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Monday 27 June 2011

House Move 11 (Part 10) Nearly there.....

I've decided to have a little lunch break today...well we're nearly there with all the packing and organising. Phewph.....  
So I've a cuppa in hand and thought I'd share a moment with you. I hope you have a cuppa too?
I had to smile yesterday, when packing yet more of the kitchen items and came across this Beatrix Potter plate. It was my daughter's and there used to be more to the set, but they're obviously been lost along the
Who would imagine when she was a tot and had this little gift set that later she'd live for a short time in the lakes (The Lake District) - the home of Beatrix Potter and to even visit the cottage where Beatrix used to live.

Then I came across my son's mug from when he was younger....

It gets worse....look at the image on the other side of the mug...

It just highlights the difference....well with my two anyway. Hehe....;-)
It brought to mind the poem can be traced to the early 19th century - the battle of the sexes was raging even then!
'What are little boys made of?'

What are little boys made of?

Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails
That's what little boys are made of !"
What are little girls made of?
"Sugar and spice and all things nice
That's what little girls are made of!"

That's it ....lunch over. Must get on.....I'll be talking to you from the other side soon....whoohoo!

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