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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Morning has broken....

Did you miss me? Smile
I'm hearing a resounding 'of course' here (hehe)....so thank you for that....I know... just humour me... Wink

Well I've been so quiet (for me anyway) since Wednesday, but as you can imagine we've been making the most of the last few days of my daughters visit...but alas the party's over...
she's about to land in the UK in the next half hour...(sigh)...but we're okay about that because we will see each other again at Christmas...so that's not too far away (so I hear).

 I've spent most of today working my way through the 3,000 photographs that she took whilst she was here...and I've been given exclusive rights to use them...for your delight!
Don't worry I don't intend to post all of them and I certainly wouldn't want to have you squirming in your seat wading through masses of holiday photos...but I think you may be in for a treat.

One thing that will stay with me from this visit is how special the dawn came be...the start of a new day

What better way to start a day full of new possibilities...than to capture that special moment....savour it...

take a deep breath and make your heart smile...
I hope your day starts this well ~ have a great weekend everyone....


  1. Hi Neesie, gorgeous photos and you are right, Christmas is not too far away. Sounds like you have had a wonderful time with your Daughter. Crafty hugs, Anne x 3,000! - Wow...

    1. Hi Anne,
      We certainly did have a great time and tried to make the most of every minute.

      Now on to Christmas...eek.. but there's so much to do before then.
      We will be heading over to Canada to one of my favourite places...can't wait!

      Have a super Sunday and I'll see you soon ;D

  2. Sounds like a deliciously satisfying visit!! You know how I love sky pics!! Whoohoo!! I can only see sunrises from my window and I often am singing this song in my head...

    1. Indeed Rita,
      You want sky pictures...how many???? I've got tons! ;D

      It's funny you should mention the song 'Morning has broken' because we had that at our wedding all those years ago, plus we recently went to see the Cat Stevens musical 'Moonshadow' here in Melbourne.
      Hence my choice for the title of this post.
      Thanks for sending the link :D

      Have a super Sunday...see you soon xoxo

  3. Well, yes, I admit defeat. I can't compete with "early morning" pictures like that!

    1. Now...it's not a competition Mark. ;D
      You'd win in the veggie section for sure!

      Hope your Sunday is going well ~ enjoy :D

  4. Hi Nessie, WOW!! what a delight to see these wonderful Photographs!.. They have made my day... Beautiful.. Remember Christmas is just around the corner!! Hugs May x x x

    1. I'm glad you liked them May,
      Even though my daughter has returned to your shores we were up before 7am this morning...and its Sunday!
      I think I may have formed a new habit of rising with the sun ;D

      I hope your Sunday is stunning in every way :D

  5. Totally stunning shots Neesie! I love sunrises and sunsets - and all colours in between too of course, but you know what I mean, haha - oops shh, sorry! - I'm trying to be quiet since it's after midnight at yours. Sleep tight :D

    1. Don't worry you never woke me but it's great to see that you came to call. ;D
      Let's hope this next week is full of inspiration and creativity....have fun! :D


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