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Friday, 17 June 2011

House Move 11 (Part 8) The deed is done....

You can all rest easy now....I've gone and done it!
If you've been following this moving blog then you'll probably guess what I'm talking about. I finally took my daughters clothes to the charity shop. I just grabbed the bag on my way out to the car and drove straight to the charity shop, without too much thinking. It helped by having so many things on my mind and having four ports of call on the one journey.
I know it was a good job done and someone will love those little cute designer dresses, but I still feel their loss. It didn't help when the kind assistant swooped on my bag and before I could escape she was holding them up on their tiny hangers....it was touch and go for a while and I actually had a fleeting thought that I might have to buy them back again!

There's one thing that isn't going to the charity shop and that's 'Bobby Bear'.

 He was my daughter's first teddy bear and he's certainly a well travelled bear. He's been everywhere we've been. I'm not sure exactly why we have him in our possession, but maybe its when I mentioned to my daughter that perhaps it was time for her to keep him safe....my other half threw a little tizzy fit!
So he remains with us....for now anyway.
I've been busy for the last few hours in my bathroom cabinets and quite frankly I stink....quite literally. As I've come across perfumes, I couldn't resist squirting, even though I know by their colour its not going to be good, I still do it! I also couldn't resist applying creams and potions, which probably will result in me having an allergy rash by this evening.
What is it that prevents me just throwing these things straight into the bin? I always have to have a little battle with myself. Mascara's and makeup which could be a decade old....well maybe I exaggerate but they're getting on and I certainly don't need them. They end up in the bin but only after a fight. I even used the varnish remover and had a few drops of essential oils (thankfully they were within the expiry date). I think I may need some fresh air, because I feel they're all lying heavy on my stomach. Even Muffin is staying well clear of me too.....;-(

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  1. Bobby Bear is utterly delightful and my teddies say if he wants a short (or long) holiday he can come here.


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