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Saturday 13 October 2012

A Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY ~ Saturday 13th October 2012

Outside my window...it's dark right now. Normally I'd write my daybook at day break but not today.  
It's been some time since I made an entry into my daybook, so although it's late I still thought it was about time I did. Even without seeing outside I know the pool has leaves floating on the top...but the lawn has been cut. The hanging baskets are growing and putting on a good show as each day passes. Their flowers are adding beautiful colour and the promise of profusions to follow.
Unfortunately the loungers are nude of cushions due to the temperature still not rising enough for leisurely lounging. I am completely enamoured with my lilac tree. Last year I remember it only had three blooms but after my pruning and the vast amounts of rain we've had this last winter it's putting on a fine show!
The lilac has a strong scent that carries on the warm air to fill the garden with a wonderful perfume.

I am thinking...have I packed everything I might need for my trip? But if the plane is to get off the ground I suppose I will have to say enough is enough! If I haven't got everything then I'll live! It's not life threatening ~ is it?

I am thankful...that I know I have all my family safe, well and happy. 
I always like to stop and appreciate these things when writing my daybook. It's all too easy to take for granted these precious moments. In a whisper it can change so stop and be happy in the moment.
My thoughts go out to anyone who is suffering a loss, grieving or trying to cope with a tragedy. 
I hope they find comfort soon. 

In the kitchen...everything is spick and span. It's compulsory in my book to have everything clean and tidy before leaving for a holiday.

I am wearing...trackies, sweatshirt and ugg slippers. I have to say I'm extremely comfy and cosy.
The fires on and I've a cuppa on hand. Perfect! 
I know it's supposed to be spring in Australia but with the temperature only 11°C tonight...I need to wrap up. 
I am creating...basically a mess but thankfully it's contained within the guest bedroom. But I'm nearly done.
I've been packing for our next holiday which will start in a few hours. 
You have to understand I never travel light....NEVER! I do try but it's just not within my capabilities. It goes against my nature!

I am going...on holiday...AGAIN! Yes I know but with my hubby having six weeks off work it's a must!
Don't forget to pop back later to see what we get up to.   
I am wondering...why I left buying a new android phone so long. Yesterday that was corrected!  https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1508618.gif
I have to admit its a steep learning curve but so exciting. I love to learn something new and the graphics are brilliant...it makes the learning all the more exciting! I didn't even know how to answer it when it first rang (hehe) but I'm getting there. Each time I touch it I discover something new. I'm not sure how long it will take me to feel as comfortable with this one as my old trusty friend but I'm hoping it's not too long.
I'm reading...
The Dressmaker by written an outstanding Australian author Rosalie Ham
I'm reading the Kindle version and have to say I'm thrilled with it so far and highly recommend the book.
Peopled with exotic characters, this is a story of love, hate and haute couture, set in a country town that's disconcerting to visit but a bitingly comedic and heart-breaking place to live. The townspeople's eccentricities are many and varied - from Sergeant Farrat's predilection for cross-dressing, to pharmacist Almanac's retributive scheme of potion dispensing, not to forget the affairs and assorted dark secrets.

After twenty years away, Myrtle Dunnage returns to Dungatar.
Dungatar is a small country town, where the townspeople's eccentricities are many and varied – from Sergeant Farrat's predilection for cross-dressing, to pharmacist Almanac's retributive scheme of potion dispensing, not to forget the affairs and assorted dark secrets. But none of these can compare to the sin of Tilly and her mother: to have come from somewhere else. At first ostracised, the townspeople gradually accept her in order to make use of her extraordinary dressmaking skills and, at last, Tilly feels that she might have found home.
But small towns are strange places, where vanity rules, and, once again reviled; she sets out to teach the town a lesson. In the process she faces the ghosts of her past, and wreaks a havoc that provides a most satisfying revenge.
Peopled with exotic characters, this is a story of love, hate and haute couture, set in a country town that's disconcerting to visit but a bitingly comedic and heart-breaking place to live. A warm and nasty book, The Dressmaker evokes Drysdale's 'Drover's Wife' dressed in Chanel. 
About the author:
Rosalie Ham was born and raised in the Riverina, in southern NSW, and now lives in Brunswick, Victoria. She studied drama and literature before taking up writing seriously and has had written three stage plays and one radio play which were performed in Melbourne. The Dressmaker is her first novel.

I am hoping...that we see some sun and perhaps feel a little heat on our trip. We're heading south so it could be rather chilly.
I am looking forward to...tomorrow. Our flight and holiday should be pretty special. I'll tell you all about it in future posts...so as they say...watch this space!
Around the house...similar to the kitchen...everything is tidy. But please don't look in the guest bedroom...clothes are on the hanger for easy reach at dawn. The cases are lined up ready for the off and the last few items on the bed ready to load.
Pack horse comes to mind...but my hubby has had many years experience and has done his limbering up exercises in readiness...as you can imagine he can't wait https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1508620.gif    

A favourite quote for today...'Reading one book is like eating one potato chip' ~ Diane Duane
One of my favourite things...is taking a hot shower!
A few plans for the rest of the week: Work, rest and play but not necessarily in that order :D
A peek into my day...the Austalian fairy wren.
Which is so flighty and extemely difficult to capture on camera...well for some of us...but not others!

  Here's the photographer....just wish I could say it was me!

 So that's it for this week; 
I hope you enjoyed your visit. Don't forget to pop over to The Simple Womans Daybook and check out the other day book entries
Have a fabulous weekend and hopefully I'll be nattering again with you soon https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1508618.gif  
Have a wonderful weekend....Enjoy!


  1. Wow Ros you were quick...I'd only just pressed the button and there you where ;D
    I hope you had a good dining experience with your friends but then you're in Melbourne so that's a given isn't it?

    I had a lovely day in town yesterday with my OH...a little retail therapy followed by a meal in 'the laneways' then went to the movies. :D

    We'll definitely have to organise a get-together for a cuppa when I return.

    Must dash...last minute prep to do and it'll be an early start in the morning. I seem to up at dawn more and more these days!
    Look after Melbourne whilst I'm away :D

  2. Neesie, you're hardly ever at home these days. You'll forget what the place is like!

    1. As they say...'You ain't see nothing yet' Mark!
      This is the norm for us but for the last two years unfortunatley work has got in the way...don't you just hate that? ;D

      Anyway you set the bar ~ you and Jane do a fair bit of galavanting yourselves!

      Ready for another fun packed week? Bring it on I say!

  3. I love lilacs!!
    Yes, we need to stop and be thankful for all the little and big things in our lives. Including having a clean house/kitchen when you come home from vacation. Well, just close the guest room door before you leave. ;)
    The fairy wren is so cute!!
    Have a great time!!! And a safe trip. :)

    1. You'll be happy to know the guest bedroom was also tidy once I wheeled the cases out of there! ;D
      Busy busy having fun now Rita and just trying to post so must dash.
      Catch up with you soon :D

  4. Neesie-- you know I love these posts--- just nice to get to know you this way. Have been wanting to read that book- thanks for the great review! Have a great trip!!

    Ps- I will have my Grow Your Blog post coming out later this month-- am giving you a little shout out there in that post--

    1. Hi Vicki,
      It's so nice to have you pop by ~ Thanks ;D

      The Grow your blog post sounds fascinating and I'll be sure to visit soon to get an update on what you've been up to.
      I've been very naughty not visiting everyone...but then I've been so busy for the last four weeks or more.
      Once I get back home things will settle down I'm sure...and the blog hopping will commence. :D

      Enjoy your week...have fun!

      p.s. Thank you so much for the shout out...I really appreciate it...you've made my heart smile ♥

  5. Lovely post Nessie as always, Have a super holiday.. you are so right we need to be more thankful for the things in our lives... Hugs May x x x

    1. Bless you May ~ I appreciate your comments in my inbox ♥


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