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Friday, 10 June 2011

House Move 11 (Part 6) It starts....

Today is the day... finally I've made a start. I'm determined to be organised, calm, and in total control over this house move... Hmm....yeah, then I have a sleepless night and realise its out of my control.  Especially during the paranoia hours. Between the hours of 2.30am to 5am, seem to be the worst.
But then its incredible how calm I become once the sun rises.

I have great faith in the removal company, which by the way has four generations of expertise behind them and come highly recommended. So I think they'll keep me on track.

It's like staring into the abyss...

But then once you start on a theme...ie a dinner service its full steam ahead and the space fills

I thought colour coding the boxes with a brief description on the tape might help everyone involved. Especially me...that way I'd know what goes where, or hopefully!

I know the next photo might set off hyperventilating. I'm not too obsessed with bubble wrap, although I can't resist the odd pop - if you pardon the expression. But I know there are some out there that this amount of wrap would send them into euphoric raptures, literally!

But then look at the size of roll....its a good job I haven't got a problem....

It's no good I must get on....enough of this procrastination....times marching on!
It's the long holiday weekend here but guess what I'll be doing?
Whatever you get up to, enjoy ;-)

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