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Monday 8 October 2012

The Melbourne Show....roll up...roll up...

Maybe it's the fact that I have the house to myself for the first time in over three weeks...or maybe it's a hormonal thing (nah) or maybe it's just because...? 
Whatever the reason...I'm in a carnival mood...the music's turned up loud (can you still hear me?) 
I'm dancing around...well not quite at the moment obviously...that would be a little tricky whilst typing...
but you get the gist...I'm a happy bunny to have my space and time back even if it is only for a few hours! 
So let's have some fun....
Let me show you the Melbourne Show that was one of our day trip visits....
I did intend to post this whilst the Melbourne Show was actually still running but hey things happen and when you are high tailing it all over the state...time and internet don't always allow.
So here we are a little late but my second name is tail-end Charlie after all...
  (just a little interlude here...are you impressed with my photos?...see how I think of you Wink
I thought I'd use picmonkey to create a collage so that you won't have to wade through tons of pics ~ thanks Tracey for the idea and hey it was peesers!)

I have to confess right up front here that I don't particularly like fun fairs...call me weird but that's the way it is...I never even liked balloons at birthday party's when I was a tot. 

But first let me explain why we decided to visit the Melbourne Show if I didn't like fairgrounds...
Well when we lived in Cheshire, England way back...we would visit the annual 'Cheshire Show' and it was fantastic. I have such wonderful memories of brilliant days out. It was more of an agricultural event and would only cover a few days (not like Melbourne which covers 10 days)
...so upon hearing that Melbourne had a similar show we decided to pay a visit. 
Immediately upon arrival I knew this particular show was going to be different than what I had expected...hearing the music blasting (no problem there I can cope with that) stall holders shouting through microphones trying to drag in punters, squeals of delight from on high as people where flung every which way...I knew that it wasn't really going to be my cup of tea.
I mean seriously...I just don't get the idea of flinging myself upside down and inside out until my last meal reappears...because let me tell you it would!!!
I remember when I went on a school trip once which included a big dipper ride as part of the so called 'fun'...anyway I remember the teacher accompanying the group wasn't too keen on going on the ride either but for some reason that has always escaped me we decided that we should face our fear and just do it together anyway!
When I was finally still although I use that term loosely because I don't think my stomach landed for a few days...I had to prize my finger nails out of the teachers arm....
I'd make a bet that that particular teacher has never ever been back on a roller coaster again...likewise! 

So let's move away from the fair rides to another kind of ride that I imaged to be at the show...

Then of course there has to be a dog show that I obviously had to check out...
From the unbelieveably large to the tiniest...
The St Bernard wore a very fetching dribble bid (yuk) but obviously out of necessity...
one shake and you'd dripping from head to foot.
Then the hairy kind...who would have far too much grooming sessions for my liking...
I have enough trouble putting the comb through my own hair!
Then the teeny tiny chap...I think he was checking that all his followers of his blog were getting all the gen about his latest awards and rosettes...he's very intent on the ipad! ^..^

Then onto the country fair...and all the animals on the farm...
I'll just attach the photos here because I have to warn you there's quite a few...
Seriously how cute are these critters....
The Alpaca family
I'm seriously taking far too much of your time so I'll just group the usual farmyard together....
I'm sure you've all seen sheep, ducks, goats, and cattle before....
 I can just see the caption on the top right photo here...
'Hey Gertie does my bum look big in this stall?'

 Now that's a serious hairdo for the show...and the turkey certainly knew when the camera was anywhere near...strutting his stuff in fine style 
(by the way Happy Canadian Thanksgiving this last weekend ~ I just remembered ;D)...
and obviously someone got very nervous on this last pic when the judges appeared...
they just couldn't help themselves! 
This chap seriously can chop wood...he chopped this log in half within what seemed a few seconds.
(No jokes or smutty inuendo's here please!)
And just a few more cuties to finish....

 Hmm...I think I really should have put a warning at the start of this post...it does go on doesn't it?
Oh well...so that was some of the fun at the fair....
I hope you'll visit your local country show next time there's one in your area....
they're a brilliant way for the town and country to mix.

Happy Monday everyone ~ let's hope this week is a good one...and if not just take a deep breath and smile
Catch you later


  1. I am playing catch up here this morning Neesie. What with the turkey awards and everything else that has been going on, I have had precious little time to play! I love county fairs and I love, LOVE your calendar! Well done you! xxoo

    1. Hello Marie...
      How lovely to see you in my inbox! ;D
      Oh boy do I need to play catch up too.

      I'm happy to hear you like the calendar...I was pleased with the results but it is only a prototype at this stage.

      I'll be nipping over to see you as soon as I can ~ so pop that kettle on! :D

  2. Looks fab, much like our Bath and West show each year. My boy can't stand balloons either and I'm not one for rides now, well my head says I can but the body....nah, wouldn't last 2 mins! I'm doing ok; start my weekly trip to hospital tomorrow (should have been last week but stupid receptionist messed up!)for hydro before then moving to physio. I'm having better days too and have even managed to get out and about with sticks, leaving the wheels behind occasionally. Right must do boring banking stuff, hope to catch up Weds. Take care Zo xx

    1. Hi Zo,
      I'm happy to hear that you're making positive progress...and hopefully you'll continue. You must be feeling so much better ;D

      I haven't anything for my desk with having a crazy time here lately so I may not appear on Wednesday...oops that's tomorrow!
      How can that be???? :$

      Take care and I'll be visiting you shortly...I know I keep saying that but I do mean it...just not sure when :D

  3. I've been on vacation too and trying to catch up on everyone's news now. As I looked through your last 5 or 6 posts, OMG the photos are outstanding - I feel like I was on holiday with you. Sharing them in the collage format is a good idea and one I'll use to share some of my holiday pics. Your calendar looks like a great idea. It does take a really long time to sort through a batch of vacation pics - we only have 1000, not 3000 and it's taking days and days and that's just to sort and name and decide which ones can be dumped. But it's fun to relive the trip that way too. It sure seems like you've had just a fab time with your daughter and kept VERY busy. Good for you!

    1. If you find a way of catching up quickly then please pass on the secret to me Terrie...I'm seriously way behind.
      Bless you for looking back through my posts.

      I'm glad you enjoyed looking at the photos and I have to admit I was thrilled with the collage format. It was really easy too...so a winner in my book! ;D

      I've so many posts up my sleeve but we're still having trips due to my hubby having six weeks holiday so there's lots happening.
      I must admit that at least looking back through all the photos it's a reminder of just how much we've done.

      I may have to go and lie down now just remembering! :D
      I'll be across to see what you've been up to asap.
      Have fun in the meantime!

  4. I really liked your photo collages and will be checking out the PicMonkey too! Thanks for sharing the link! I don't like fairs, carnivals, whatever they are, I get migraines from topsy turvy rides, so even if I wasn't skeptical that they would fall apart and send me hurling through space, I wouldn't ride them! As for those cute little animals, hey, I'm a city girl, and they smell! lol But they look real cute in pictures! Glad you got your space back, but I'll miss the escapdes of Sinus and Puff-Phantom! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. The PicMonkey thingymebob was really so easy to use and I like the end result...so if you use it enjoy and have fun! ;D
      It's a great way to show lots of photos without anyone having to suffer RSI from all the scrolling down.

      You sound worse than me sandee over the rides and I thought I was bad!

      As to the cute but smelly critters...I have to say I was nearly knocked out by the smell of shampoo and cleaning products in the dog shed and as for the farm animals they were more groomed than me and I'd made an effort for the day out! ;D

      I've got to catch up with so many people and I know I'll be in for a treat with Sinus and Puff-Phantom...she tells it like it is!

      Don't think I'll be making it to WOYWW as I have nothing on my desk but have fun and say hi to everyone. I'll be over to you soon. :D

  5. OMG, all the animals are SOOOOOO cute, HOW did you not steal a baby lamb?? I want one, do ya think they'd allow us to keep a lamb in our apartment, maybe on the balcony?? Hehehe.

    1. Hello Me,
      That sounds like you're actually formulating a plan! But I'm not sure if lambs are good at altitude though? ;D

      It could be a little risky especially when they do that springy thing they do! :D

      Have fun and I'll hopefully see you Friday...eek...nothing started yet! xoxo

  6. Hi Nessie, Love your post... I too don't do rides any more but I love to watch them!! my husband and my girls love them so I get dumped with the bags tee-hee.... your photographs are fabulous looks like a great day out!! enjoy your wee dance... & your space back... Hugs May x x x
    I loved that wee dog with the ipad!! so cute

    1. Hi May...yep I've been the bag lady on more than one occasion but hey someone's got to do it! ;D

      Space and dance over I'm afraid but it was very nice whilst it lasted.

      Haven't got anything ready for WOYWW so will use the time to visit instead...looking forward to heading your way.

      Toodleloo for now xoxo

  7. That's a lot of subjects to take in, in one day! I'm not one for enjoying "rides" of the mechanical sort, but I would had loved to have seen baby Alpacas etc.

    1. There was a lot going on Mark and that was only on the one day we visited...it runs for 10!!!

      I have to admit the Alpacas were incredibly cute. ;D
      They were so well pampered too.

      I hope your week is going well so far...I've yet to catch up with everyone...but I hopefully will! :D

  8. I grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota and used to attend the Minnesota State Fair on occasion. Going to all the animal barns was always a given (smelly as they can be--LOL!). Minnesota always had the butter sculptures and the free ice cold milk booth. And then all the arts and crafts!! The Midway was separate--where all the rides and hawkers were, so I could avoid it. Height and speed are not my thing, either. It was always a day long affair with corn dogs and mini donuts. Thanks for the memories!! I haven't been there in years. :)

    1. Wow butter sculptures...(hopefully when the sun wasn't too high in the sky) We didn't have any of those Rita, but I'm glad to have taken you down memory lane for a little visit...

      I think it's always so interesting to hear about events and activities back in time throughout the blog world. So thanks for sharing ;D

      Hopefully you're having a great week...I'll visit you soon :D


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