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Friday 11 March 2016

Hyperventilating Art...PPF

This week I'm starting my post with a photo that if you're anything like me you'll be hyperventilating. It embarrassingly happens whenever I walk into an art supply shop and this one near the Greyfriars Kirkyard was no exception... because I came upon it unexpectantly. 
I think the shop assistants wondered who the dodgy woman was, with her heavy breathing wanting to take photos of everything, and grinning like a Cheshire Cat... unless it happens a lot. 
They smiled at least in that knowing way.
The crouching figure in the corner of the shot is my daughter. 
It's wonderful and very special sharing your passion with someone who 'gets it' whenever you talk arty!
Before I move on to my artwork for this week, I thought I'd show you this amazing mural.
It is located in the lane just down from the Greyfriars Bobby Monument
The plague on the side reads...

Diagon Alley
No setting could be more perfect for a magical school of witchcraft & wizardry
than the majestic gothic ....(sorry I can't read the next word) of this old toon (town)
so it is no surprise that J.K. Rowling selected Scotland as the home of Hogwarts, 
or that serial sites lie nearby this Diagon Alley.

How fabulous is that?
It is painted onto a very old roughly textured uneven wall too.
I've tried to look up the artist to give suitable credit, but had difficulty.
Whomever you are you're extremely talented!

...And so on to my work which is a token gesture this week.
 It's amazing how just by nipping away for the weekend, it can take a whole week to play catch up.
I'm still working on my kitchen table as you can see, but I will be returning to the studio soon. 

This week I am thinking elephants for no particular rhyme or reason.
I just love them.
I'm working on a mother and baby painting at the moment, but here's one that you might not have seen. My apologies if you have. I painted it last year.
I know there's a saying it's as interesting as watching paint dry, but really you'd think my studio assistant would try to hide her soporific tendencies. 
Finally, I must tell you about a fantastic opportunity for anyone wanting to start painting watercolours, adding to your skill or knowledge, having fun or just enjoying meeting like minded arty people (who possibly hyperventilate when they enter an art shop
My amazingly talented friend Tracey Fletcher King has started an online class that is open now. 
 It is a self paced course which has lifetime access and includes video lessons, text descriptions, lots of examples, PDF's for you to download and discussion boards.
Even if you've never attempted anything like this before, but feel you'd like to, or you don't think you could... as in Tracey's own words "Just give it a go..."
She is not only an amazing artist willing to pass on her inspiration, skill, and talent, she is so much fun and will not leave you, giving a helpful hand or word of advice along the way. 
She'll be with you and I can guarantee you'll have an incredible journey. 
There's a great little video where you can meet Tracey and you'll see what I mean... she's a brilliant teacher and so funny. You can't help but have a fun time.
I hope I'll see you in the classroom, because I just can't resist... I shall be there with bells on.

As usual I'm joining in with the Paint Party Friday link today.
Click here if you'd like to see more art. 
It's the PPF's Fifth Birthday! 
Thanks Eva and Kristin for hosting once again.
I must apologise for my tardy visiting during this last week, but if you visited me then I shall be giving you a call... Have fun and I hope you have a wonderful weekend with lots of creativity in whatever form you choose.


  1. I love the elephant and what a cute Dog. Yes I too stop and just sigh when you find an awesome art supply store they are very rare. glad you have the shared interest with your daughter what a special bond to have.
    Happy PPF 6th birthday celebration..
    Vicki-Ann :)

    1. Thanks for your visit and lovely comment Sandy. Muffin is often found here. I have no idea why she has the title of studio assistant because she certainly doesn't pull her weight... all 4.6 kilos.
      It is special to have a common interest with my daughter, but my son always has useful advise even though he doesn't draw or paint. He has an artistic eye. So I'm very lucky.
      Happy PPF 6th birthday to you too.

  2. Such stores are heaven and paradise!

    Your dog is so sweet, I'd just like to cuddle it!

    That elephant is so real looking!

    1. ...and she'd love you to cuddle her too. She's definitely lap dog which can make it difficult when you want to paint or work on the laptop. Hence the cushion up close so she can see what's happening.
      Elephant's are so special.
      Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by my place.
      Happy PPF to you

  3. Art stores make me grin, too! Love the elephant!

    1. Hi Consie, that's comforting to know that I'm not alone.
      Thanks for your comment.
      Enjoy your weekend and thanks for visiting.

  4. Lovely elephant, and I'm sure your WIP is going to be beautiful as well. If you haven't faint in a supply store in the meantime.

    1. Hehe Laila, nope I survived this trip and I was quite restrained too.
      Thanks for your compliment about my elephant. I'm still not sure whether to try to add shadow or a background. I'm scared that I'd ruin it so I'm leaving it for now.
      It's been a year so maybe he is finished after all.
      Have a wonderful weekend, hopefully with lots of creativity too.

  5. Just that art store photo has me hyperventilating, never mind going inside. All I have left is a big box store as my local art store closed- sad face about that- but I am surviving. Wow- your elephant piece is fabulous...I think they are pretty special too. Hugs and happy PPF-Erika

    1. Oh that's so reassuring to hear Erika, I knew you'd understand.
      The art supply that I normally go to is quite large and sells lots of other things which spoils the effect. This little shop was crammed full and tiny. Just gorgeous.
      I'm happy that you like the elephant. I wasn't sure whether to post him because he has been here before but then who doesn't like to see an elephant.
      Hugs and Happy PPF back to you Erika

  6. Oh wow-I could get in SO much trouble in a shop like that! I love seeing art painted on outdoor walls. Your elephant is darling and yes they are special. Happy PPF!

    1. I can't believe how restrained I was especially having my daughter there too. The mural was a complete surprise as we were walking down the little lane. If we hadn't turned around to check something we might have missed it.
      Thanks for your visit once more Linda. Happy PPF and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  7. That looks like a wonderful shop!
    Honestly Denise - your elephant is so life like - you can really see the swaying movement with his body and his head. You are really wonderful!
    sandy xx

    1. It was a little treasure find...and just appeared when I least expected it which made it even more delightful.
      I think the shop assistants must have thought I was special... very special, by my reaction when entering the shop.
      Thank you for yet again your wonderful praise for my work. It means the world to me having such great feedback.
      I'm quite liking Mother Nellie and her baby, so far. I watched a programme on the tv last night about Chester Zoo. (Near to my family home) The footage of the elephants was brilliant. It seems that baby elephants like to sit on knees!
      How cute is that?
      Have a wonderful weekend... whatever you have planned.
      Have fun and enjoy.

  8. It's so wonderful to share the same addicts joy for art & craft stores with someone you love. I am blessed to have Leah (DIL). I feel almost like I did as a kid at Christmas when I walk into a space like that--LOL!

    Yes, Tracey is a wonderful teacher and person. Enjoy!! :)

    1. That's exactly it Rita... it's like Christmas. Full of magic and possibilities.
      I'm happy you have Leah too. You sound like it's a special relationship.
      Have a wonderful weekend

  9. Nessie don't you see it, your assistant is begging to be painted. The elephant is gorgeous! What an amazing endorsement for Tracey.. I'm sure she is thrilled! Wish I'd thought of it myself!! I can tell by the few videos I've watched she is a fabulous teacher! So fun too!! I hear you about art stores.... I rarely get out of them without dropping a lot of coin!! Fun post today! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Oh I've tried to paint her before Giggles, but I find it too difficult. Maybe I should keep trying... maybe one day I'll manage to do it.
      I think Tracey is very special and I'm happy to call her my friend. She is so generous with her time, talent, techniques, experience knowledge plus she's such a laugh too.
      Thanks for visiting and I wish you a fantastic weekend.

  10. *Jenn stands up and claps wholeheartedly for Neesie's hyperventilating, art and tribute to Tracey, You rock Neesie! We're so the same in an art store. They all must think we're stalkers with our heavy breathing. hehe.

    1. Aww thanks Jenn, you're making me blush!
      They certainly gave me a few funny looks with a sort of crooked smile.
      I was very restrained because hubby was waiting outside, which is just as well because my daughter and I could have been there hours.
      Rumbling tums made us complete our mission in record time.
      Have a fantabulous weekend and thanks for the applause! (hehe)

  11. aww puppy :D

    the uni has an art supply shop, and while I don't go in often, (poor art student). I do just to have a look and drool over supplies. even if I don't buy anything :p

    1. Aww bless Jennifer, don't worry you'll get there one day... hopefully soon.
      We have a Uni campus nearby and I've been meaning to nip in to see what's there. I'll have to wait a wee while now that I've just bought some supplies.
      Thanks for popping in to my place. Have fun this weekend.

  12. Denise what a fabulous post. I do have someone that when we both walk into an art store we are like two little kids. That would be my DH. That mural is amazing. Your Elephant is perfect. I am trying to learn how to draw and paint Elephants for my daughter who collects them. Have a very nice weekend

    1. Aww thank you Nicole,
      I think it's fantastic that you and your hubby enjoy the art store. My
      hubby just doesn't get it. He uses the other side of his brain, but I suppose we balance each other.
      Thanks for your compliment about my 'Nellie' I can understand your daughter collecting them... I think they're so special.
      It'll be great if you draw/paint one for her.
      Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting.

  13. Truly lovely! Wonderful! happy PPF and have a beautiful weekend!

    1. Thanks Cozydoodle,
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. Happy PPF

  14. I'm hyperventilating just looking at your photo! How were you able to leave under your own steam without 'escorts'! :o) I'm elephant crazy as well and have painted several ... Yours are wonderful! If your puppy goes missing, you need look no farther than my house -- I'm in love. I wish your friend all the best in her new venture - I'm sure it will be spectacular and a lot of fun. Afraid I'm in love with oils -- can't seem to pull myself away. hugs, Donna

    1. Hehe... I thought it might do that to some of my visitors this week.
      I think if my hubby hadn't been outside and we'd have lingered longer, then we might well have been escorted from the premises Donna. I'll be interested to see your painted elephant too.
      Now I have to explain that I wouldn't have to come only to your house to find Mufftypup... I've been told she could be a quite a number of houses.
      I've never used oils and would probably get into all sorts of trouble using them.
      Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting my place once more.

  15. It's your bloody fault that I have just been to the art supply store and cleaned out my wallet... I was having a flick through blogs before bed last night, and came across this little treasure and then dreamed about going into the city to the big art supply, and woke up knowing it had to be visited... So now I am back visiting to tell Yu that your wonderfullness cost me a lot... But it is worth it as I now have some new toys and colours... I am now heading back to get stuck in... Thanks for the inspiration... And the shout out of course... You are too precious

    1. Hehe... Oops apologies Trace, but it happens to us all... we've just got to accept that it's an illness, our weakness, our cross to bear!
      Now I'm wondering what you've bought and what you'll be doing with them.
      See it's incurable and has many layers... this insatiable habit.
      Have fun and enjoy your spoils. Now I've got to run to throw some paint around to stabilize my heart-rate and breathing!
      By the way... You're pretty precious too.

  16. Gorgeous elephant and super cute assistant. TFK is brilliant did her online course last year and it was fab.

    1. Thanks sandra de,
      I adore elephants and my assistant.
      I did TFK's course too and had a great fun time.

  17. Oh, if I only had an art store like that closer than 150 miles...but one there I can spend every dime I have. I love you elephant just the way it is. Sometimes pictures need no background as you well know. Are you creating a coloring book with your rabbit, or are you doing intensive pen and ink "doodling" for your enjoyment. I find when I do it I calm down and feel refreshed when I put it down. Whatever the purpose it is wonderful. I am a newbie to art journaling. I have been a quilter, knitter, sewer, and spinner through the years. I took art lessons when I was in the fourth grade and am so glad I still have those pastels. I did not know that at 77 the urge would return and I would pick up all sorts of watercolors and acrylics along with pen and ink and start over from age 9. I am having the best time and am enjoying all of the groups that post their works. Thank you for listening me ramble on and on. I adored my visit to your page and will be back to see what you are up to next. genie

    1. I've just found out that the University campus not far away from me, has an art supply shop Genie!
      Guess where I'll be in the next few days?
      Thanks for your compliment on my elephant. I've thought about backgrounds for him on numerous occasions, but have got used to him like this now, so I think I'll say it's finished.
      Hehe... that's not a rabbit, but I can see why you thought that. It's side on in the photo and it's a bird.
      I love doodling and find it really relaxing. It's been said many times that perhaps I should do a colouring book.
      I also think it's wonderful that you've returned to your art work. I've only just returned myself five years ago.
      I'm drawing and painting as much as I can and like you I'm loving it.
      Please don't apologise for having a nice chat... my blog title gives it away... I love to natter (chat) so come back again soon.
      In the meantime keep having fun.

  18. I"m looking forward to seeing you WIP finished. You always do such wonderful work. Adore your elephant! :)

    1. Aww thank you so much Alexandra, I really appreciate your praise.
      Have a wonderful weekend.

  19. Oh that shop looks wonderful!! How great to have something like that near you. There's a big art shop just a few tram stops away from where I work, so sometimes I go there in my lunch break just to cheer me up (and get some nice new things to play with). My bf lives on the southwest of England, and there's an art shop in almost every town along the coast, even the smallest ones. And of course I always have to go into each and every one :)
    Your elephant looks great!

    1. Oh Nordijus that would be lethal for me to have an art supply shop so near. I'd spend all of my wages each day for sure.
      Of course you have to go and check out every shop... it's got to be done.
      Thanks for your lovely comment and I wish you a wonderful weekend.

  20. Hello Nessie, I feel the same way when I go into an art store. And there never seems to be enough time! I didn't always feel this way. When I first started to paint I found art store intimidating. I can't imagine feeling that way now! I am a closet art supply hoarder and even belong to a Facebook group called art supply junkies. LOL. Elephants are another thing we have in common. I love them too. Yours are stunning. Have a lovely week.

    1. It think it's a good job that there's limited time when we visit these shops otherwise we'd be in trouble. I know I can get carried away so easily and I know I'm not alone.
      Don't worry about your supply hoarding... you're secrets safe with me because I'm the same!
      I'm happy that you like my 'heffalumps'
      Have a wonderful weekend too.


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