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Wednesday 3 October 2012

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday ~ WOYWW#174

Prepare to be amazed peeps! 
This is going to be my record for the briefest entry to WOYWW ~ What's on your Workdesk Wednesday...
 If you haven't heard about Julia from Stamping Ground who thought up this fun passing of creativity between like minded people, then just pop over to her place to see what it's all about...
you'll see desks from around the globe in the raw!
Artists and crafters alike....having fun creating
Now onto my desk...
but not much is actually being created at the moment, even though I've been carrying my art gear with me...
there just hasn't been time to sit still...but I shouldn't ever be short of inspiration in the future with thousands of photographs collected and stored, ready to use. 

There has been a little creation...in the form of a sample calender for next year.
I had difficulty deciding which designs should appear...but went with the following....

The front cover ~ Tropical Leaf

January ~ Protea
February ~ Kangaroo
March ~ Teapot 
April ~ Hibiscus
May ~Garlic
June ~ Magpie
July ~ Rosebud
August ~ Willy Wagtail
September ~ Frog
October ~ Turtle
November ~ Mushrooms
December ~ Owl  

I'd be really interested to hear what you think?

I'm still out and about on our little gallivanting trips, so if you fancy a nosey into what I've been up to...whether you would like to see a waterfall or beaches, Australian wildlife and nature or perhaps just a different landscape...then click on the icons to join me.
 Finally I apologise for my lack of visiting people but this post has taken years off my life just waiting for the internet to drop in and out! (I've actually been here nearly four hours off and on and nearly loosing the will to live!)
Once I'm back I'll make up for it ~ promise! 


  1. That calendar looks amazing and I think your choice of pictures for the year is a good one. Now to follow some of your links - as if I should be doing at 2.30 in the morning! I will suffer for this.
    Hugs, Neet (no 2 in comments)

    1. Wow I'm impressed Neet...reading my posts at 2.30am!
      I've just been up at 5.15am for the sunrise! Who needs sleep?
      Having to dash through the comments whilst the internet wants to play!
      Happy WOYWW ~ enjoy X

  2. Awesome calendar Nessie. Hope you are having loads of fun on your holiday and sharing the pics with us. Someday I hope to make it down south! Thanks for sharing. Vickie (no number yet)

    1. Hi Vickie,
      Just arrived home and can finally answer your lovely comment.
      I'm glad you like seeing the photos but we have over 3,000 but I'll spare you them all!!!
      I'm sure you'd love it here if you came for a visit...there's something for everyone.
      Have fun and Happy Belated WOYWW :D

  3. Calendar looks great! Sorry about the internet issues. Enough to drive a person bonkers!! :)

    1. We've arrived home so we're up and running again...phewph...I wonder when and how did I get to be so internet dependent?!!?! :$
      I hope you have a great weekend and I'll hopefully visit soon when I've answered everyone here. :D

  4. Oh a sample calender, sounds intriguing! Are you going to print them up for sale? waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. Yep...I was intriged to see what it would look like and have to admit I'm pleased with the result. Everyone whose seen it up close and personal is impressed. You guessed it Sandee....I am considering going to print. ;D

      I'm just home so will be catching up with my visits soon. (86 emails in my inbox ~ phewph!)

      Hope you've been busy whilst I've been away...and have lots for me to check out! :D

  5. Enjoy your holiday, it is good for the soul! Love the protea design as I grew up in Cape Town it's always been a flower that brings memories flooding in

    1. Hi Neil,
      Finally able to answer your comment. ;D
      It's a small world because I first saw the Protea in Cape Town too and have to admit I was surprised to see it growning here.

      Have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned ~ have fun! :D

  6. I've linked you - I understand about outback internet and then no perfoming Mr Linky! ARGH!! Am enjoying your trip so much, marvellous photos and I can see your mind boggling with all the inspiration. Your calendar is beautiful. Awesome!

    1. Oh bless you Julia,
      Well how would you like to see the 3,000 photos that we have...yep I thought not. Now we've just got to get organised and decide what to post.
      I must admit I rather like having my own photographer ;D
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting...I know what a task you have
      to visit everyone.
      Have a wonderful weekend and I'll visit you soon :D

  7. Beautiful botancal drawing, perfect for calendar page:)

    1. Thank you Sue for your lovely comment.

      It's great to get such positive feedback from everyone ;D
      I really appreciate it!

      Have a brilliant weekend whatever you have planned. :D

  8. Hi Neesie, whatever your choose for your calendar will be amazing! I have been watching your pictorial holiday with just a little envy... sorry to hear about the internet problems, maybe it's ready for a holiday too.......Crafty hugs, Anne x #13

    1. Aww Anne,
      You always say the nicest things and I really do appreciate such positive feedback. ;D

      I'm happy that you've been with me on my virtual holiday too. But we've got over 3,000 photos still! Don't worry I'll try not to post too many of them and just give you snippet.

      I'll head over to your place as soon as I answer all the comments here plus the 86 emails waiting in my inbox! :$

      Have a wonderful weekend with lots of fun and creativity xoxo

  9. The calendar will be fabulous - so inspiring! Will catch up on your photos soon. Helen 4

    1. Hi Helen,
      I have to say I've been very pleased with the result of the calendar. The difficulty was to choose which designs to put in it ;D

      I'll be trying to catch up with the desk hop in the next few days although it might take me a little longer!

      Have a great weekend :D

  10. Ooh, that calendar is going to be so lush! Your links have taken me to places I will never see for real but now I don't need to! Haha.
    And look - I'm even early enough to see sunshine - omgoodness there's a airplanes vapour trail JUSt going over, lmao!! Fab!! It's 5.43pm, 24c and the sun is shining in all it's glory! Have a wonderful evening :0) x

    1. Hehe...it's so funny to hear your reaction to my weather widget.
      If you'd have caught it on a Friday or Saturday night during the AFL (aussie rules footy) match they have fireworks! ;D
      You'll have to wait now as the season has just finished. Have you seen the shooting stars?

      I'm glad you like the calendar ~ I'm certainly pleased with the result.

      I hope to catch up with everything in the next few days so will pop over to you soon :D

      Have a great weekend xoxo

  11. Some things take for ever! So much for computers saving us all hours and bringing us the four day working week!

    Take care

    Jakix #48

    1. There's nothing worse...when it plays with your mind...dropping in and out everytime you want to do something. Grr! ;D

      Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment.

      Have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned. Have fun!

  12. What a fantastic Idea and your choices are brilliant.

    Eliza #55

    1. Thanks Eliza,
      It was difficult to decide which design I preferred and when it was printed I'd actually forgotten which I'd chosen...for example I definitely thought I'd put in the kookaburra!

      Have a great weekend no matter what you get up to...have fun! ;D

  13. Love it Nessie but then your designs are fab anyway.
    Ann B

    1. Aww thanks Ann,
      I'm trying to get back on track after being away, but it may take me a little while to visit. For example I've got 86 emails waiting in my inbox!
      Have a wonderful weekend ;D

  14. Hi Nessie what a super calender. Hope you have a super Wednesday, hugs Erika. #70

    1. Wednesday was perfect for me thank Erika...I was actually at the beach enjoying the best day of the year so far! ;D
      (Future post with photos to follow)

      I hope you had a great Wednesday too and are ready to enjoy a great weekend :D

  15. Beautiful calendar and lovely choice of pics. Hope todays traffic problems didn't add to your computer woes.
    Sandra @73

    1. Thankfully the computer was the only trouble I had...I don't think I could have coped with anything else ;D

      Thanks for your comment Sandra...hopefully we'll have a stress free enjoyable weekend ahead :D

  16. I bet it'll look fab. Glad you're still enjoying your trips. Little happening here, other than rest, football, rest, hospital, rest, football, you get the idea! A small bit of crafting in between too. Take care Zo xx

    1. Hi Zo,
      It sounds like you are behaving yourself which is good. How about if I just take you away on virtual trips between your routine? ;D
      I hope to catch up on so many things after today so will nip across to see you soon.

      Have a wonderful weekend ~ whatever you do enjoy. :D

      p.s. Hubby up at 5am to watch Liverpool match but not a good result! Ho hum :$

  17. Picture choices sound great. My Brother & his wife are now Aussie expats, they moved to Western Australia 3 years ago, say they wish they'd done it years ago. Have a great week, Shaz #60

    1. Well you will just have to come and visit them Shaz...you'll love it and wish you'd done it years ago too ;D

      Thanks for you kind comment about the calendar.

      Have a great weekend with lots of creativity :D

  18. Enjoy your holiday - hope your weather there is not like here!
    Bernice #16

    1. Oh dear Bernice that doesn't sound good. I'm not sure I should tell you that we've just had some of the best weather so far this year.
      We have been on the beach the last two days! ;D
      Maybe if I post some photos you might get some of the heat come through to you.

      Have a great weekend and I'll be on the desk hop soon.

      Thanks for stopping by ~ enjoy! :D

  19. Your work is great so it will be fab!
    Hope all is well with computer
    Jackie 15

    1. Hi Jackie,
      Yep we're home now so 'tinternet is fine ;D
      I've got lots to catch up on though ~ 86 emails were waiting for me but I'm working my way through them.

      Thanks for your lovely comment about my work...I really appreciate it. :D

      I'll pop over to your place as soon as I can ~ in the meantime have a great weekend.

  20. I am sure your calendar will be fab - I like your choices for each month. I have been trying to put together some of my fabric pics for a calendar - its's not easy to choose is it?! x Jo

    1. You're right there Jo...it is so difficult. Each one is special for different reasons and obviously you want to pick the most popular ones to be included without the others taking offence! (lol)
      I'll look forward to seeing your calendar soon then ;D

      I'll be popping over to you as soon as I've caught up on everything. In the meantime have a wonderful weekend...enjoy whatever you have planned. :D

  21. I followed your links to your stunning photos ...so glad I did ...and the letter from 1953 was so interesting. Your calender will be amazing I know.xx#38

    1. Thanks Angie for your positive feedback. I really appreciate it ;D

      I'm glad that you followed the links too. I thought the koala story was worth sharing so I'm happy that you enjoyed that too.

      Have a wonderful creative weekend and I'll be over to visit soon. :D

  22. Beautiful , just love the leaf design, classic mono. Enjoy your trips and if they include an NZ stop over cuddle my grandson for me
    Toni #54

    1. Well we did intend to visit NZ but then we heard our daughter was coming over from the Uk so we changed our plans. We still intend to go at some stage so let me know where he is and I'll certainly pass on a cuddle (well as long as he's under 6 years of age and in favour of course...otherwise he'd probably be horrified) ;D
      I know how hard it can be to have the family living apart.

      Glad you like the designs by the way...thanks for stopping by and I'll return the compliment as soon as I can :D

  23. Hi Neesie
    Wow the calendar is awesome, but your pictures are too. there is a tutorial on zentangle in this months craft stamper magazine, I must give it a go. Whoever said computers save time was an idiot, but I guess we are stuck with them now.
    thanks for sharing
    janet #9

    1. Be prepared Janet...these 'tangles have a tendency to grab you and not let go once they get you ;D
      I'm sure you'll love them although they can be a little intense on the eyes. Let me know how you go if you try it. I haven't done a tutorial before...I just do my own thing so I'd be interested.

      Yeah computers are fantastic when they behave but a nightmare when they're not! ;D

      Have a great weekend whatever you have planned ~ enjoy! :D

  24. Neesie, any of your art on any of the months in the calendar will be amazing!! No worries on that score! Continue having fun on your trips - great photos!! Darnell #120

    1. Aww bless you Darnell...that's so kind of you ;D

      We're home again just now trying to catch up but we have over 3,000 photos so I'm sure there's a post or two in there somewhere! (LOL)

      Have a wonderful weekend with lots of fun ~ enjoy! :D

  25. Hi Neesie, shame about the problems you are having with the Internet - life is far to short as it is to be wasting hours uploading stuff. Love the protea and your calender looks a fabulous project. Hope you have a good week and happy WOYWW. Elizabeth x #49

    1. You're right there Elizabeth...I gave up in the end...it was just too painful. :$
      But we're home now so I'll attempt to catch up as and when time allows.

      Thanks for the positive feedback on the calendar. I'm so pleased with the result.

      Have a wonderful weekend yourself and I'll hopefully be over to your place soon to see what you've been up to. :D

  26. I think it's a fabulous idea and the bonus of a monochromatic palette is the ease with which it can fit into any decor/colour scheme! Hope you're still having fun with the family... what am I saying? Of course you are! XX

    1. We've been having an amazing time but unfortunately my daughter heads home later today...(sigh)...but we have maximised every waking minute. Up at dawn and long into the night. I think she might need a holiday once she gets back! I'm waiting for her to wake as I type...I think she's hanging on to the last lie-in before the long-haul flight.

      She took over 3,000 photos!!! So there's lots of inspiration gathered.
      Thanks for your complimentary comment on the calendar. It's great to get feedback and I agree with you on the mono palette ~ it will fit in anywhere! Well that's the idea anyway ;D

      Enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned and I'll nip over to visit soon :D

  27. I'm sure your calendar is going to be both beautiful and interesting. I need to go look at all the pages, I know I have seen some of them but I'm sure not all of them.


    1. Hi Darla,
      Thanks for your kind comment. The mushroom, turtle and wagtail designs are not yet included in my Etsy so you may have missed them.
      I've still got to add them in...hopefully I'll manage to do this in the coming week.

      If you want to see them I could either send them to you or they are included in previous WOYWW post entries.
      I also thought I'd included the kookaburra but then there are only 12 months in a year! ;D

      It was so difficult to decide which to put in...I suppose I could take requests if anyone was wanting specific designs.

      Anyway...have a great weekend with hopefully lots of creativity and I'll pop over to you as soon as I've caught up.
      (Missed APR this week too).

  28. Sounds like you're doing some wonderful travelling! And of course you're coming up to summer now. Lucky you!

    1. Hi Beth,
      Yep we've been having a great time....over 3,000 photos to prove it! LOL
      Don't worry I won't post them all at once. ;D

      Thanks for visiting and once I settle back into a routine then I'll be catching up with my visits.

      Have a wonderful weekend ~ enjoy! :D

  29. Hi Ros,
    Thanks for the positive feedback...I'm really quite pleased with the result of the calendar.

    How lucky you were to have been enveloped with all this beauty from such an early age...we've seen so much it's knocked our socks off at times and unbelievably at times even speechless! (which is no mean task)
    I can understand not wanting to revisit if the changes aren't to your liking. It's best to keep the happy memories.

    Have a wonderful weekend and I'll be over to visit as soon as I can. :D

  30. Hi Neesie

    what stunning artwork you've produced - you do right to make them into calendars. It's important that you show off your talent and hard work - give it the exposure it deserves...

    however - I was rather hoping to have seen a couple of pics of you little Shih Tzu - I could show them to my big Shih Tzu who is currently snoring, along with the cat who is next to him also snoring... wish it was me - I can't sleep although I do keep dropping on (well it is 2am here in the UK)!!!! lol.

    I'll have a peek at your pics while i'm around. Thanx for sharing!

    Happy WOYWW 174
    Paula x x x (#131)

    1. Hi Paula,
      Thanks for your lovely comment and compliments...it's always great to receive feedback especially when it's positive ;D

      My little Shih Tzu is currently snoring here too but it's Saturday morning so we'll soon be ready to start the day!
      I'll have to pop over to your place to check out your pooch and pussytat. :D

      Enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned I hope it has lots of creativity and fun! ;D

  31. Neesie..can't wait to see the rest of the calendar if the pics are going to be like this one.LOVE your drawings!
    Judy #27

    1. Hi Judy,
      Great to see you...thanks for your lovely comment.
      I'll have to show the whole calendar by the sound of it but a lot of the designs are already on my sidebar in my Etsy store.

      I plan to start catching up with my visits (and unfortunately housework) soon. My daughter left for the UK last night so no excuse now...although she took over 3,000 photos whilst here that I have to sort!

      See you soon but in the meantime...have a wonderful weekend with lots of fun and creativity! :D

  32. I love that bloom! Your Zentangle embellished drawings keep getting more and more detailed. Blessings!

    1. Hi Arnoldo,
      Thanks for popping over and leaving a lovely compliment. I really appreciate it.
      I missed APR this week but I'll still visit soon to see what's been happening.
      Have a wonderful creative week...with lots of productivity. ;D


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