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Friday 24 April 2015

Paint Party Friday....Buzzy Busy Bees

 It gives me great pleasure to announce that we've had a spectacular week of sunshine. 
Not a drop of rain in sight and I've even had to resort to watering certain plants and seedlings. 

Along with the arrival of the sun is the bugs, slugs, spiders, insects, bunnies, deer, birds and bees! 
If you don't follow my instagram or twitter accounts, then you'll not be aware that I was a hero a few days ago. On Earth day to be precise, I freed a magnificent bee from my front room window. 
He was frantically trying to escape... so I helped him. 
Oh no... it was nothing... really. 
But a few hours later whilst busy in one of the borders in the garden, I came across this guy and I swear he's the escapee! 
He just gave me that look.
Along with photographing him, I thought it might be fun (ha!) painting him. 
What was I thinking? 
I really do wonder where these wonderful ideas come from.
Anyway here's my attempt.
 Little did I realise just what hairy wee beasties they are.
I went into auto mode using the ink pen... I find that bit so relaxing.
I've taken a closer picture with the light highlighting all the little bristles.
 I'm not sure he's finished yet, but then I realised that I should have painted the background first... adding in the azalea flowers. What a numpty!
But it is only in my journal so I can play.
I could always redo him onto good paper if I really wanted to be pernickety.
 I thought I'd better take some photos before I tried adding in the flowers. 
If I want to paint it again then I'll be sure to remember all that I learnt from this trial piece. 
I'll try to finish this off later today... it's been fun.
 So that's it from me for today... I'm off to enjoy the day plus paying visits to Paint Party Friday.
They'd love to see you over there... just click on the link because you're invited!
Have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned... enjoy!


  1. Wow so impressive..the details on the hair is amazing. This will be very interesting on completion. I look forward to that!! You are such a talent you bee freer you!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Bee freer... I like that Giggles ;D
      I now realise that I have a weirdness about me that I actually like dooing detail and not splashing colour around. I relax and enjoy that bit so much more. I get very intimidated by paints and using colour which is strange because when I created silk paintings the colours were very vibrant... I'll have to keep trying until I get there. It's all a journey isn't it?
      I had another little dabble by painting in some background and it's getting there. I'll be sure to let you see it when it's done.
      I hope you're enjoying your weekend... and hail storms/sunshine if you're having the same weather as here!

  2. Recycled one bee on Earth day. Good for you. Fantastic drawing, Neesie! Wow look at all the hairs on it! I'd get hand cramp filling in all those wee hairs. ;)

    1. I know Nan... I should get a badge or something (hehe)
      Thanks for your lovely words and get you... you sound just like a local
      Have an afa bonnie weekend ma wee quine ;D

  3. He sure is adorable! You did such great work with the detail. By the way he is posing..I am sure he is thanking you for saving him! Have a super weekend. ~Shannon C.

    1. Well I thought he was posing too Shannon ;D
      He certainly was having fun flitting through the azalea's in the afternoon sun.
      Thanks for stopping by... it's great to have you come and visit, especially when you leave such a lovely comment.
      Have a wonderful weekend whatever is on your plan...enjoy!

  4. I think that's a fabulous painting; I'm always amazed at the reality you infuse on the hair, it's fantastic. Looking forward to the finished painting.
    I'm sure the bee will tell his hiney buddies that you're a friend and they will be happy to pollinate your flowers :-D Have a great weekend Denise :o)) xox

    1. Aww thanks Mo, fabulous and fantastic all in the first few sentences. Wow, it could go to my head if I was more confident with my work. It's certainly encouraging so thank you for that.
      I had another play yesterday, just to see if I could add some background and it worked reasonably well. I hope to have another go later when they'll no doubt be football on.
      I've certainly seen lots of bees in the garden, so maybe word has spread already!
      Now I just need to persuade hubby he should keep a hive... well he eats his own body weight in honey on a weekly basis.
      We've had some afa bonnie weather here for nealy a week but it's turned today. Hail and sunshine alternately with a raw breeze blowing... which I suppect with be blowing over you too, as it's coming from the Artic or Greenland!
      Maybe hang on to those butterflies for a week or so more... then it might warm up a little more. We're only 8 degrees today!
      No matter what the weather's doing... enjoy your weekend.
      Hugs xoxo

  5. He has lots of personality and potential! Lovely artwork.

    1. Thanks so much Penny, I'm still working on him so hopefully you're right.
      Thanks for visiting... have a wonderful weekend

  6. The painting is lifelike. Something I would do. . .sometimes I do, forgetting, so I usually have to do it again after the background is in place. YaY letting Bee go free. Great photography too. Blessings, Janet PPF

    1. I must admit I did feel good when I let him go free Janet... but I never thought I'd see him again. Then in the midst of the azalea's... there he was busy and enjoying the flowers and sunshine.
      I have started to add some background to the painting yesterday, but it's not finished yet. I thought about starting again but I don't think I fancy doing all of those hairs again ;D
      Thanks for your visit and lovely comment.
      Blessings to you too

  7. Such amazing detail nessie ! I love the large scale too!

    1. Thank you... I enjoyed playing although I'm not sure why I did him that big even though he was rather large (for a bee)
      Have a great weekend and hopefully the sun will be shining (possibly inbetween the hail storms) if you're having similar weather to us.

  8. wonderful detail! I've been figuring out how to get the background and foreground to not interfere with each other - so far blocking in the foreground and then painting the background before adding the details seems to work, but I'm still experimenting.

    1. Well that's interesting Caitlyn, maybe I'll try that on my next piece... that is if I remember! As this painting is only in my journal I'm using it as a practice piece so I've revisited it and added some background. It's okay but I need to have another session... maybe later today if I'm lucky.
      This experimenting and practicing is all part of the process I suppose ;D
      Enjoy your weekend whatever you're up to... have fun!

  9. Your bee is so much fun, and what a great story. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Hehe... oh I'm full of stories Erika, hence my blog name 'Neesie Natters'
      Thanks for your visit. Enjoy your weekend too

  10. Terrific bee, so fuzzy! Also, that photo of Mufftypup is killing me. :D

    1. Thanks Cindy... now I'm wondering which photo of Mufftypup you are referring to?
      I'm thinking it might be the one in my sidebar. She's a real diva as many of my regular readers already know.
      She's incredible for an eleven year old mini Shuh Tzu. She's traveled three continents and had quite a few adventures along the way. She's still very puppy like too and each day I'm grateful for having her as my shadow and friend ^..^
      Not sure she thinks the same unless I've some chicken in my hand!

  11. You're not a numpty Neesie! Love all the details... No wonder he gave you a look, he has big googly eyes!
    Wren x

    1. Hasn't he just... it maybe that he's drunk on all of that nectar?
      Or the shock of being set free!
      Numpty Neesie that's me... hey now that's actually got a ring to it.
      Hopefully your safe on your travels... I'll have to pop across to see where you're up to. Take care

  12. Wow, beautiful painting with beautiful details!!!

    Smiles, Saskia :)

    1. Aww thanks Saskia,
      I had fun... well sort of until I realised I should have done a background instead of having him floating!
      I've just had a go at adding some colour but I'm not happy with it.
      Ah well "C'est la vie". Maybe I'll have another go at some stage but on better paper too.
      Thanks for your smiles and comment ;D
      Have a great week

  13. It is the most beautiful bee which I have ever seen. Great work!

    1. You are very kind Aga,
      Thank you for such a lovely comment and for your visit.
      I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

  14. Wonderful job portraying your freed bee-man! I think you did a good job along with your good deed! Yes, insects(and animals) are so interesting looking up close and personal! Have a good week!

  15. Wow! This is absolutely stunning! I'm so impressed how you painted the bumble bee! And a lovely photo also!

  16. About the bumble bee you helped, I've done the same, and I had just the same feeling when I saw her/him outside.. :))

  17. What a beautiful close up photo, and you did a great job in painting him!


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