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Tuesday 21 June 2011

House Move 11 (Part 9)

Its been a cold wet day here today, but then it is the winter solstice after all, so I suppose that can be expected. So guess what I did today....yeah....packing again!
I must be getting there soon.....surely. I've de-cluttered for every move, so why is there still so much stuff?
The trouble is we're at a delicate stage of the process....what are we going to need up to the last minute and what can be packed away? I've gone to get two things so far and realised they're already away. Grrr....very frustrating!
I'm begining to think I wouldn't be bothered if I didn't see some of these possessions ever again.
This photo below only shows one half of the room. Around the corner are yet more boxes.
I am just so looking forward to doing something else.....other than organising this move.
For instance, I've got a great recipe for another chocolate cake I am keen to try.

I only found out about these handy storage bags a few years ago from my sister. I just hadn't come across them before, but I think they're fantastic!
All the quilts (doona's) shrink so much, its incredible and great for storage.

Whilst preparing to return to Melbourne after spending the Christmas holidays in the UK, my sister witnessed me trying to launch my body across the cases, in the hope my holiday excess weight would help to close them. No such luck.
I must have been a good girl because Santa had been very good to me, but then my cases are always bursting at the seams. Its just something I can't do.....travel light!
My husband will testify to that fact.
Anyway, after much giggling, she nipped into a cupboard and produced some of these bags. After a quick whoosh of the hoover, they miraculously shrunk considerably in size and vwahhlla...case perfectly closed!

Wish I could do that to my waist size! But it is winter after all and I have to have my chocolate treat daily to keep me motivated. That's my excuse anyway... 
Maybe its the extra winter layers that's making me feel squidgable? Roll on spring......

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