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Tuesday 9 October 2012

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday ~ WOYWW#175

Wow...it's Wednesday...

So why am I showing you this mess?
Because basically Wednesday means WOYWW (what's on your workdesk Wednesday)!  
It's the creation of Julia from Stamping Ground who thought up this fun passing of creativity between like minded people, but unfortunately there's little creativity going on around this place just now.
I'm half way through my OH's six week leave (don't ask!!!) 
so you can imagine there's not much time to self-indulge in my art work!
Therefore I'm using the time to collate immense amounts of inspiration in the hope that once I get my time back I'll be raring to go....

I know these WOYWW posts to supposed to be short but I couldn't help think you may like to link in to see some more artists from Melbourne and what they are up to....so if you have time just carry on reading...
if not thanks for popping by...I'll try to do likewise soon....

Every Sunday morning in a place called St Kilda there is The Esplanade Market....

 The market is open every Sunday of the year from 10am - 5pm
where you can meet over 150 artists offering an exciting range of their contemporary artworks...

The market has been running since 1970 and remains a favourite destination with locals and tourists alike who appreciate the diverse and unique range of quality handmade artworks made from wood, glass, paper, resin, recycled materials and so much more. The various styles and types of art are collectable, functional, beautiful, original, and make great gifts. 

 True to form we were the early birds and some of the stall holders hadn't finished setting up...

St Kilda is a remarkable place. 
It is situated on the Bay a short distance from the city.
Here's some of the local residents....hehe...
St Kilda has a very arty feel to it...even the shops indulge
Before we left St Kilda it was a must to stop off for a cuppa and a cake...
 Well it would be rude not to....
The trouble was deciding which cake didn't have calories??? 

Another St Kilda landmark....

I hope to visit more desks this week but having to share nice here reduces my time for playing and also we are heading off again at the weekend...this time it will involve the airport...whoohoo!
Have your bags and passport at the ready....https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1508619.gif 
and I'll come to collect you soon!
Have a great WOYWW and I promise to try and visit you soon.


  1. Hi Nessie,

    What a gorgeous market love all those amazing painting's, so which cake did you end up choosing lol....
    Hope your enjoying your time off work, does that mean you have more time to create?
    Have a happy WOYWW.....


    PS sorry but I think all those cakes have calories lol

    1. If I told you which cake Maria then I'd have to kill you! (LOL)
      Let's just say we didn't need lunch that day ;D

      I know logically I should have more time to create but I'm just not doing any at the moment!
      I think there's too many distractions so I'll wait.

      Have a happy WOYWW too and I'll nip across to visit you soon :D

  2. Neesie, you have so many wonderful photos and it looks like a fabulous place to visit. I would love to be there checking out all of the wonderful artist and the food. #9

    1. Hi Joynana,
      You would love the market... but then there's so many arty events going on here you'd have difficulty deciding what to visit first!

      Melbourne is very encouraging towards all the Arts.

      I know I'm very lucky to have all this inspiration around me constantly... just waiting for me to appreciate ~ which I do ;D

      Enjoy WOYWW and I'll be desk hopping soon :D

  3. Oh that is was so nice getting a peek in Melbourne. I have never been to Australia but it is on my list. Lucky you to get to go to such a great craft fair on a regular basis. Very inspirational. I saw some necklaces I liked in the picture. The cakes looked yummy too.

    Belinda (7)

    1. Ahh...so you zoomed in to have a closer peek eh Belinda? ;D
      I'm going back to check out the necklaces myself now!

      I'm so glad you liked your visit to Melbourne...and yep the cakes were very yummy. We didn't need any more food until much later into the evening after sampling their wares! :D

      Enjoy WOYWW ~ have fun!

  4. That market looks fantastic, wish we had something like that up here. We have the normal markets but not really arty ones. I hope you saved a cake for me, they look so yummy. So, a plane ride hey, any chance you are heading north east to Brissy. That would be a hoot if you came up.
    I sympathise with the no art thing, I have only just got back to it after two weeks of school holidays. Have a great time where every you are going.
    Von #19

    1. Hiya Von, oh I've missed you. ;D
      Great to see you're back with us...although I'm sort of part-time at the moment!
      Melbourne is very encouraging to all the Arts which is wonderful and so therefore I try to be too.

      There's no worries (hey listen to me...sounding like a real Aussie now) over keeping a cake for you...the amount the little shop had would feed a village daily!

      I'd love to be heading your way but unfortunately not this time...now here's a clue...its south!
      If I was coming your way (which I'd love too by the way) I'd shout for a coffee for sure! Maybe some time during next year ~ who knows?
      A few years ago we actually lived at Broadbeach for six weeks whilst once again my hubby was on holiday. I nearly forgot that we actually lived somewhere else at the time! :D

      Enjoy getting back on track...I've just managed to do a little this afternoon and oh boy it felt good.
      I'll be popping over if I can before we head off. xoxo

  5. Neat market thanks for sharing!
    Angie #18

    1. Happy to oblige Angie...it was my pleasure! ;D

      Thanks for stopping by ~ enjoy desk hopping and I'll hopefully visit you soon.

  6. What a wonderful place to visit! I can easily see losing many hours of time there...and money if I had any to spend. ;) Have fun on your next trip and don't forget the camera! :)

    1. Actually I was very restrained Rita...I just wanted to check it all out with it being our first visit....but I did succumb to a few little cute pottery vessels that contained beautiful essential oils.

      Sorted the details out for the next trip this afternoon...so our bags and definitely my camera will be packed shortly.
      Get organised because you can come too ;D

  7. Hi Neesie, gosh those photos brought back memories.....we used to visit the market there regularly and actually bought some artwork for our house - this was years ago but I remember it well. As usual I noticed the grey overcast sky lol. Have a great week.
    Cheers, Elaine #21

    1. How fascinating Elaine...it's great to hear all the details. I'm glad I took you back down memory lane. ;D

      Hey...okay it was very early and the sky was very stormy looking but then it cleared and became a lovely day. Honest!

      Have a great time desk hopping and thanks for stopping by.
      Enjoy :D

  8. What a fun tour of St Kilda landmarks and artists/art and cakes! Have a wonderful week! Darnell #28

    1. I'm happy that you found my guided tour fun Darnell,

      I'm preparing for our next tour so if you're free I'll swing by your place and collect you if you want to join me. ;D

      It should be lots of fun...but I'm not revealing the destination just yet!

  9. Hi Neesie! I remember that Luna Park entrance from my visit to Australia!! What an exciting arts and crafts fair- I would most definitely enjoy a visit there! Patsy from

    1. Hi Patsy,
      Fancy you remembering the entrance to Luna Park...was it here in Melbourne because Sydney has one too.

      The market was great and I think I'll definitely be revisiting again. Maybe not so early next time! ;D

      Thanks for popping over and I hope to desk hop soon
      Enjoy your week :D

  10. That looks like some amazing art work. Sure looks like a fun place to visit. Have a wonderful time on your trip.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Lisa,

      It was a great way to start the day and somewhere I'd definitely like to visit again.

      Have a great week with lots of fun ~ enjoy! ;D

  11. would love to explore that market,great photos and cake surely it doesnt have calories :)
    have a great woyww
    kay #51

    1. Great minds think alike Kay, I didn't think the cake would have calories either! ;D

      Thanks for stopping by ~ I'm hoping to desk hop soon.

      Have fun and enjoy WOYWW D

  12. awesome pictures of the market. We have a weekly farmers market that some of the artists have started showing work at. I would think that since Oklahoma University has a huge art school there should be a show once in a while but nope, nada, zip...the school has a show twice a year. Some of the old buildings downtown are being converted into art studios so more is getting out there. The town is now doing a first Friday walk through the shops so here hopes it catches on! Have a great vacation and look forward to what you create when you get back. Vickie #41

    1. I agree with you Vickie...it's a shame that the University doesn't make the most of all the talent on tap and do likewise.
      Maybe they need an organiser to help sort it ~ how are you fixed? ;D

      But it all sounds encouraging that changes are being made.

      I've actually managed to do a little artwork this afternoon, which was wonderful. I was so ashamed showing my desk this morning that I had to do something! :D

      Have fun with WOYWW and I'll be popping over to you see you soon.

  13. Oh looks like somewhere I will put on my list of places to explore.. Thanks for sharing the times and when its on.. Hubby and I love going and exploring all different markets.. Sandy :) #65

    1. We do too Sandy,
      It sounds like you may be in the Melbourne area...if so definitely give it a whirl. I'm sure you'll love it plus you can have a great walk along the sea front and visit the cakee shop after! ;D

      Enjoy :D
      Happy WOYWW too.

  14. Your art market looks great fun. We have one between April & September once a month on the promenade at Grange over sands in the Lake District in the UK. Of course we don't get the good weather you do so sometimes it's a bit hit and miss. We had to cancel two this year because of the rain.
    Thanks for showing us it was a treat.
    Lynn x

    1. Hi Lynn,
      I know it is unusual to have these kind of things weekly but Melbourne is so supportive of the arts.
      I know the Lake District well as my daughter used to go to school there...and I remember the weather :$
      I'm glad you enjoyed checking it out and thanks for stopping by...I haven't been free to do lots of visiting lately but I'm going to try in the next few days...before I head off again!
      It's all go....
      Have a great week ~ enjoy whatever you have planned. ;D

  15. What a fantastic place to visit. If ever I venture over the water I will have to go there. And delicious cakes to boot. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us, it was a terrific journey I had this morning and how lucky to be within striking distance of so much colour and talent. Helped by the climate of course (coming from one UK'er who is so cold at the moment). Looks like a fun place - so vibrant.
    Thanks for sharing -
    Hugz, Neet 29 xx

    1. Hi Neet,
      Firstly thanks for joining my gang of followers...I really appreciate your time and hopefully we can continue having fun with lots of Aussieness thrown in. ;D

      I'm also glad you hear enjoyed your inpromptu trip this morning and guess what? We're about to head off again...so get your bags ready! This time we're going outside of Australia??? Whoohoo!

      I'm hearing all about the weather from the UK and must admit I'm not missing that aspect, although we still haven't warmed up here yet. Today for instance we only have 14oC! Not so good for spring!
      Yeah...I know you would love that for summer (Hehe) Sorry I couldn't resist! :D

      Have a great time with desk hopping and I'll catch up with you later on my rounds ~ have fun!

  16. Thanks for sharing those great pics of the art market - what an amazing source of inspiration it must be! Hope you can sneak in some crafting time soon, and happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

    1. It's my pleasure to share Alison,
      I'm happy to report I finished a quick piece of art yesterday...whilst my laptop was commandeered! Well what's a girl to do? :$
      I must say I'm getting very good at averting the ironing and hoovering! ;D
      My excuse is that it's no good just getting all this inspiration and not doing something with it!

      Happy WOYWW ~ enjoy and I'll be on my rounds later :D

  17. What a great way to spend a day - wonderful work on show too. Happy WOYWW. Helen, 6

    1. Thanks for stopping by Helen,
      It was a very good day...perfect for a Sunday. I know I'll be visiting there again only probably not so early next time ;D
      I thought it started at 7am! Wrong! :$

      Happy WOYWW to you too ~ have fun.

  18. So lovely to see the amazing artwork of other. Amazing inspiration.
    A x #68

    1. I think it's always good to see what others are creating.
      I was looking into the possibility of running a stall myself one day. :D

      Thanks for popping over to my place...have fun desk hopping. I hope to start once I'm finished answering everyone here.

      See you soon ;D

  19. Hope you saved one of those cakes for me? Ha ha. Super pics and what colour, must be fab to see it first hand. Enjoy your trip. Take care Zo xx 84

    1. Of course I did Zo...it's compulsorary to share that way you share the calories too ;D
      I wish you could see it first hand but I suppose this is the next best thing. ;D

      You take care too and enjoy WOYWW...I'll be over to you soon hopefully!

  20. What an amazing market ....my son would love that Dr Who canvas...but maybe his wife wouldn't lol....and how did you choose a cake ....I would have been trying to make my mind up for hours.xx#70

    1. The artwork was amazing Angie, but I have to admit since my childhood I've been very bothered by the daleks so wouldn't really want them on my wall. But it was a brilliant painting!

      As to choosing one cake...that was just too hard, so I just sat down and delegated to my hubby. He is an expert in this field and knows would be the best! Not that he has a sweet tooth of course (as he keeps reminding us ~ yeah right!)
      Have a great time checking out all the desks ~ I hope to join in soon. ;D

  21. As ever I loved the tour Neesie. One question though - why are you not there with your gorgeous artwork? Have a happy WOYWW, Anne x #60

    1. Well actually Anne you've guessed it...I was actually interested in seeing the market for that very reason.
      I'll have to get busy once all our galavanting stops and then maybe create enough work to hold a stall.

      I had to draw another Protea last week because one flew the nest and yesterday I finished a drawing for a challenge that I'll post either later today or tomorrow...then I'll have to pack my bags again! Phewph...it's all go! :D

      Happy WOYWW and I'll hopefully see you soon xoxo

  22. Looks like you're having a great time - and I would't mind one of those cakes, however many calories thay contain!
    Bernice #5

    1. That's my thoughts entirely Bernice...whatever the calorie content...I'll make up for it later ;D

      Have a great time desk hopping and thanks for stopping by my place.
      I hope to manage a few visits myself before we head off on our jolly! :D

  23. Well that's just the sort of day out I love!! Great to see all that fab artwork. x Jo

    1. Mine too Jo...it was a great early start full of inspiration so when I finally got home (after indulging slightly) I began to draw a replacement Protea. A perfect day all round really ;D

      Thanks for joining me and I hope to see you soon.
      Have a great fun week :D

  24. Hi Neesie!!
    You are right, it has been too long!! And I agree 100%, family does come first, which is why I have no desk to show!! With my son't birthday and all that goes with it, I had no time to create. And I didn't mind one bit!!
    Love that art faire!! How lucky are you to have that every weekend!!
    I hope you had a wonderful visit with your daughter!!

    1. It sounds like you had a great time...and rightly so. They're only 16 once! ;D
      I can't believe that this market runs every week and has done for years...I know it's special so I will frequent it regularly to give it my support. Although by the time we were leaving it had quite a good crowd and the weather wasn't particularly good either!
      It's a great tourist attraction so will be very popular as the summer progresses.
      We all had a wonderful time whilst my daughter was here...thank you for asking...we're planning on meeting in Canada for Christmas. So not too long to wait :D

      Enjoy your week and I'll check in with you soon xoxo

  25. What a fantastic market but if truth be known I think I'd prefer a cake - yum.

    Late this week so number 118 - how did that happen?
    Ann B

    1. Better late than never Ann, it's just great to see you.

      We worked for our cake by visiting the market first and then walking all along the sea front before heading into the shop to indulge ;D

      Happy WOYWW ~ enjoy!

  26. Wonderful desk Neesie, but I love the piccies. Here in Scotland we have a St Kilda too, but its an island off the west coast of scotland and its known for its sheep. I think I like your much better, especially that cake shop. Hugs Rita 79

    1. Hi Rita,
      Yep I know St Kilda in Scotland...in fact there are many names here which have migrated from the UK.

      I think that's why sometimes I forget I'm actually on the other side of the world! ;D

      It's great to hear you liked your visit and next time I'll home in more on the cakes perhaps!

      Have fun with WOYWW :D

  27. Someday I am going there, so amazing, so much inspiration in one place.
    Krisha #30

    1. I have to admit Krisha I've never been anywhere where art is encouraged as much as here in Melbourne.
      It's home to world-class arts and cultural heritage institutions, cutting-edge design and dynamic festivals and community events.

      You may not have seen an earlier post of mine but it might interest you so I've added the link in here....

      Enjoy WOYWW ~ have lots of fun desk hopping and thanks for stopping by. :D

  28. Thanks for sharing the local artsy spots! Great fun... Looking forward to pics of your next travel... Hugs, Sandi #35

    1. Are you coming with me? I do hope so because I think we may be in for a treat!
      Get your bags and passport at the ready Sandi!

      In the meantime whilst I try to pack and tick off some of the humungus items on my to-do list have fun desk hopping.
      Happy WOYWW :D

  29. Thank you for sharing these photos!! It's sorta cold and drizzly here today so the colors have helped to perk me up!

    1. Hi Hilary...well you pipped Neet off her top spot of being my latest follower today. I'm thrilled and I really appreciate it ;D

      It's my pleasure to show my photos and I'm just so happy when people enjoy or comment on them.

      I don't like the sound of your weather by the way...but then it's not all good here (yet). We have had quite a cold, chilly, damp day today...but then it is only spring.
      I'll make sure I send through lots of colour, warmth and sunshine over the next few months, so hopefully that'll keep you cosy! ;D

  30. You're having a good time while away from the desk! Tamika #14

    1. I know Jojorenee...it's fantastic!
      But I am looking forward to getting back to my desk at some stage.
      I did manage to create a quick drawing on my dining room table yesterday which I have to say I was rather pleased with. ;D

      Happy WOYWW and have fun desk hopping. I'll be along as soon as I can. :D

  31. Love you desk Neesie, lots of things on there to help you get going again once DH is back to work. Loved the trip round St Kilda, very interesting, lovely cakes too, my first thought was I'd never be able to choose just one, before I read your text! I had a busy day at work today so as soon as I came in I put on my pj's, made some hot tea and I'm now sitting by the fire with my laptop! It doesn't get more homey than that!!

    Brenda 1

    1. That sounds like the perfect way to end the day Brenda,
      Glad you liked your trip to St Kilda...I'm off again soon but this time outside of Australia so as they say 'watch this space'!

      Congrats on being #1 by the way. ;D

      Have fun with WOYWW ~ enjoy :D

  32. Hi Neesie,

    Oh, thank you for sharing the art festival with us. I'm amazed that it happens every week -- how great for the artists! I've been MIA from WOYWW for a few weeks now and feel so disconnected. It's been great visiting friends today.

    I gave two of the cards I won from you to my friend in Colorado. She absolutely loved them. She had mentioned that she doesn't get out to buy cards (she's undergoing chemotherapy, on oxygen, and the chemo has affected the feeling in her hands and feet) so I put together some cards for her. I'm keeping the owl for myself - aren't I stingy!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #126

    1. I did miss you Kay ;D
      Don't worry we're all here for you and you'll soon be back into the swing of things.
      I am thrilled to hear about my babies (whoops ~ sorry cards!) going to a lovely lady. She obviously is has great taste because she loved my designs (hehe)
      I'm glad that they brought her a smile :D

      It was a very kind, thoughtful and caring gesture Kay...hardly stingy!!!
      It's unimaginable what she must be going through so can you please pass on my best wishes?

      The cards are so handy to have in the cupboard because I've used them for so many different occasions that I've even been surprised myself at how versatile they can be.

      Have fun with WOYWW and enjoy reuniting with everyone. I hope to desk hop soon.

  33. Hi Gita,
    Thanks for popping over to my place. It was a great day and I thought the WOYWW gang would like to see the market.
    Not sure about the desk and when I'll get to visit but it's waiting!
    Enjoy WOYWW ~ have lots of fun and I'll hopefully visit soon ;D

  34. What a wonderful market. The number of booths is staggering to me...You are so lucky!
    I think over here, there are places where you could get that many booths together a few times a year...but not weekly!
    Have a wonderful holiday!

    1. I couldn't believe it when I read that there can be over 150 stalls either. It is such a priviledge to have this amount of creativity on the doorstep and one I intend to totally appreciate. ;D

      Thanks for stopping by and if I can manage I'll nip across to you soon.

      The cases are sitting open and empty at the moment so there's lots to do...eek! I better run!

      Have a great weekend whatever you have planned ~ have fun! :D


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