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Thursday 23 June 2011

Red-Rumped Parrots

This morning I had to escape the madness of the house move and do something different, so I decided to take my camera along on our dog walk. Well, I know I'm fed up with all this packing, so you must be from reading about it.....
For the last few days, I've noticed these cute little birds feeding on the oval. There have been quite a flock, but then that's when I haven't got my camera. Typical....Anyway, today I decided I'd try and capture them on camera, but finally when I was prepared, someone went past and spooked them (not me I might add) and they all flew up into the tree. But then I noticed this couple, so intent on their feeding that they just carried on.

He kept an eye on me, just in case, but I was surprised how near I could get to them.
I've spent so long looking online for their name, which has been maddening, because I have a bird book which I know has them listed. Unfortunately, like anything else I need this week its already packed!!!!

I believe they are Red-Rumped Parrots but please correct me if I'm wrong. I was tempted to open my book box to retrieve it (well that would mean three book boxes actually, because I wouldn't know which one it was in -  but I just couldn't bring myself to do that) After spending so much time online already, I've refrained from going through the boxes.

Now I really must take flight and get on...

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