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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Confused...you will be?

So how did your holiday weekend go? I could tell you all about mine, but because I was so busy enjoying myself I didn't get around to taking any photos of all the goodies, meals, friends, and company so you'll just have to believe me. My visitor arrived safely and we're having fun so my posts may be sporadic for a time.
But I'm so confused at the moment but then I'm not alone....nature seems to be completely topsy tervy. Because I'm originally from the UK I have preconceived notions of what month depicts what kind of weather you can expect....not any more though. When arriving in Australia I obviously had to completely flip all my ideas over....spring came in September and not April, Christmas is during summer months, day was night on the other side of the world when calculating phone calls....so you get the idea, but all of that seems to be changing...at least in relation to the weather.
Last week we had temperatures up to nearly 30 degrees Celsius (for autumn) and this week the temperature has dropped...but last night we even had hail stones!
Is it any wonder that nature is confused....
On our walk last week I came across this tree which is obviously completely confused! Is it spring or autumn?

 I must dash...things to do...places to go...people to see....
Have a great day and whatever the weather in your part of the world I hope it's smiling :D


  1. I think everything has gone mad and is confused! I agree nature doesn't know if it's coming or going. We had a beautiful warm week that was more like summer then it went back to 'normal' spring. A mix day here - bit of sun, rain and more cold than I'd like! Take care Zo x

    1. Hi Zo,
      Well we've been really cold here today. Fleeces on and I've just lit the fire! My sister-in-law has just arrived from the UK so we're blaming here for bringing the cold weather ;D
      I've just been talking to my daughter in Edinburgh and she's had snow this morning! :$

  2. Yep, my "Prunus Autumnalis" flowered in the (UK) Spring this year, as well as in late Autumn / early Winter as it's supposed to do. No snow here in Hampshire this last week, but it was a miserably cold weekend (typical Bank Holiday weather)and we had some rain too - for which I suppose we should be thankful, since we now have a hosepipe ban in force.

    1. Hi Mark,
      Bank Holidays always seem to be cursed if I remember rightly, especially if there happened to be a barbeque planned!
      I can't believe that you have hosepipe bans already in force.
      We have an 11,000 litre rainwater butt hidden at the bottom of the garden...which is brilliant.
      Just keep them seedlings cosy and thanks for stopping by :D

  3. Beautiful pictures! The weather has gone a bit mad, hasn't it?! It's so cold still...
    Have a lovely day!


    1. Thanks Eva, thankfully our temperatures are due to rise again slightly towards the weekend.
      Below 16C and I'm not a happy bunny...but anything in the mid 20's are my preference ;)
      Hopefully things will settle down soon.
      Have a great day whatever the weather :D


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