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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

What's on Your Workdesk ~ WOYWW #170

It's WOYWW time again..can you believe it? https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511766.gif 
I've got to start with an apology today because last week was a total disaster. I tried to navigate through it as best as I could, but really I was like a dog running on lino!
I think hope that I managed to at least reply to everyone that visited my desk, but I didn't get to many of your desks. Each day I thought I'd manage some visits at least, but whoosh....the day (and evening) vanished. I also had the most embarrassing explosion of my right eye. 
It's still a beautiful deep red now where the white should be! 
I've even started to account for its bright shade in my dress code...I kid you not!
This is the fourth day now and I'm feeling people must think I'm a celeb or a diva at least...wandering round in shades (sunnies/sunglasses) whether or not its even light...never mind if the sun's out!
So I'm hoping I've now got your sympathy vote at least and you'll forgive me? 
The coming week will definitely hopefully be better. 
I'll promise try to visit everyone's desk from this last week as well as this week plus many more.....
If you're a new visitors or anyone that hasn't heard of WOYWW (What's on your Workdesk Wednesday) then you'll wonder what on earth I'm on about....basically it's the day to open your door and let everyone in to see what you're up to...well on your workdesk that is! 
It's the brainchild of Julia's blog at Stamping Ground 
Visitors can come from all over the world....so be prepared....and get that kettle on!
 So what's on my desk this week....
How about this...?

As so many WOYWW will know it's a craft fair goodie bag...something that gets many hearts racing....
This craft fair was held here in Melbourne and I have to confess I was a craft fair virgin. :-?

Well I know this isn't technically what's on my desk...but I could have purchased it all....thankfully I didn't overwise I'd be wandering the streets homeless by now!
I did buy a huge few things but only blank cards, envelopes, sticking tape, glue pens etc so that's not going to excite or inspire you nor make interesting photos ~ so hopefully the buzz of the crowd below might?
(this was early in the day so I took the opportunity of snapping away before the masses arrived!)

 There was one thing that became apparent whilst I was wandering...I now realise that in fact I'm not a crafter...which is something I didn't know before...
I now know I am an artist! 
And I don't say that lightly, but so many people at the fair told me so when they saw my work...plus it's been said before many times...so from today I'm going to try and embrace that.
(ohhh...that makes my tummy flip)
I used the fair as a learning tool...I visited every stall (numerous times) and watched demonstrations, workshops and generally getting familiar with all the products, names and equipment that so many of the WOYWW gang use. 
For instance I know so many of you love the Magnolia stamps...so this photo is for you! ;D
Look how many are available but then you probably already know that and have them stashed in your desks already! (it's okay I won't tell :?)

As many people enjoyed seeing a work in progress last week, I thought I'd let you have a little peek at my new design...it's only in my journal at the moment. 
See how I just slipped that in like a natural...'in my journal'...
now that statement only a few weeks ago would have been unthinkable...my I have grown ;D

I know its yet another bird but these things just come flying into my head....what can I do?
I think by the look of this little cutie there could well be trouble or twitterbations, I'm not sure which...
between 'Willy Wagtail' (from last week) and this little Fairy Wren (Malurus cyaneus).
Oh I did promise I'd show you "Willy Wagtail' he once he had feet....
well they're there but you just have to use you're imagination...

So that's it for this week...I've got to get my lippy on and get out there visiting! https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1508619.gif
Maybe I'll meet up with you...I'll be the one in the dark glasses.....
Have a wonderful week with lots of creating ~ enjoy!


  1. hi! What a great event!! I'm not much of a crafter myself but I do love looking at all the paraphernalia that is used by true crafters, your birds are so beautiful and so detailed, wowsa!!!!

    1. Morning Laurie...oops that should be evening Laurie for you!
      I'm already into Wednesday.
      I really had a great time wandering round and there was so much to see...and I nearly had a meeting with a fellow WOYWWer...which would have been fun...but she went on Friday and I couldn't manage that day.
      Thanks for your lovely comment on my birds...it means so much to me because I know how brilliant your work is and I really appreciate your opinion.
      I hope all is well in your little nest, but will fly over just to check soon ~ have a good snoozy and I'll see you in your morning! xoxo

  2. Ooh, that looks like a great fair. I don't think we have anything like that up here, haven't noticed one anyway. It's almost impossible to find a scrapbooking store. Your little wren is gorgeous and the blue is perfect. I have a family of them in my garden and they flit around when you are outside having coffee. I'm still looking for willy wagtails feet, you hid them in the leaves, cheeky monkey you. I don't blame you, feet are so hard to do. It took you this long to realise that you ARE an artist, we knew that ages ago!! Your work is fabulous.
    Have a great week.
    Von (haven't got a number, haven't even done my post yet!)

    1. Well I would have missed it too if Eliza from WOYWW hadn't have mentioned it...I think Ros did too but I'd forgotten about it!
      I think once I'd left the feet on WW I had difficulty thinking about them so I played crafty and hid them. I should have carried on at the start until he was all in the picture!
      Cheeky Monkey is my middle name didn't you know ;D
      Thanks for popping over and I too haven't a number yet but thought I'd get organised because I've got so much visiting to catch up on.
      Thanks too for your lovely comment about my work.
      I really appreciate your opinion :D
      See you soon...just pop that kettle on....xoxo

  3. looks like a great show! Happy woyww-Lindsay #10

    1. Hi Lindsay,
      Yeah...it was a great show with something for everyone (although maybe a few more chairs for people to sit for refreshments might have been an idea ;D)
      Thanks for popping over to my place and leaving a comment.
      I'm just about to start desk hopping!
      Happy WOYWW to you too :D

  4. yes you ARE!!! Yippee, she BELIEVES!!!!! I'm loving your little wren boy, he's gonna be cuuuute! I love your little birds, no one does them better my friend.
    Hugs to the newly realized artist,

    1. Hehe...I know it's taken its time but hopefully I'll keep the faith!
      I'm pleased with the wren (listen to me...there's no stopping me now...see what you've done Jenn!)
      I'm going to start visiting everyone today to make up for last week....so will see you soon.
      Get that kettle on my friend!!! ;D xoxo

  5. I have two Magnolia stamps, which I won a few years ago, I never see any here to buy! (I know... go on online!)) Fab pictures though,I never been to a craft show either, did promise I'd go this year but 'life' happens and the time runs away! LOVE your picture of the 'magpie'...no...well, perhaps our wagtails have smaller wagtails than yours! HApPy WoYwW #14
    ((Hugs Lyn))

    1. Oh if only I'd known Lyn, I could have picked up a few for you...well that's sort of online isn't it?
      The Wagtails are a little larger here but still small (if that makes any sense) and maybe a little rounder in the body.
      I remember the UK wagtails being kinda sleek and slimline. Maybe it's all that waggy that keeps them that way? ;D
      Maybe I should try it although imagine the looks I'd get wagging my toosh!
      Have a great WOYWW ~ thanks for stopping by and I'll be over to you shortly to see what you're up to. :D

  6. Oh wow wish I'd been in Melbourne for that craft fair, I've never been to one at all and I would definitely have bought more than you lol.
    Love the wren.
    Cheers, Elaine #24

    1. Hi Elaine,
      Yeah I think a lot of crafters would have needed trolleys to load up their cars. I was very good but I was on a different kind of mission. I wanted to check everything out first. It was great to see lots of things that I'd heard the WOYWWer's using up close and personal.
      I also had things I wanted to check out for my own art and wholesalers details etc...so from that point of view it was brilliant. I've got so many business cards and websites to visit now...phewph...don't know when but at least I've got all the information ready!
      Have a great desk hopping day ~ Happy WOYWW and I'll see you soon ;D

  7. So glad you took my advice and went and enjoyed yourself I knew you would LOL such a great event and it is twice a year. Great snapshots from the balcony, I can even see Debbie my friends stall.

    Love the birds and you can create as many as you like because you are the ARTIST

    Thanks for sharing
    Eliza #20

    1. Hi Eliza,
      I was going to send you a seperate thank you but here you are!
      It was great fun and I got a chance to speak to Debbie too. She was lovely and so kind and helpful with great advice.
      If you look closely you will see her in the photo...it's a kind of where's your WOYWW badge or where's Waldo! Hehe ;D
      Thanks again for giving me the head's up and I've now got lots of information to follow up on...
      I hope you enjoyed it too and didn't work too hard at the weekend
      Enjoy WOYWW and I'll be over to your place soon :D

  8. Love the bird drawings. And, looks like a really fun show!!
    Karen 23

    1. Hi Karen,
      Oh you've got my favourite number...I've got 13 so not sure if that's lucky for some or unlucky?
      Thanks for stopping by ~ I'm just getting set to start my visits...I'm hoping to make up for last week so see you soon ;D

  9. Wow!! What a huge fair!!! That had to be exciting. And you ARE an artist! Love both you birds. Hope your poor eye gets better. Happy Wednesday. :)

    1. Hi Rita,
      Thankfully I arrived early before it got too crowded but by the time I left a good few hours later it was getting difficult to get near some of the stalls.

      Thanks for your lovely kind comments and I'm hoping my eye will start to change colour soon...unfortunately I've got all the shades to go before it gets to white again. ;D

      Happy Wednesday to you too...I'll be on my visits soon.
      (Hehe it sounds like I'm the Doctor doing my rounds!) LOL

  10. What an event! The floor shot looks amazing.

    1. I'm glad you like the shot Danielle because I had to climb up onto the landing above and hang over the balcony rail to take it...I thought security would be called and be on my tail even before I'd had a chance to look round. ;D
      Thanks for popping by my place ~ have a great day! :D

  11. well, pppfffttt...I already knew you were an artist, glad to see you caught up with the program! And may I say...I'm a virgin too? ....lol, well, a craft fair virgin anyway! Would love to go to one, someday! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. LOL...oh Sandee you gave me a laugh. I know it's taken me a little while...okay a long time to let it sink in but that's me...a little slow to catch on ;D

      I was just taking a sip of my cuppa, when I read you were a virgin and I have to tell you I nearly snorted my tea through my nose!!! But now I get it...a craft fair virgin :D

      Have a fantastic week and I'll pop over to the hills of North Carolina soon xoxo

  12. Oh Neesie, you are a hoot with the lippie and all.
    First, I love the willie wagtail. He's great, very striking. We have lots of them in the garden when the insects are in abundance. They come in pairs and sing "sweet pretty creature" if you listen carefully. Then they chatter their territorial warning when the wattle birds come along.
    So pleased you made it to Paperfic and emjoyed it. We might have crossed paths if you went on Saturday. Good shots from the mezzanine.
    Ros. #46.

    1. Do you know Ros I'm thinking I may have seen you...I did a double take on a lady and thought it might have been you...I should have given a tap on the shoulder just to check. I did go on Saturday so it's possible we did pass...we need to talk about what you were wearing...I'm guessing at black trousers with a white tiny (possibly floral) print blouse?
      Was it you????? ;D

      Thanks for your lovely comment about 'Willie'. I know the warning chatter well because I've usually got Muffy with me, but this chap just didn't seem to mind and danced right in front of us.
      I'll make sure I listen out for the "sweet pretty creature" song next time. :D
      Thanks for stopping by...I'm getting yet more lippy on and will nip down your way soon. Depending on which way the winds blowing I could be there in a flash...huge hoolie blowing here.
      Have a fun week ~ enjoy! xoxo

  13. the wagtail is great, the fair looks full and fun! hope your eye gets better have a creative week trace x #61

    1. Hi Trace,
      Thanks for stopping by...it was great to visit my first craft fair. Now I have seen some of the things the WOYWWer's have on their desks!
      Have a great week and enjoy desk hopping! ;D

  14. Wee Willie Wagtail is Fabulous..I would loved to have been at that show.. I always knew you were an Artist..So glad you do too x x Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#5

    1. Morning May,
      Well...hmm...'artist'...it's still a little strange sounding and new to me...like wearing new high heels...I don't feel that comfortable and I'm a little wobbly right now, but there's no denying it... I'm thrilled and I'm sure I'll ease into the role! ;D

      Thanks for popping over...see you soon
      Have a great time desk hopping xoxo

  15. The craft fair looks fun - I skipped past the Magnolias though as they don't do it for me!! Have a great week. Helen 52

    1. I can understand that Helen...each to their own eh? ;D
      I don't think I'd use them either but I know a lot of ladies that do.
      Thanks for popping over to me...I appreciate it.

      Have a great week too ~ enjoy! :D

  16. Hiya, its been a while but it's good to be back and taking a peek at your creative world again. Loving the wagtail. Looking busy and fun at the fair. Hope you have a good week too.
    Neil @ 62

    1. Hiya Neil,
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment...I know you've probably got so much to catch up on...so I appreciate it ;D

      Glad you like the wagtail...I just need to finish the wren next!

      I hope you have a great week too ~ have fun! :D

  17. Totally thrilled you have taken the step to being a publicly declared artist... see I told you you were... about time you owned up... it is a big step though and I still get the tummy flips sometimes as well...and of course you are the jasmine whisperer of the year... no end to your talents... mine has totally decided to not bloom in protest of the talking to I gave it after being shown up by Melbourne jasmine... disgusting...
    anyway my artist friend get that eye better and keep drawing...xx

    1. Hi Trace...well maybe a baby step but it's in the right direction ;D
      Wow...I'm amazed that you still have tummy flips with your wonderful artistic talent!

      OH YAY...OH YAY...(instert town cryers voice here)

      I hate to pour salt into the wound...well okay I will...more buds popped today (LOL)

      I'm thinking that the 'tangles have taken their toll on my eye...or maybe thinking about it....it's your 'eeybeejeebee' vibes over our jasmine war! What say you eh? (Hehe)

      Okay my artist friend...I forgive you ♥
      Have a wonderful week with lots of creativity ~ enjoy xoxo

  18. Morning Neesie - you definitely are an artist and your beautiful penmanship is testament to that fact! I love Mr Wag tail and the addition of blue to your latest drawing is fab. Glad you had fun at the fair and hope your eye improves soon.. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 22

    1. Oh Helen you say the nicest things...I'm blushing! ;D

      The blue on the Fairy Wren is stunning and always stops me in my tracks when I see them. The male bird has the blue plumage but the female is plain brown, but so tiny and cute.

      I did have fun at the fair thanks :D
      Have fun with WOYWW ~ enjoy!

  19. well done on loosing you virginity hun! they are exciting arent they! full of stuff to see and do, really creative, and incredibly expensive lol!
    One thing strikes me reading you post and the comments, about those fab birds, do you know in NZ and I assume in Oz, that your migpies are the reverse of the UK's? where yours are black ours are white, and where ours are black, yours are white, very surreal! lol
    hugs and congratulations on coming out! little miss Artist you!
    hugs Lou p #83

    1. (LOL) Oh you made me giggle Lou,
      There was so much to see at the fair and that's why I was there about four hours!
      I'm from the UK so when I first saw the magpies here I was amazed not only at their size and markings but also their chorkling and songs.
      I'm not sure if you've read one of my previous posts about the magpies but here's the link in case you're interested:


      Thanks for popping by and I hope you have a fun time desk hopping.
      Enjoy ;D

  20. Well thank goodness you finally accept you are an artist dear lady! You are indeed an artist at a level a lot of us would love to aspire to. So sorry to hear about your eye, that cannot be a pleasant experience at all, hope it gets better soon and glad too that you have got your first craft fair 'under your belt'. Happy Woyww, Anne x

    1. Hi Anne,
      Well I really have no choice because I've heard it numerous times and thought maybe I should just accept it!
      You are so kind with your comments which warm my heart ;D

      I think my eye will start to go through it's various shades soon as I've had it happen before...unfortunately it takes nearly a week to get back to normal.

      Have a wonderful time with WOYWW ~ I'll be getting my lippy on in the morning to start visiting...so see you then xoxo

  21. Good Evening Neesei :-D
    Oh wow I would LOVe to go to a craft fair, but even when they're on they're too far for me to get to, the closest is a good four hour train journey away so I just settle for visiting vicariously, through those in blogland who visit and take fab photo's like you - so thanx ;) It's cheaper for me mind you as I would be one of those needing a trolley, lol.
    Your wee wren is awesome I've never seen a bird with such a vibrant blue that wasn't a parrot! I'd be cock-a-hoop if I saw one of those in my garden - not to mention p'ing my pants with excitement - no seriously - DON't mention it ;)
    Mr Wagtail is as handsome as ever; hope he finds some beasties amongst the leaves for his breakfast.
    That STUNNing sunset outside and a fine 14c temp makes a fab evening in my book, hope you're enjoying it too :0) x

    1. Good Evening to you too ;D
      I don't think I'd have travelled for four hours on the train to any fair!!! Thankfully everything seems to be handy here in Melbourne. I'm so glad that I took the photos so that you could join me (hehe)
      Now you'll have some pennies for when you need more crafty supplies. How cool is that?

      I've not seen a wren in my garden yet either, so no p'ing pants here thankfully. I do know where they are though, so often go walking there...I've now named that particular pathway 'Bird Alley'. If I tell you where it is...I'd have to kill you ;D

      We've got an incredible hoolie (wind) blowing here...winds of up to 120 km/hr...so it's batten down the hatches for tonight!
      Although it is a little warmer I'm sitting enjoying the fire with toasty toes!

      Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by ~ it's always great to have you visit :D

  22. i never got back to say thank you for your lovely message last week, neesie, so i'm doing it on today's WOYWW :)
    that craft fair looks amazing - i could do with a fair fix, tho' they don't get going here until nov. for the xmas rush...
    wishing you a great week!
    no. 82

    1. It was my pleasure Claire,
      I just wish I could do more but at least to pass on some positive heartfelt good wishes was the least I could do.
      Wishing you a wonderful week too ;D
      Take care ♥

  23. You always make me laugh and those feel, well, they are just perfect!
    Love the little birdie and yes, I know just how many Maggies there are and (shhh, don't tell!) I own more that I am prepared to admit.
    That looks like heaven to me, being at the craft fair.
    Happy WOYWW and hope the eye gets better real soon.
    Tertia #70

    1. Well Tertia...you're the first to fess up about your stash of Maggies!
      So well done but my lips are sealed...you're secrets safe with me ;D

      Thanks for your comment and I hope you have a great week with lots of WOYWW fun! :D

  24. My goodness Neesie, I think I would get lost if I went to a craft fair like that. Your new sketch looks beautiful too. I'm so late to-day,but I'm trying to make up for lost time. Hugs from Scotland. Rita xx 123

    1. Well you are given a map when you enter the fair Rita...so you would be safe enough I think...plus everyone is so friendly. ;D

      I'm always late too and last week was my worst week for visiting, so I'm hoping to make up for that.

      Having said that it's getting late here now, so I may have to start more desk hopping tomorrow. (:O yawn) I need my beauty sleep especially with this yukky eye LOL

      Thanks for popping by and I'll see you probably tomorrow xoxo

  25. Hay Artist, YAY for craft fairs, I love going to see what's new and meet up with like minded peeps, it's the best day out EVER
    Love your birdy sketches
    Happy Wednesday
    Hugz Minxy #9

    1. (Giggle) See you've made my tummy flip calling me 'Artist' Minxy ;D

      It was amazing to see so many like minded people all so thrilled and excited under one roof! Maybe even a little scary :?

      Thanks for stopping at my desk and I'll be sure to pop over to you tomorrow.
      I'm ready for snoozland now...Happy WOYWW to you too. :D

  26. I have never been to a craft fair before. I am going to have to see if we have those here. I love the finished wagtail. #33

    1. Hi Joynana, I would have missed it if fellow WOYWWer's here in Melbourne hadn't told me about it...but I can recommend that if you do find one near you that you have fun and go along. I'm sure you'd love it :D
      But it's an idea to set a budget for a certain amount of money and no credit cards handy before you go!

      Thanks for visiting my place and I'll pop over to see what you're up too soon ;D

  27. What an awesome fair! I would get into so much trouble there! Love the birds!

    Katie (37)

    1. Hi Katie,
      Well I was kind of on a mission for sourcing things I needed for my own work ie cards, envelopes, pens etc...so I was able to safely leave most of the crafting items...although it was still great to see them all. Especially after hearing all about them through the WOYWWer's desk visits!
      I did come home with a little stash of goodies though. ;D
      Thanks for stopping by...I'll be desk hopping later so see you then! Have fun :D

  28. Definitely an artist. Would love to have visited that fair. waggtail is delightful.

    1. Well Monica they hold the fair twice a year...so come on down!
      The next one is to be held in May I think ;D
      Thanks for stopping by ~ have a great week whatever you have planned. :D

  29. That craft fair looks like so much fun!
    And love your amazing bird drawings!! :)
    Hope your eye feels better soon!
    Mary Jo #132

    1. Oh I think the eye is on the mend now...it's changing colour daily. It's just taking too long to my liking!
      Thanks for you compliment on my birds...I think I'll be moving on to a new theme soon.

      Have lots of fun desk hopping and I'll try to get to you soon.

      Enjoy WOYWW! ;D

  30. That must have been so much fun!

    1. It was a great day Jojorenee,
      I'm going to mark my calendar for the next one ;D
      Have a great week!

  31. Wow- that stall sure had a lot of stamps! I wonder if there's anyone who had them all?? Lol
    I love your new birds, they're fab - made me smile :)
    Hugs, LLJ #81 xx

    1. If anyone does have the whole set I reckon they certainly wouldn't admit it! ;D
      Thanks for your lovely compliment. It means so much to me :D
      Have a great week with hopefully lots of creativity!

  32. Oh wow! I've never been to a huge craft fair either, only the little ones where I've had my own stall occasionally. You are an Artist, your work tells us so! Take care lovely. Zo xx 98

    1. Oh you would have loved it Zo...it would have had you hyperventilating for sure! ;D
      I'd like to perhaps have a wee stall myself someday.

      Thanks for your lovely compliments.

      Have a wonderful creative week ~ enjoy! :D

  33. Thanks for the fun post, Neesie! Glad you enjoyed your first craft fair and I'm especially glad you are now embracing the label "artist!" You are indeed an artist!! Have a fab week! Love your birds!!

    Darnell #93

    1. Aww thanks Darnell...I really appreciate you kind comments ;D
      The label still doesn't sit comfortably but I'm trying to embrace it (hehe)
      Have a fantastic week too ~ enjoy WOYWW and I'll be visiting as soon as I can. :D

  34. Yes, I would put you in the artist category too! Welcome to my world though I do cross over to the craft side often, my day job is teaching acrylics...I have fun blaming all my ditzyness on the fact that I am an artist, you get away with all sorts...LOL!

    1. How fantastic to teach Bella,
      Thanks for giving me the perfect excuse for my ditzyness...perfect!
      I'm going to milk this for all it's worth!!! (LOL)
      Have a wonderful creative week with lots of ditzyness ;D

    2. Bella...I've tried to visit you but 'IT' won't let me...I'll try again as I'm not sure why. x

  35. I absolutely adore how Willy turned out - the leaf covered ground is an excellent idea. And the new wren - in your journal yet! I'm so proud of you! :) It's going to make a great addition to your growing card collection. I've never been to a craft fair either and it looks a little overwhelming....I think I've probably got a foot both in the crafters camp sometimes and sometimes I'm almost an artist (gulp...)

    1. Hehe...I did cheat a little didn't I Terrie?
      I found it hard to go back to him and carry on...once I had the break...I rethought the design and they do dance on the grass so I thought that'll do for me ;D
      Yep and onto the second page in my journal HA!
      No stopping me now eh?
      Well come on Terrie...join the group...stand up and say "I AM AN ARTIST" ~ I did! (you can do it...just get ready for the tummy flip!)
      Have a fantastic week and I'll pop over to you as soon as I can...I'm a little late as usual but hope to get to everyone! xoxo

  36. What's up with your eye? That's a bummer. I like the diva look myself, sort of mysterious, but not at the cost of an eye. But wow! Wow! WOW! How much fun you, the artist, must have had at the crafter's fair!!! I'm impressed with your restraint!

    1. The dreaded lurgy PJP...all red and yukky looking but it's on the mend now...maybe too many 'tangles ~ could it be 'tangilitus???

      Well I have to confess I did do some buying but I was a little distracted with my research and information round up but when I'd collected all that I wanted I did make a few purchases!!! Nothing exciting to photograph...you know the sort of thing...double sided tape, glue pens, envelopes etc...so I thought I'd spare you all of those.
      I think just to see the overhead view of the fair with like minded people congretating in a creative crowd was better!
      Thanks for popping over here...I'll nip to you later to see what you're up to...it's always fun so I'll look forward to that :D

  37. Neesie! Aren't craft expo's AWESOME!!!!! I was lucky enough to visit one while on vacation. It is so awesome to see all the latest stuff!!
    And yes, you are for sure an artist. I've only recently come to that conclusion myself. We are ARTISTS!!! Isn't it fun to say?????
    Love your work!!

    1. Hello fellow ARTIST! ;D
      What a giggle! We're all the same... finding it difficult to recognise it in ourselves.

      You would have loved the craft fair Daniella...it was great to visit and plus I had the added bonus that it was on my doorstep really...just a short ride through the city!

      Thanks for your lovely kind comments yet again.
      Have a wonderful week ~ enjoy WOYWW and I'll be across soon xoxo

  38. Gosh, hope your eye clears up soon for you. Glad you had fun at the craft fair and are embracing your artistic self. :) Happy WOYWW from Laura #133

    1. Thanks so much Laura. ;D
      Yep I think my eye's on the mend now thankfully.
      Thanks too for stopping by...I hope to start visiting again later today.
      Happy WOYWW to you too :D

  39. That expo looks like so much fun! Love the drawings.


    Terry #87

    1. It was very enjoyable...tiring but enjoyable...you just have to manage a few pit stops along the way ;D
      Thanks for popping over ~ I'm going to try and get to visiting this afternoon :D
      Have lots of WOYWW fun ~ enjoy!

  40. You cannot possibly be expected to always reply to comments... there are 78 before mine!! I get an average of 6 on my blog so I have no idea how you do it! I'm so happy to hear that you refer to yourself as an artist. Good. Darn good in fact. Hope your eye feels better soon. Hope your weekend is awesome too! :-) Xx

    1. Come in #79 your time is up...LOL

      Hi there,
      Well I think if people have taken the time out to come over to my place and stop a wee whilie...then it's only polite that I should take the time to answer them. ;D
      I love to have visitors and the kettle is always on...

      My eye may be a little 'tangilitus' (hehe) but it's on the mend now thanks!
      Thanks also for your lovely comment and it's my pleasure to answer you.
      Have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned ~ enjoy! :D

  41. Wow this expo is really a heaven on earth for creative people! Love your birdies!
    Happy belated WOYWW BarbaraBee '148

    1. And it was so easy to get to ~ just a short drive through the city and voilà there it was! ;D

      I'm happy to hear you like my birdies too.

      Thanks for stopping by my place and I hope to visit you soon too but it's late here and I need my beauty sleep...catch you tomorrow hopefully.

      Have a fantastic Friday and great weekend :D

  42. My wife Jane would have loved to go to that show. Good job it was in Melbourne, not London... Actually, she already has all the craft materials in the WHOLE WORLD, so she doesn't need any more (or so I keep telling her!)

    1. Now Mark you know you might as well spit in the wind to try and stop us girls from our retail therapy! :D

      I must contact Jane to tell her the craft fair will be on again next May...so maybe she should come on down (it's only 12,000 miles) I'm sure you wouldn't mind really ;D

      Business class maybe as a real treat eh?

      (Call the paramedics someone...MAN DOWN!!!) (LOL)


I get so excited to see you here and love to read your thoughts and comments.
I always try to answer each one personally (I think it's only polite)
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