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Tuesday 21 April 2015

Muffy... the face of an angel

It's a fact that with age comes a certain wiffyness... an aroma. 
Okay, let's not beat about the bush here... a smell.
There I've said it.
Now hang on a minute... I'm not talking about ME!
I'm afraid it's Miss Muffty. 
She'll be horrified if she hears this so let's keep this between you and me.
Well, she is on her way to 12 years though... erm... what's that in human years? 84! Phew!
Oh yes, she's still cute and puppy like and gets away with murder when she puts a certain look your way, but there's no getting away from it, you have to be brave to let her too near. 
The trouble is she loves to get up close and personal but her breath can knock you out at times.
(some say it's not that bad but I have to say it's nay bonnie)
Kisses galore, yawns in your face and death by licking can all have you holding your breath. 
(a little part of me wonders if she knows this and the little minx that she is, goes in for the kill anyway!)
Don't worry, I've tried all the usual treats, chewsticks and everything else on the market but she either won't have them or they don't appear to do what it says on the tin.
(from here on in, perhaps I should warn any of my vegetarian readers that you might not like the subject matter...apologies in advance)
I remember a vet in Melbourne once advised to give her a raw chicken wing every now and then... which initially horrified me. 
 (this photo was taken in Melbourne... see the length of that tongue)
Was he wanting to see her off with chicken that may be contaminated with Salmonella? 
Or choke her with small bones?
But no he assured me that she'd be okay and I have to admit when I did give her some she was very happy. (See above) Maybe a little surprised that I'd forgotten to cook it, but she took it anyway... just in case I remembered and whisked it off her. 
It certainly goes against the grain... raw chicken and small bones etc but nothing ventured nothing gained. 
I'm not sure if she's unique but if she's given something a little different or special then she carries it away and lies looking at it. It's as if she can't believe her eyes. 
This procedure can take some time. 
Enough time for me to think the bacteria could be multiplying by the millions if she doesn't hurry up and eat it. 
She can carry it to different locations which isn't ideal.
Cream carpets etc and that's one of the reasons I decided to give her a wing yesterday... the weather was so good so she could take it outside. 
As predicted she carried it onto the patio and lay next to it for a while. 
I on the other hand was battling weeds in my borders! 
And they say it's a dog's life.
I did catch her on the way to a border to hide/dig the wing into a good hiding place. This has happened before, so I headed her off at the pass, giving her a command and by some miracle she actually stopped in her tracks and lay it down next to her. 
We then played stale mate... me watching her... watching me... watching her!
 (chicken wing on the left of the photo)
I was the first to back down (she knows me so well) as I mentioned I had a border calling me. 
So the little minx waited until I went to empty my weed bucket and then she disappeared. 
I couldn't find her as I walked around the perimeter of the garden. 
I didn't want to shout her because I wanted to see where she'd hidden the chicken.
No sign of her or the chicken wing anywhere. 
Then I became of eyes watching me... she was standing in the middle of the lawn with the face of an angel.
I swear if she could talk she would be saying "what? WHAT?.... nothing to see here"

Finally, after proceeding furtively with stealth, I saw her returning to the scene of the crime. 
Under the curly hazel tree... of course... she knew I'd never fit under there.
Anyway... it appears she's finally eaten it but I can't say I've done the breath test yet.
I'm building up to that....
I mean look at that face... how can you be cross with that
I'm linking up but I know it's not Wednesday but trust me it's okay... take a peek.
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Have a great day everyone and hopefully the sun is shining brightly on you.
See you soon xoxo


  1. I'd be with you Denise, on all the 'salmonella' scary stories whizzing around the brain, but i think dogs are a pretty hardy lot aren't they. After all, they've been hiding and eating rotten carcasses for eons... eeeuw, why on earth did my wee brain conjure up those kinds of scenarios!? Apologies. But she's obviously fit as a butchers dog and most definitely has ALL kinds of cute going on. As you say, 'who can be cross with that' ;)
    Hope the breath test is sweeter than before.
    Have a great evening. Well you should, if your weather was as bonny as over here today. Aye, it's been braw :-D xxx

    1. Well sometimes I think she's hardy but then others as delicate as a flower! It's all very confusing but the chicken seems to be okay for her. I know it's against everything we know and think.
      She's been to the park this morning and done her rounds... checking all the usual spots and other visitors both human and canine. Only a little fracas with a young german shepherd. She put him in his place when he became too boisterous! She's experienced in keeping the young dudes in their place ^..^ She has no idea sometimes what she's taking on.... I'm convinced she thinks she's the size of a St Bernard and not a mini Shuh Tzu!
      I'm happy to report she's smelling beautiful now that she's just been bathed and strayed with her favourite poochy perfume from her salon.
      It's been a fantastic week weather wise hasn't it. But I think tomorrow it might change... but I'll not complain. Five brilliant days in a row without haar is great. It'll save me watering if we have a spot or two of rain. I just don't want it to forget to stop.
      Have a great day... enjoy whatever you have planned.

  2. Oh bless your darling Muffy girl! I have put a wee sample tube of toothpaste from my dentist in the post, snort :)

    Once tried cleaning the teeth of my beloved Bichons and almost lost a few fingers in the attempt. Better to do as you are, let nature and a gnaw on a bone or whatever do the job!

    much love

    Di xx

    1. Aww thanks Di ;D
      Although if it's not canine toothpaste she won't be able to use it. I was told very forcefully by a vet after confessing that I had put a tiny dot of my toothpaste on her toothbrush... that I could have poisoned her due to the fluoride!
      Can you imagine :(
      Muffy's very good with grooming and generally messing her about. She used to object to her feet being touched but she's mellowed over time and will let me do virtually anything to her. Someone suggested that she might have had tickly paws as we have tickly feet. I never gave that a thought.
      There's a lot to know when your pack leader... and I'm learning as I go along, even after 11 years!
      Have a fantastic day and thanks for visiting Muffy and me xoxo

  3. She's a real cutie alright, Nessie. Ahem, now this is for the little Miss....it happens to us all dearie as we age. I myself will try a mouth wash and forgo the raw chicken. You enjoy and I hope it alleviates the unpleasant breath enough to relieve your Mum's nose discomfort. Back to you, Neesie....thank you for the tulips! Made my day as we had torrential rain most of yesterday. Hugs to all

    1. (^..^ I really don't know what all the fuss is about... I know other doggies with far worse breath than me. I think she's over-reacting.
      I do love the chicken wings, but I don't get them very often Aunty Nan... I think there might be a restriction on wings or something. I have bountiful quantities of my cooked chicken breast with my kibble and I've worked out lots of cunning plans to ensure I get additional pieces throughout the day... gruffing constantly whilst sitting at my bowl, works really well but the best is to give her that look when I come back in from the garden having been a VERY good girl... I've got lots more devious plans but they're top secret and I'd have to kill you (by licking) if I told you)

      She's smelling like a rose having been bathed after her walk in the park this morning. She has pooch perfume from her groomers and it's really quite a nice fragrance. I should be so pampered!
      I'm glad you liked the tulips... I've got masses more because the weather has been fantastic (did I really say that?) and everything in the garden has burst into life. I think we may have rain tomorrow but I'm not complaining... not after 5 days of brilliant weather. I just hope it remembers to stop once it starts.
      Have a great day and hugs to you all too

  4. No, you can't be annoyed with that little darling. She's worth any teeny tiny troubles she's causing, right?

    1. Erm... okay... yes I suppose so Karen,
      The trouble is she knows it and isn't afraid to use it!
      Have a great day and thanks for stopping by to leave a lovely comment.

  5. Awww she looks so cute! You can never get mad at her.. yes look at her face!

    1. Yes but that's the trouble... you try being stern when she looks at you with that face. It's near impossible! (and she knows it)
      I hope you're having a great week and enjoy the weekend.
      Thanks for your lovely comment too

  6. OMG! So funny! I have never heard of raw chicken as a cure for bad breath. You'll have to let us know if it was successful. :)

    1. Well it's more to clean the teeth Rita than her breath... but with clean teeth comes reasonable breath!
      She's smelling again this morning but beautifully after being bathed and wearing her pooch perfume. He breath does seem a little better. I'm not sure she ate it all as we had a sparrow hawk come to visit in the late afternoon... very near to the spot she had it so it may have been an easy meal for it.
      I'll leave it a few days and then give her another. Weather permitting... it's a garden activity as I don't want raw chicken rubbed into the carpet.
      Thanks for popping in and I hope you're having a great week... enjoy the day!

  7. Total darling but yes I know what you mean. Baxter will be 10 this year and he definitely has a distinguished gentleman smell! Take care Zo xx

    1. Aww bless him. I like the distinguished bit ^..^
      I'm happy to report Muffy's smelling beautiful this morning. We had a walk in the park and then home for her bath and pooch perfume as the final je ne sais quoi!
      Have a great day Zo and give Baxter a good belly rub from us

  8. Ha ha you know how we were always on the same wavelength, well now we've gone and posted almost the same blog from opposite sides of the world, that's hilarious! Both featuring a cute dog and animal parts!! Snap dearest Neesie I'm just wishing I'd packed dear McMufty a bulls pen which I could exchange for a breath freshener chew (well I can hardly take back a chicken wing can I for the crazy poodle?!) Love the photo with her tongue, such clever photography & Brill post. Watch out, I'm on my way!
    Wren x

    1. Wow now that is something... only unfortunately I'm not going AWAL for three months holiday! But if I did I suppose I'd miss you this end so maybe that's best.
      Someone's got to hold the fort and all that!
      I've just got visions of your customs both on the incoming and outgoing with bulls pens and raw chicken.... oh my they'd have a field day!!!
      I'm watching the skies for you flying in Wren... nest waiting

  9. Had to giggle - only because ours presents with the same olfactory challenges - so much so we had to have him sedated recently for a teeth cleaning. Seems he had to rotten teeth that were the main cause - eek! It's better now but the vet said that some dogs just don't do the whole "bone chewing thing" le sigh!

    Also thank you EVER so much for your GORGEOUS and caring comment on my last post.
    It warmed my heart and was just the kind of encouragement I needed. You're a star. ♥

  10. You were right, I had only seen her portrait in the sidebar. HOLY CUTE! That is one adorable little beast right there. I don't think I would give a dog a chicken wing, let alone a raw one, yikes! I will say that Greenies have kept Wilson's teeth really great! But if they don't like the taste, what can you do? (More Wilson pics: http://www.theslumberingherd.com/wilson-the-snackmaster/) :D


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