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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Muffins Mutt Shots...

I'm going to say spring has arrived here in Melbourne (I know it will probably come back and bite me now) so I thought it would be a good time for Mufftypup to have her first serious spring clip!
Yesterday I took a fluff ball to the groomers and just handed her over with just the briefest of instructions..."yep teddy bear cut would be great"....(oh such faith)....
It wasn't until I arrived home and realised I'd just handed her over without as much as a receipt! 
She could be anywhere after a few hours? 
But trying to calm myself to wait for the time for collecting I tried to busy myself doing lots of spring chores...but I became aware of just how much time we spend together...every time I bent down I expected to be interrupted by a licks, paws and an excitable pup...you come down to my level and its game on lady....
but nothing...its then that you realise just what a hold these little beasts have over us!
So here's the before photo...

 And here's the mug mutt shots.....
No matter which way I look at her I don't see a teddy bear....do you?

So what's your crime...pinching all the chicken?
Barking at the neighbours dogs as they pass the fence?
Rolling incessantly on your morning walks...taking far to much time when you should be walking?
Walking over the wet kitchen floor just after its been mopped?
Digging something interesting disgusting out of the garden?
Using those puppy dog eyes without a warning label?
Curling up tightly and snuggling into laps and not wanting to move for hours?
Name: 'Muffin'
Profile please......

Chin up....

Turn Left...

Take her paw prints and then lock her up....!

I don't want you to get the wrong impression here...
I don't know the above procedures first hand....I just watch a lot of tv!  :-$

Is it even the same dog I asked myself...but I've checked and it appears it is!!!

 At the moment I'm making sure she doesn't catch sight of her own refection in any of the glass doors or mirrors...at the moment she's oblivious and I'm thankful for that...because if she does catch sight of herself...then heaven help me!
I'm off to find her jumper...she's going to need it tonight!

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone...enjoy the season which ever one you may be entering.  https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1508621.gif


  1. That's one cute pup. I so love the before and after pics. Hee hee. Bless. Take care Zo xx

    1. I'm not she would if she saw them Zo...I'm taking no chances! ;D
      Have a great day...and hope to see you soon xoxo

  2. Oh just look at the happly Before shot... So pleased with herself there!
    and then the After shots are perfect... No I don't see were she looks like a bear.. but she sure is a Cutie!!!
    Know just what you mean about when there off for a few hours how much we miss them... all thoes little things!!!

    1. No I don't see a teddy bear either! I'm just hoping the temperature rises steadily otherwise she's going to be wearing her jumper for quite some time. ;D
      She's curled up in her bed at the moment...so cosy enough.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      Have a great day ~ enjoy :D

  3. She still looks very sweet, not in a teddy bear way at all but it does take years off her! Hope Spring does stay, we have had two days of Summer, two days of Indian Summer and today - rain, thunder, hail and very cold, I think Autumn has definitely arrived. Crafty hugs, Anne x

    1. Hi Anne,
      It does sound like you've had the whole weather spectrum there...and I spoke too soon because after a few wonderful days of glorious sunshine and warmer temps it's dropped and the chilly wind has returned this afternoon. Ho hum....

      I still have to look twice at Muffy and now without all her hair I realise just how small she really is. I know she's the Shih Tzu teacup but with her huge personality I tend to forget that.
      Maybe I shouldn't walk her so far either...looking at those tiny legs! ;D

      Have a wonderful Wednesday and I'll be across to see your desk soon xoxo

  4. she is such a sweetie, my Mum had a little female called Chelsea just like this beauty, she had a real personality too!Great shots, I hope you have the best day!

    1. Hi Laurie,
      She is a little madame at times and she sometimes mistakes herself for a St Bernard dog ~ size doesn't matter in her mind ;D

      I like the name 'Chelsea' ^..^

      Enjoy your day too.

  5. Aw, so cute! I'd love it if my hair was the colour of her ears :) Hugs, Di xx

    1. Imagine having ears like hers? They dip into everything! (Hehe)
      She'll be thrilled to hear you like her colouring. ^..^

      Have a great day and I'll meet you at your place shortly! xoxo

  6. They always do look so different when they leave the groomers all clean, trimmed, and neat. I used to work small privately owned pet shops over the years that had groomers and the transformations always amazed and delighted me. Well, once in a while it was a matted cat that had to be shaved down that was completely mortified and disgusted, but most of them looked proud and happy as they bounced and trotted out of the store. Summer is coming! :)

    1. Well she bounced and strutted her stuff out of the shop for sure, but then she didn't have a clue what she looked like.

      I just think she was glad to escape.

      When the wind blow on her she certainly quickened her pace! ;D

      Well I feel slightly guilty now that I've skimmed her so much because it's not actually that warm today. Typical!

      Have a great day and enjoy whatever you have planned. :D

  7. Can I just say adorable?! She's a sweetheart and it is amazing how pets just come in and claim a place in our lives/hearts. Great pics - thanks for sharing your pup,.

    1. You most certainly can Terrie...she'll love that :D

      I didn't realise just how much I missed her...she's always near so it really brought it home to me how much time we spend together.
      It's a good job I like her!!!

      Glad you liked the pics...and it was my pleasure to share.

      Thanks for stopping by. See you soon xoxo

  8. What an adorable best friend.
    I can't imagine life without wet kisses and fur through out my house!

    1. Oh that's so good to hear because I thought it was just me!
      She is a wonderful best friend ^..^

      Thanks for stopping by my place...it's great to see you ;D

      Have a great week whatever you have planned ~ enjoy! :D

  9. Love, Love, love Her.. she is sooooo cute.. before & after the makeover she is Gorgeous.. she could get away with murder with those eyes... Hugs May x x x

    1. And often does May...she really knows how to work the system. ^..^

      Great to see you as ever and I hope your week is going well.

      I'm off visiting myself soon so will be popping by...so put the kettle on ;D xoxo

  10. I don't feel so bad about Mushu being scalped now... they are quite the pair... and both in jackets today... Mushu has snuggled down into Phantom's bed and isn't moving for any money... she is just waiting for her to come home from school so she can join him and warm him up I would say... very cute pictures... wish Mushu could pose for a mug shot... i had to bribe him with schmackos to get the pathetic shots that I posted....xx

    1. Muffy is actually working up some heat at the moment by barking at passing pooches out on their afternoon walks...She's perched at the window in prime position....maybe I better take her fleece off before she passes out with heat exhaustion! (the heatings on too)

      I have to confess there may have been a few pieces of chicken as part of the photographic session ;D
      Enjoy your weekend xoxo


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