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Thursday 30 April 2015

A Mini Blogging Break

Well that's the plan... to take advantage of the Bank Holiday weekend for a little mini break... but looking at the photo below, maybe we won't be nipping off anywhere without taking a little something extra.
Whose going to tell her she's not coming...?
By the way, that is my little red case and the other is my hubby's. 
Well okay... that's not strickly true. 
My other case is upstairs waiting for some muscles to arrive home in order to carry it down! 
I know... a little over zealous perhaps, but I've always been the same.
You should have seen our luggage when the kids were small.
On one journey we had to keep counting our belongings to make sure we had all 11 of them!
So I'll leave you to enjoy your weekend.


  1. I completely understand; it's imperative that there are enough wardrobe choices as to leave no room for stress about what was left behind. So of course the extra case is vital. Muffy looks all set to come along - or at least to prevent you from leaving without her, lol.
    Have a fabulous break Denise, and lots of fun {{Hugs}} xox

  2. i too like to bring everything and the kitchen sink... hope u have a fabulous time. You will b missed!!hugs deb

  3. Have an amazing time away!! Enjoy...I was the same when we went anywhere!! Cupcake is way more realistic and carries much less. She has travel down pat! Poor baby not coming with!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. I'm not saying a word to that little adorably face... except...maybe..."JUMP IN!"

  5. Hope it was a fabulous get away. And hope that cute little face is even cuter with excitement when you get home.

  6. I hope McMuffty had a wonderful bank holiday! ;)


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