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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Artist Play Room ~ Favourite Colour

Phewph...here I am again...'Tail-End Charlie'...(apologies Jenn)
All my good intentions to be ahead of the game this week seemed to disappear around Tuesday! 
Hopefully Jenn at the Artist Play Room  will be her usual wonderful, lovely host and let me nip into the room to join in the fun....even at this late stage.
Jenn decided for this week's theme we were to create a piece of art that celebrates our very favourite colour. This you would think might be an easy challenge, but once you really have to knuckle down and chose one particular colour it becomes very difficult....so I went with my initial first thought. 
The colour that I would usually chose would be 'blue'.....
but then which blue to choose? 
Oh my...but there are an infinite number of possible shades. Each shade of blue can be modified slightly by adding a new colour, the possibilities are endless. As far as we know, there are more than fifty thousand shades of blue. Air Force Blue, Celeste, Egyptian blue, Maya Blue, Royal Blue, and Ultramarine are a few.
So which to choose?...I did have a beautiful electric blue dress that was my absolute favourite years ago...I thought I looked the 'bees knees' in it (heaven knows where that statement comes from...'the bees knees'?) and was heartbroken when finally I couldn't wear it anymore...so whilst walking last week I came across the tiny Australian Fairy Wren who obviously feels the same about his plumage and rightly so...he struts his stuff on tiny, tiny legs in his spectacular blue outfit and is so cute that I thought I'd chose him to celebrate my favourite colour.
It seems right that I not only use the colour but also a beautiful little delicate bird too. 
So here is my entry....I hope you like him....I also thought I'd add just a touch of a 'tangle in the tail ;D
I couldn't resist...plus he's in my journal...so hey ticked a few boxes at once!

(apologies for the photograph...unfortunately I couldn't take the photo in good light) 

Then a friend (who knew that I was drawing the blue wren) brought me this photo from a magazine...
now let me tell you I haven't been able to snap a shot of this tiny wren myself because basically I'm hopeless...my camera just doesn't have a fast enough shutter speed...and this little chap doesn't sit still...ever!!!
But look at this shot!

I'd have been apoplectic if I'd managed to take this photo...I'd have been hyperventilating and shaking so much that it would have been a blur.
 I can imagine how the photographer Barb Leopald must have felt knowing she had that shot in the bag!

So that's it for this week folks...I hope you've enjoyed visiting me...I know I've loved having you pop into my place. So why not nip over to Jenn's place to see all the stunning colours and amazing art work.
I'm sure you'll be inspired by what you see...they're such a brilliantly talented lot!
That's where I'm off to now...see you there https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1508618.gif


  1. Wonderful illustration of the Fairy Wren - a bird I have never heard of or seen until today - and the photo is simply amazing. We have wrens in this country but they are tiny brown birds - sweet but not colourful at all. Elizabeth x

    1. Morning Elizabeth...or should that be 'Good Evening?
      Thanks for your lovely compliments.
      I adore the little UK wrens and remember them visiting my garden but when I saw the blue one's here I couldn't believe it. They are so vibrant! Well the males are...the females are plain brown. They sing the cutest song too.
      Enjoy your weekend whatever you get up to...have fun and thanks for stopping by xoxo

  2. Wow Neesie..so very beautiful..that dazzling bird steals my heart..gorgeous blues..totally magical! Beautiful post!!I love blues too!

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Aww..you do say the nicest things...thank you so much. ;D
      I must admit I love birds but this little chappie is a bobby dazzler!
      I wish they would visit my garden but at least I know where to visit them....and I'm keeping it a secret :D
      Who knows one day I might even manage to take a photo!
      Have a wonderful weekend...and may the birds sing!!! xoxo

  3. I love the colour in that wren... they are such an intense blue... I have had a garden full of rainbow lorikeets this morning and their insane colours were wonderful and I tried to get a shot of them, but by the time I had hunted the camera and all that they had moved on across the street... next time I will be better organised!!!

    1. Oh I'm jealous Trace,
      I'd love them to visit my garden but I've never seen them here.
      The lorikeets screech past between neighbours gardens and even though I've put out seed they continue to ignore me! :$

      Don't you just hate it when your camera plays hide and seek!
      Mine does it all the time. ;D

      Hope your weekend is going well and your enjoying the warmer temperatures. :D

  4. Ahhh, I love your blue wren! The tail makes her a signature "Neesie creation." I love it!:-)

    1. Hello Minnemie,
      I was going to write about the 'tangle tail being a kind of signature, but you clever bunny you got it anyway!
      Glad you like him ;D

      I hope you're enjoying your weekend whatever your up to ~ have fun! xoxo

  5. I love the color and the little wren...superb!! I hope you still make it in. I never made it this week with all the organizing...again. With all my good intentions I might not until I am done. :( But I shall return. Love the tangled tail, BYW. ;)

    1. Yep I'm in Rita...I've had a note from Jenn...she's last this week (hehe) but then if you're the host I suppose that's allowed.
      I can understand you not entering with all your organizing but just think when it's all done...they'll be no stopping you ;D

      Thanks for taking time to stop by...I appreciate it!

      Have a great weekend and don't do too much! :D

  6. Oh what a beautiful ,little birdie you have painted...I am sure she has a song in her heart :)

    1. Hi Rita,
      They do have a beautiful little song.

      Thanks for popping over to my place and enjoy your weekend ~ whatever you have planned. :D

  7. lovely and stunning as always, Neesie. the tangling caught my eye straightaway and I am always meaning to tell you that you have such a knack for that. inspiring!! xoxo

    1. Aww thanks Currie...what lovely comments :D
      I wasn't sure whether to draw some 'tangles but then I thought it was only in my journal and would be a kind of signature.
      You'd all know it was me by having them in the design!

      I hope you're enjoying a great weekend....have fun and I'll be over to see what you've been up to soon. ;D

  8. your blue wren is beautiful! i'm wondering what you used to color him - perhaps i missed it if you said. and i like that you included the photograph - it looks like 2 of them have worms in their beaks? - i'm with you my shot would have turned out blurred - i'd be trying so hard to get that shot off - haha! it works great with your drawing :)

    1. Hi Alice,
      I can't believe how silly that I didn't write all the details in my post. I love to see work in progress from other artists plus knowing what techniques and equipment they have used...but never thought about my own!
      This little chappie was coloured with Copic pens. I'd seen them being demonstrated at the Craft Fair last weekend and it inspired me to have a go...plus I've been meaning to add some colour to my work for a while.
      There are baby birds being fed and females included in the photograph...the females are brown and not as striking as the males.

      Thanks for visiting and I hope your weekend is going well whatever you're up to! ;D

  9. Fairy wrens are one of my top three favourite birds! Your painting is gorgeous and what an adorable and striking tail you have given him too. We have fairy wrens here too and my son was able to get some fairly decent shots with his camera....it has a bigger lens for distance. I wouldn't have had a hope in hell trying to photograph one with my camera. lol

    1. Thank you so much Serena for your lovely compliments. ;D
      How cool of your son to be able to capture the wrens. He must have a 'fandabbydozzie' camera and a steady hand!
      My son takes much better photographs than I do...so maybe I should send him out to try and capture them.
      Well that's the weekend over...(sigh)...let's hope next week is a great creative week! :D

  10. omg he's so darn cute I can hardly stand it!! I can nearly hear him chattering at me, telling me he wants food! Hehehe.
    Much love,

    1. Hehe...steady Jenn, ;D
      I thought he came out cute too...much more than I thought he would...so I'm happy.
      They are such tiny delicate birds...that you can't help but love them :D

      Well a new week begins...bring it on I say!

      Have a good one! xoxo

  11. You're right! There are so many gorgeous shades of blue! I'm glad I went with purple, lol, because it would have been hard for me to pick one blue, too! The fairly wren is just gorgeous and really pops out on your page. His zentangle tail just makes him!

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for popping by and leaving a lovely comment...I appreciate it ;D
      I was unsure about adding a little 'tangle in there but then thought...why not?!!?

      Well another fun pack week has started ~ so I'm off to be creative in whatever comes to mind...who wonderful is that?

      Have a great week too :D

  12. So glad to see your entry, as I also love birds. You are right they are constantly moving. Your drawing and painting is wonderful, gorgeous shades of blue!

    1. Hi Gloria,
      I adore birds and over the years in all the different locations there's always new varieties to check out!
      Blue does seem to be quite a favourite colour for the artists...but so many shades to choose from.
      The sky here today is a beautiful cobalt blue. A perfect spring day in fact...ahhh. ;D

      Thanks for stopping by ~ I hope you have a wonderful creative week ahead...enjoy! :D

  13. So many blues but I love them all. Is it something about Australia, we all love blue, must be our gorgeous sky. Your little wren is so beautiful. I especially love the way you did the feathers on his chest.
    I'm with you on the photos bit, can't take one to save my life. I have to take 50 to get one good one and I have a camera for dummies!!

    1. Hi Von,
      Yep me too...I do think it has something to do with the light here.
      My daughter just mentioned last night that she's looking forward to changing the orangey light for blue when she comes here.
      She's always raving about the light here...but then you have to remember she's living in Scotland!

      Beautiful cobalt blue sky here today....and I'm thinking that that might well be my favourite blue.
      Happy to report spring landed yesterday! Whoohoo ;D

      Well I hope your new week has started well and we're in for a great week.

      Have fun whatever you're doing...I'll pop over soon to take a peek...get the kettle on sweetie or if you're busy I'll do it

      Hugs xoxo

  14. That's an incredible photo - and a wonderful shade of blue that you used!

    1. I just wish it was my own photograph Beth, but who knows maybe one day ;D
      Thanks for stopping by...have a great week and I'll visit you soon :D

  15. He's beautiful, Neesie. We have Carolina Wrens in our backyard, and assume they are related. Ours are very small and move very quickly too, so I can understand why it would be difficult to photograph them. I love how you incorporated tangles to his tail. Blessings!

    1. Aww thanks Arnoldo,
      I've never heard of Carolina Wrens so I'll be researching them ;D
      They do sound very similar to the Fairy Wren.

      I'll keep hoping that one day I may manage to capture them on camera myself! It's always good to set challenges and goals :D
      Hehe...I couldn't resist adding the 'tangles.

      I'm about to start visiting the APR entries now so see you soon.
      Have a wonderful creative week...whatever you have planned...Enjoy!

  16. Not surprisingly, he's amazing! And what's not to love about blue?! My week totally got away from me and I didn't play along this week :( - I'd think of it and an idea at work and by the time I got home and was ready to think about art, I'd totally spaced it. Hopefully this week......

    1. Aww Terrie you say the nicest things,
      I thought he was a very simple design this time and maybe that's
      why I decided to add the tangles to his tail. ;D
      Isn't it a shame that work gets in the way...but then at least it funds all the spends and art supplies :$
      Have a great week and hopefully you'll manage to get to your creations.
      I'm just watching the US Open..."COME ON ANDY!" (lol)

  17. What a cute birdie! I am now following you too!!

    1. Hello Catharina,
      Thank you so much for stopping by. I actually saw your national flag flashing in my sidebar. I love seeing all the different countries that have visited my space. It never ceases to astound me! ;D
      I'm doing a happy dance here now that you've decided to follow me...I really appreciate it and I hope you enjoy your visits to my space. :D
      Have a great creative week whatever you have planned...enjoy!

  18. Love this little wren Neesie.I think we both like birds! Arfa is a lucky boy eh?!!

    1. He is indeed Judy,
      I've always loved birds...feeding them wherever I've lived.
      You might like to read an old post that I wrote whilst living in our last house...here's the link:-


      We have a nesting pair of blackbirds along with doves and magpies here so it feels like home now ;D

      Beautiful day here today...full warm sun...ahhh...at last! :D
      Enjoy your day xoxo

  19. your little birdie is about as tweet as it gets.

    1. Hehe...thanks so much ;D
      I really enjoyed drawing him...I'm off to start a new design and it's not a bird!

      Have a great day and thanks for stopping by to leave a comment.

      I love having visitors ♥

  20. what a sweet little fella! I love blue too .... any and every shade there is .... and speaking of blue - I love your new bright blue sky blog header :)

    1. Hi Kimmie,
      Blue does seem to be quite a popular colour.
      I wonder if it has something to do with blue skies?

      I was unsure about the new header so thank you for your kind comment. I appreciate it ;D

      Have a great day!


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