! Whoohoo.
      Thank you so much for signing up to follow ~ I really appreciate it.
      I hope your having a wonderful weekend :D

  4. I love old comfy shoes. Hope you're enjoying your art :O)

    1. I know what you mean...I'm going to miss those guys. We've been through so much together.
      I snook into the studio yesterday whilst no-one was looking and finished another design which I'll be posting on Wednesday.
      I am enjoying it SOOOOooooooo much :D


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