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Saturday 14 April 2012

A breath of fresh air...

Sometimes it does you good to just get outside into space and take a deep breath...

Leaving all the maddness and crowds behind....

Getting out of city always does you good...

 Letting the path of fate lead you....

 And who knows what delights await....

Just a brief post today...I'm being sneaky whilst the cat (my visitor) is away, I can play (blogging) ;D
Enjoy your weekend everyone


  1. It's always good to get out and play... and who wouldn't feel special in those peaceful surroundings - just lovely. Xx

    1. Have to agree it was really relaxing. The guy sitting at the water's edge is my hubby whose having a rather busy time at the moment, so it was good to see him chilling.
      Hope you're enjoying your weekend. :D

  2. I found this so calming and relaxing, are those clams all lined up like that??Thankyou for sharing, have a wonderful weekend!

    1. It was all part of the plan Laurie ~ I'm glad you enjoyed it ;D
      Have a great weekend too xoxo

  3. Beautiful! Looks like the edge of the world! Love your expansive blue sky!

    1. Hi Kimmie,
      Thanks for stopping by...it is pretty special isn't it.
      Hope your week ahead is a good one ;D

  4. Hi Ros,
    I tried to photograph a little Eastern Spinebill last week, but he was far too flighty and wouldn't keep still. Very annoying when it would be great to show everyone just how beautiful they are.
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend and have a great week ahead :D

  5. Soooo very calming and beautiful! The flower at the end is delightful. Hibiscus?

    1. It was a great day Debbie...with my UK visitor suffering from jet lag and a stressed hubby, taking time out was just perfect.
      The Hibiscus was at the entrance to an Age Care Facility and looked absolutely stunning. I was going to nip in to ask could I take a cutting but didn't...now I regret it.
      I saw a similar one yesterday at a garden centre but it wasn't quite the same. Another good reason to return maybe.
      Have a great week and thanks for stopping by :D


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