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Monday 15 October 2012

Up up and away...New Zealand here we come!

So are you ready for the off?
The house is clean and tidy, the dog has been dropped off with friends, plants watered, bags packed, fridge and freezer full to capacity with enough supplies to feed a village never mind just for one unfortunate not going away, cases shut, passports at the ready, taxi waiting and you've even checked in online...
nothing more to do but to get excited and off we jolly well go....

But where are we going? 
Oh didn't I tell you? We're off to New Zealand on the A380!
psst...don't tell anyone else, but we're going business class. 
I know I spoil you but you're worth it! Wink

 I know the sun's only just rising but we've got things to do and places to go....so climb aboard.

 So this is my seat...not bad eh?
I could get used to this!

Hey when did we take off? Does anyone hear the engines? 
(the A380 is incredibly quiet)

See you later Melbourne...
Look at all that leg room...and there's even secret storage for your shoes!

Ahh....breakfast ~ well the first course anyway....

No trolley cloggy up the aisle so it's easy to stretch the legs to keep the circulation happy...
and voilĂ ...there's the bar!

I couldn't take a wide shot of the bar because quite a few guys were enjoying the beverages available...
and yes it was only 10.30am! 
But I suppose the sun was setting in some part of the world? Disappointed smile

Crisps, nuts and cakes just in case breakfast wasn't enough...
It's such a pity that we've only got approximately 4 hours 3 minutes to enjoy all of this...

 whoops...we're about to land so see you again soon for the next installment.
Hello New Zealand....https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1508618.gif


  1. Replies
    1. Hehe...indeed!
      Glad your enjoying it with me ;D

  2. Oh my giddy aunt, that is some way to go! Hope you enjoy and I look forward to the pics. I have family and friends in NZ. North Island, Auckland and Wellington areas. Take care Zo xx

    1. LOL...Oh Zo I haven't heard that since for many years. It was one my Grandma used to use frequently ~ bless.

      Well it is a small world because I'm in Auckland as I type and we'll be travelling around the North Island so if there's anyone you want me to say 'Hi' to just let me know ;D

      Have a good week and I'll catch up with you soon :D

  3. Wow Neesie - looks fab, but I'm sort of worried here. Does Muffy KNOW how to open the fezzer, find a can opener and such? :( Ah, that's better - just rechecked and Muffy is staying with friends :))

    Have a great time!!

    Di xx

    1. LOL...you crack me up Di,
      Don't worry Muffy would work the system if it meant her reward would be chicken at the end!

      She's probably working it right now with Zac. They're quite a team once they get going. ^..^

      Have a great time too. I'll see you sometime over the next few weeks promise. ;D

  4. Well, you certainly haven't been "slumming it" at the start of your holiday, Neesie. Hope you are having a great time. We have been to NZ a couple of times and absolutely loved it (especially the wine!)

    1. Nah...a girls gotta have standards Mark ;D

      And you said I'm never home...see you get about just as much as me!

      Now then serious matters...what NZ wine would you say is your favourite just so I make sure I don't miss it!

      Have a great week. :D

  5. Ohh Neesie how fabulous darling! You could get used to that real fast!
    Have a fab time.......

    1. Too late Julia...I already have! ;D

      Have a great week yourself...whatever you have planned and I'll try to nip across as and when I can. :D

  6. WOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Never in my life would I think to get excited over an airplane, but that's just awesome!! I wannna go too!!!! lol I'm going back to look at the pictures AGAIN!! Spoil me anyday!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. Well I told you to pack your bags!
      Get ready because we're coming into land.

      Auckland here we come ;D

  7. Whoa! Fandabbydozi Neesie! Thanks that was FAB. I've never flown business class before and I sure want to do it again!! :D
    Have a wonderful time in NZ :D
    ps - what time is it there? haha x

    1. Hehe...well I did wonder about posting the flight details thinking people might think I was showing off....but then I also thought it might be a treat if you've never been on an A380 or business class.

      I've travelled all the different classes with lots of airlines over the years so it hasn't always been this good ;D

      At the moment we are 12 hours ahead of you. I'll try and get to fix my weather widget for here, but there's only so much time to tinker online....you know how it is...places to go...fun to be had!!!

      Catch up with you soon...in the meantime have a great week :D

  8. What a delightful splurge! It looks totally decadent and I have to say I'm a bit envious. When we flew to New Zealand with the boys (from Seattle mind you), we were coach and it was a VERY long ride with two bored kids. But, we totally loved our week there - can't wait to see pics of where you visit!

    1. As I said above Terrie...it hasn't always been this good. ;D

      I used to travel long-haul flights every six months with two small children...36 hours door to door...so it wasn't always a breeze!
      Oh my...just thinking about it now makes me feel drained and needing to lie down!!! :$

      Have a great week and I'll see you when I can :D

  9. have a terrific time on your holiday my friend. The plane ride was so luxurious looking, what a great start and end to a vacation!

    1. Start as you mean to go on I say Jenn, (hehe) ;D

      Have a wonderful week too and I'll catch up with you as and when I can. :D

      p.s. I plan to enter into your great 'giveaway' so hopefully I'll be across soon x

  10. Wow, nice! Have a wonderful time in New Zealand! Waiting to read more about it. :)

    1. Hi Alex,
      Yep not bad eh?

      I'll try and get posting soon, but it may be hit and miss I'm afraid...we're on the move again. ;D

      Lots to try and cram in...but I'll give it my best shot!

      Have a great week whatever you have planned :D

  11. That's about as close as I will ever get to business class, you lucky thing. Have a wonderful time and don't even think of us poor people left at home :( Have fun and I hope you get to do some skiing.
    Luv Von.

    1. Well business class is okay I suppose...but nothing special. ;D (hehe)
      If I say that does it make you feel better?

      Not sure about the skiing Von...hopefully you mean water skiing?
      The weather was great and we were at the beach ~ digging holes in the hot spring sand to lie in! Bazaar but I'll tell you more in a later post!

      Have fun even without me and I'll be back before you know it!

  12. Oh goodie goodie-- I've been wanting to visit New Zealand!!! Can't wait till we land!!

    1. Apologies for such a long time landing Vicki...I've been so busy doing things to post I just haven't got the time to post them!!!

      Lovely to see you and thanks for stopping by...hopefully I'll post in the next hour or so. ;D
      You need to put New Zealand on your wish list because I'm sure you would love it.

      Have a great weekend whatever you get up to :D

  13. O my word you went without me!!!! Gorgeous looking breakfast... I can't believe you didn't let me look after wee Muffin.... Have a super time... enjoy every moment!! Hugs May x x x

    1. I came and rang your bell May, but you weren't there. I assumed you'd gone on to the airport to meet me there ;D

      If only I'd known you would have looked after Muffy for me..but there again I think Zac may have sulked if she'd come to you.
      They're having a lovely time together by all accounts!

      Enjoy your week and get ready for the next installment of NZ ~ I'm about to post! :D

  14. Wow! What a fancy ride!! Can hardly wait to see more. :)

    1. Not bad eh?
      I know it's special so made the most of it...not sure if it will ever happen again (hehe)
      Have a great weekend and I'll catch up once I'm home :D


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