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Friday 4 March 2016

Flutterbys and Snowflakes... PPF

Unfortunately, I haven't had much time for painting this week, so I thought I'd show you the finished butterfly page from a few weeks ago.
Yesterday, I spent the day doing extensive spring cleaning which even included cleaning windows both inside and out! 
But I shouldn't have bothered because by lunchtime the sun had disappeared and the snow flakes drifted slowly down like confetti. 
They gained momentum until the ground was covered with a white blanket. 
I couldn't believe the difference from the spring sunny morning to an afternoon spent in a winter wonderland.
Here's a photo of Mufftypup having a very confusing time. 
She virtually slammed on the breaks as she went running out of the door to this chilly white scene. 
It was certainly time for just a splash and dash!

(My son took this video of the snow. The birds singing at the beginning of the video certainly indicates that they think it's spring...he then made it slow motion which makes the snow flakes look great but you don't get to hear the wood peckers vibrating noise as he pecks the tree trunk)

I'm sorry that this post has been virtually a monochrome page. 
Hopefully, I'll have lots of colour for next week... especially if spring wins the battle over winter.

I'd like to thank Eva and Kristin for hosting the Paint Party Friday link once again.

Paint Party Friday
I hope you have a wonderful weekend with lots of creativity
I'm away for the weekend but I hope to catch up with you all soon.


  1. Beautiful butterflies, Neesie! I love all the different pattens, and how they blend in with the flowers. What a strange sun-to-snow day! We are a bit envious over here as we saw not a single flake this winter. Just buckets and buckets of rain. But with the daffodils out, we stopped complaining:-)

  2. I love your butterflies! They are beautiful. And your weather looks a lot like ours- one day it is spring, the next day we have some snow. March is such a fickled time. Happy weekend and thanks for the birthday wishes.

  3. Thought I'd commented on the way home from Elgin with my new phone, but the blimin thing obviously didn't save, lol!
    Your butterflies are gorgeous!!! And it's lovely to see wee Muffy with her jumper on for the quick dash ;)
    Your son is very clever to make the video go slow-mo :D It is a shame we missed Mr Woody tho' ;)
    We have cold and rain here today, so it's mulit layers and scarves for me.
    Have you seen Lynn Hollands wee video on FB? She had to cancel her craft class; shame.
    Hope you have a great weekend Denise. We're off to Gordon Castle tomorrow. Hope it's dry so we can enjoy the gardens too. xoxox

  4. Muffy looks surprised--LOL! So pretty, though. We had a little snow this morning, but it was the small, dry kind--not the big fluffy flakes like you got. :)

  5. The butterflies are really beautiful! You have a lot of patience for drawing. I'm trying to cultivate that and am not very successful so far... ;)
    Snow! How beautiful! It's something we never see here. We are having an overcast day after having storms come through last night. Happy PPF! xoxo Silke

  6. Beautiful intricate butterfly page Neesie! Cannot stop spring coming in at this point, the snow can't last!

  7. Great artwork and lovely photos, happy Friday!

  8. No need for colour when you have gorgeous snow...and a snow video... AND GORGEOUS butterflies.... A trickle of snow on occasion is so fun and beautiful... we got none this year!! Blossoms are starting!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. well, our weather has been like that lately here in NE PA too. It may sound like spring but then the weather tries to say otherwise!No wonder pup is confused:) Brilliant butterfly page!

  10. Your art work always amazes me Denise! Loved your pictures and your son's video. I know I would love being your neighbor. I do like Scotland a lot!
    Sandy xx

  11. really nice butterfly page :D and thankfully no snow here, has felt like it wants to a few times tho :/

  12. These are really beautiful butterflies. Snow uuhhggg. LOL

  13. Denise, that's the kind of weather we are also having! This morning everything was covered in snow. This afternoon the sun is bright and not a bit of snow remains. Your butterfly doodly sketch is so gorgeous. And the video of the snow was very well done. Love the old barn in the last few seconds.

  14. the butterfly page is beautiful and the snow... not so much. part of me wants to love it as it is still sweltering here... but then I see those snowflakes falling and realise it would be tear inducingly cold!!!! Nope I will stick with the heat thanks...

  15. Just what I needed to chill with you for while, as Tracey says it's bloomin hot here! Love your butterflies and I can just imagine the picture on your face as you sit back to admire your sparkling clean windows just as it starts to snow!! Very clever the slow motion snow flakes in the video... Do you think you should invest in some moon boots for Muftypup for next winter.... ? Running now before you throw a snowball at me!
    Love Wren x

  16. Lovely butterflies! beautiful snow! We have a lot of snow also. :)Happy PPF!

  17. Love! I see a butterfly coloring book in your future! xo

  18. Your piece is still very beautiful and thanks for sharing your snowy scenes, I love when it snows!

  19. Naked butterflies waiting for clothes :)
    We got white blanket too. sigh.
    Muffy is so cute...

  20. Your lineart is so perfectly lovely. I am envious of your snow. Here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, spring is in full swing. All the daffodils are up, the fruit trees are blooming in pinks and white...the birds are singing... I have longed for Spring..but would have loved to have seen a bit of snow. :D

  21. Beautiful butterfly page. I couldn't see the video. . .they need to be made in html5 now. Even some of the big companies haven't switched over yet. Your pups is adorable. Blessings, Janet PPF

  22. I actually enjoy the monochrome black and white work -- beautiful soft feel to all photos and drawings -- lovely!

  23. love your butterflies so now I wish it was time for them to wake up. :)


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