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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Lunar Eclipse

I couldn't believe it this morning, when I woke at 5.18am! Nothing new there really and in fact it was the second time I'd woken, but then I remembered I'd heard that there was to be a lunar eclipse and the best time to view here in Melbourne, would be 5.20am. 
I had seen the huge full moon earlier in the evening and thought it would be a spectacular sight, but didn't for one minute imagine I'd wake at the right time to see it. It just shows how the mind can be programmed even as we sleep.
I nipped into the bathroom to check if it I could see it ...I knew if the moon was visible, I'd see it from that window and sure enough...there it was. I couldn't resist and dashed for my camera. I knew I'd have to be quick to capture anything, and in my haste didn't even wrap up before nipping out onto the decking, to capture the image. Brrrr.......it was very chilly!
Here's the result.....and a few imperative points I must adhere to in future....
  1. Purchase new camera 
  2. Plus Tripod
  3. When shooting night photography ensure wrapped up sufficiently to stop camera shake from shivering!
  4. Set camera setting before dashing out the door - that way I'd know what setting I was about to use, instead of just guessing.
Ho hom ...here's the result....and unfortunately it was the best one out of five! Sigh......

Now this is the way to do it....its one I came across online, which I think is cool and really highlights my inadequacies.

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