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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Artist Play Room - In Your Own Back Yard

Where would I begin if I was to sum up today, sitting here contemplating whilst sipping my chilled Sauvignon Blanc... the first words that come to mind would be 'sensory overload'...

From first light and the start of the raucous dawn chorus, it has been full on... but in a good way. 

In this part of the world, swans are black with bright red and orange beaks. My daughter was out with her camera from first thing and caught these beauties preening and preparing themselves for the day. 
So atmospheric...

After an alfresco breakfast, we headed off on a bike ride through the outback until we reached the beach. Sat for a while watching the bird life, busy about their business. Cormorants sitting in the sun spreading their wings like washing drying on the line.

Upon returning to the house to prepare for the afternoon's activities we had a visitor just near the back porch... an echnidna... 
Funny little creature digging away searching for bugs...

I'm aware of how long this post is taking, and although we are sitting here chilling and recharging our batteries (like this chap below, who we saw this afternoon... an expert in the art), you may not be and your coffee break may be over soon, so I'll keep it brief... 


How can all this not inspire you to be an artist, so therefore I am entering this post into Jenn's Just add Water, Silly challenge where the theme for this week is "in your own backyard". 
This is my back yard for the next few days - don't worry, I am soaking it all in and appreciating every moment. We have our art supplies with us - we will try and get the chance to put something on paper!!
Why not nip over to the Artist Playroom and see what inspires lots of other talented artists.

As you can see... the holiday is going pretty well so far!!


  1. Wow some fab pics there and some amazing wildlife. Black swans, superbly majestic. Enjoy lovely. Zo xx

    1. Hi Zo,
      I was going to make a list of all the wildlife we have seen so far...but then realised that was far too much hard work...so continued to relax. ;D
      Thanks for coming over to join us...my daughter has just returned from yet another dawn photo shot so they'll be lots more photos to follow.
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned.

  2. Great photos, Neesie. Especially the Echidna.Is that you at the end of the pier??? What's your favourite Sauvignon Blanc? Mine's a New Zealand one from Jackson's Estate.

    1. Hi Mark,
      Glad you like the photos...dawn photo shoot again this morning so they'll be more to follow soon ;D
      It is actually my daughter at the end of the jetty. I probably would have fallen off the edge if it had been me.
      On to serious matters...here's the description from the bottle itself...
      'Fresh from the Rymill Coonawarra stable, the yearling is a sassy Coonawarra Sauv Blanc. Made from estate-grown fruit, this crisp and appealing wine is absolutely perfect to enjoy now!'
      So we did...with a beautiful swordfish steak! :D
      (Oops should have said vintage 2011).
      Keep an eye out for it Mark ~ I can well recommend it ;D

  3. omg, I love, love, LOVE your pictures today! Your wildlife that you so accessable to you is amazing!! My favorite being the kangaroos, the koala and that cute little echnidna!! Also is that your daughter jumping at the end of the pier? AWESOME photograph!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. Hehe...guess you like them then Sandee,
      Oh but we've got a treat in store for you if you like the kangaroos and koalas.
      Yep it is my daughter fully embracing her holiday here...she's just back from another dawn photo shoot!
      Enjoy your day...waving from country Victoria amongst the native wildlife! ;D

  4. Okay, so it wasn't bad enough that you teased me with the last post and now you show me this. I'm drooling in my coffee. That is the most beautiful place. We are so lucky to have such wonderful animals here in Aus. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

    1. My apologies Von...but what can I do :$
      Its not a bad way to start your day...although you may want to make a fresh coffee ;D

      I certainly feel so lucky to be here...and I'm appreciating every moment.
      Have a brilliant weekend whatever you get up to...have fun :D

  5. Wow Neesie, wonderful photos - thank you so much for sharing :) Hugs, Di xx

    1. My pleasure Di...I just thought you might like a quick trip downunder ;D
      Have a wonderful weekend ~ enjoy! :D

  6. OMGoodness...thank you for the wonderful nature walk...I loved it....can't wait for the next one....were the kangaroos coming out of a box in the ground?


    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it Cindy ;D
      There's more to come but I need to do some post visiting first.

      It does look like the roos are coming out of a box...but they were just free to roam around everywhere.

      I was feeding a young one just on our patio, when all of a sudden a large Momma and her joey (literally hanging from her poach) came bouncing out of the bush right up to me to be fed too.
      Amazingly tame but then they must be so used to people giving them food there.

      Have a great weekend whatever you're up to...have lots of fun :D

  7. what a lucky girl you are, to see this kind of wildlife around you. We just have bears and deer. hehehe. Our seagulls do tricks for french fries though. Hope your holiday is so wonderful you can nearly not stand all the bliss.
    Much love,

    1. Seagull tricks...hmm...now I'm intrigued Jenn,
      There's got to be a post there surely??? ;D
      But I'm very keen on both bears and deer too.

      The holiday is going blissfully but I'm coping...calmer now after nearly popping at the start. LOL

      Thanks for attaching the thumbnail for APR by the way...I was up till the early hours trying to attach it but the internet was very dodgy at the time, plus then I realised the photo was too large...but my eyes kept drooping.

      Have a fantastic weekend and have lots of fun whatever you do :D
      I'll try and visit everyone as soon as I can. xoxo

  8. Oooooh ...looks like a sublime place to be having a vacation. I'm so glad you are getting to spend time with ALL your loved ones. Nothing beats family time. I have to say those critters look "card worthy" don't ya think?
    Have a SUPERB rest of your holiday! :-) Xx

    1. Hi there,
      My intention was to stay in a place for relaxing and getting into a holiday mode.
      My hubby hasn't had a vacation for over two years so it was perfect...the only early morning calls were from the birds and the only meetings were capturing the critters on camera!

      Oooh there's been so much inspiration who knows what might appear once the pens come out to play!

      Thanks for your lovely comment and have a wonderful weekend with your family too. :D

  9. just wondrous, Neesie!! oh how I hold fast to my dream of living there one day... mayBE this is the "way" I get to DO so, so just in case I am doubly dipping in your post. xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Currie, it's great to have you visit. ;D
      I've always had it in my mind that I would live here one day...and here I am...so who knows what's around the corner?

      Keep visualising and you might too one day! :D

      In the meantime keep double dipping or pop by whenever you're free! I'm writing the next post later today...so see you there!

      Have a great weekend and say 'hi' to Grace ^..^ x

  10. Wow - looks like you're having an amazing vacation with your daughter! And your photos are just stunning - such a great variety of wildlife (and people life) - when we visited Aus years ago, my son's favorite 'new' animal was the echidna - he was SO enamored with it and thought it the cutest thing ever. He was right :)

    1. We're back home now for a few days before heading off again...a little like yourself Terrie ;D
      There's so many places to see and so much to do but we're having a great time ticking the boxes.

      I have to say the echidna was so cute rummaging across the ground near our patio...like a little bulldozer! He just didn't care that we were there.
      I love the upturned snout :D

      Have a great vacation and catch up with you later xoxo

  11. I fully enjoyed this wild-life post! Looks like the best of Australia's creatures condensed into one place. While I enjoyed all, I identify with the koala most:-) If only the creatures in my house will LET ME BE so I CAN get into that blissful posture...;-)

    1. Oh I'm so glad to hear that Minnemie,
      It did feel like we were ticking off the Australian equivalent of South Africa's BIG 5 all on our doorstep!

      Hehe...I've now got a vision of you in a yoga position sitting up a tree (LOL)

      I hope your Sunday is going well and your having a great day! :D

  12. What a fabulous post! I love love black swans..they reall capture my heart and found this very soul-touching for me..so beautiful a photo..wowness!! And of course i love all the magnificent creatures you have shared!! Wonderful post..an inspiring array of your back yard treasures!!
    Lucky gal!

    1. Thank you so much Victoria,
      Your compliments mean a lot to me (and my daughter...as they were her photographs).
      I didn't expect to see the Black Swans so that was a wonderful addition especially capturing their cute fluffy cygnets on camera. ;D
      They'll make an appearance in todays post!

      Have a great day and enjoy whatever you get up to :D

  13. OMG!!! How awesome is that for what's in your backyard!! I can tell you don't live in Fargo--LOLOL! ;)

    1. I know Rita...I realise its special so I'm making sure I appreciate it to the full ;D

      Well the weekends nearly over here...I hope you had a good one and are ready to start another fun packed week! xoxo

  14. The rainbow lorikeets look especially awesome... we get a tree full of them and they are like bursts of colour out my window every morning... now if only they would mute their bloody tweats... they are crazy loud on mass ... this morning it was being awakened by them and a couple of kookaburras... they obviously didn't know it was Sunday morning...
    have fun on your break... and with your daughter...xx

    1. Oh I know what you mean...get a few of them lorikeets together and it can be deafening!
      How rude of them not to appreciate it was Sunday morning too!
      We had the magpies chorkling from about 4am ~ no consideration at all :$

  15. wow! we have to visit a zoo about 3 hours from here to see these animals! i want a koala bear!!!!! can you please send me one? i'll be your best friend for life!!!

    and i love that last shot, too, pretty well sums up your vacation - but it pretty well sums up this whole post. excellent!!! now i'm scrolling back up for one more look :)

    1. Hmm...not sure about sending you an actual koala in the flesh Alice but I'll certainly keep posting pics if that helps ;D
      Thanks for your lovely comments.
      Have a great creative week ahead...I'm hoping to find some time for art but think I'll have to give up sleep to achieve that! :D

  16. More wonderful photos Neesie. I especially love the last photo! It sums it all up. Let's jump for joy!!!


    1. Hi Kay,
      Yep that last photo does sum things up just now...my daughter is loving being here and we adore having her.
      We're all making the most of every minute spent together.
      I hope your week goes so well you feel like jumping for joy! ;D

      Have fun and I'll see you whenever I can get a chance for some visiting! xoxo

  17. Triple WOW!!! I would LOVE exploring your backyard, Neesie. Your animal shots are truly fascinating to me, since I love nature. Any of these would make a great sketch or painting. Blessings!

    1. Hi Arnoldo,
      I'm so happy to hear that you like the post so much. It makes it all worthwhile :D
      I'm hoping to use some of the inspiration for my journal entries this week!

      I hope you had a great weekend and have a better week ahead with lots of creativity!
      Thanks for stopping by :D


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