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Wednesday 28 September 2016

From here to there... and back again!

Our gathering of the clan in Edinburgh went very smoothly and our daughter is now settling into her new nest.
The new nest isn't quite up to this elevation of the castle, but it's certainly an upgrade. 
I enjoyed my stay, but it confirmed to me that I'm now definitely countrified.
I think my days of living in the centre of a major city may be over.
Don't get me wrong... Edinburgh is beautiful and there's always so much to see and do, but I missed my space.

Whilst sleeping in my daughters old apartment with the very heavy footed noisy neighbours overhead, I had to sleep using ear-plugs.
Let me tell you that this was both a good idea, but also bad.
Wearing ear plugs does shut out outside noises, like the Ucayali playing (yes... they even played one at silly-o-clock) the obvious jumping from bunk beds to floor numerous times with hobnailed boots on, shouting profanities that would make a barmaid blush, plus my usual hubby's snoring and puffing, but it also amplifies internal noises.
I suddenly became aware of my own heart-beat, which seemed to me to be beating far faster than it should have, especially as I was lying still and relaxed.
There was also the slight wheeze which added a musical element to the evening and at one stage I wondered what on earth could that strange noise be?
I finally worked out that it was my grinding teeth!
Well not quite grinding, but certainly still noisy.

So to have a silent sleep in the new abode was very much appreciated.
It has a lovely homely feel to it.
I'm sure my daughter is going to be happy there.

For recent visitors to my blog you'll remember that I'm currently having a thing about walled gardens... and look at this baby below!
It's the wall to the shared garden area at the back of the property.
It's about 9 feet tall and possibly dates back from 1889'ish.
It is totally wonderful for displaying the beautiful plants and shrubs.
The birds are using the spaces in the stones too, for shelter and probably nesting when spring comes around.
Of course McMuffy had to come to our clan gathering too.
She coped really well considering that there was so much upheaval going on.
Here's a photo to show just how exhausting it was for her.
This was taken on the homeward journey.
(Apologies if you've seen these already on my Instagram feed 
It's good to go away, but it's great to be back home again.
Now I'm off to try to catch up with everyone and link with
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Thanks for visiting.
Happy Wednesday


  1. beautiful walled garden, so glad to hear the move went well!

    1. Thanks Christine, I'm looking forward to visiting once again... but when it's not so busy. I'd like to get to know Edinburgh more.

  2. Replies
    1. She was indeed... I think she slept for most of the journey back home.

  3. Hey Sugar - I love Edinburgh. Such a beautiful city. Is that a picture of your daughter's new apartment building - wow! I think it would be fun to live there for a year and do the whole thing of getting to really know the city right.
    You know what my favorite picture is don't you Denise! That is right -"OUR" sweet little Muffy. Oh how I love this little puppy. I might have to get me one. I am sure she would keep my cats entertained!
    Sandy xx

    1. I thought you might Sandy,
      The photo's are from the area where my daughter is living, but I didn't take a photo of her apartment, except for the last one of the rear view. Her kitchen overlooks the walled garden. Not bad eh?
      Of course I knew which photo you would favour. My daughter has had cats before and always comments that Muffy is just like a cat but with a little extra. She loves to sit on your lap or as close as she can get. I fear I'm making this worse for you aren't I?
      "NO you can't have her"!
      I was talking to some people in the park this morning and they just wouldn't believe me that she was over 12 years old!
      I think it would be hours of entertainment having one to stay.

  4. I always I enjoy reading your blog and all your traveling. I read a blog called Wee Inklings and the blogger is LeAnne Pugliese. LeAnne and her sister just spent a week in Edinburgh. Thought maybe you would like to take a look at her blog. Todays was about visit owls and holding them. Enjoy. Pam Carter

    1. Thank you so much Pam for your kind words. I took a quick peek into Wee Inklings and I'm glad that she had a good time visiting Edinburgh.
      Have a great weekend and thanks for popping by.

  5. Yes, apartment neighbors are always a crap shoot. Sounds like her new place is really nice and homey. Muffy looked exhausted--LOL! I figured she'd be really glad to get home. Country living is the best! :)

    1. I think it's been a good move for my daughter Rita, which is a relief. It's always tricky to move into somewhere new. I think she'll be happy in this new place.
      Miss Muffy was exhausted... she was sleeping in different places and visiting lots of new walks which obviously had to be thoroughly sniffed and checked out... plus the journey there and back, so she was ready for a good chill out! I loved visiting but it made me realise that I adore the countryside.

  6. Hey Neesie! Beautiful photos you've shared. Edinburgh looks like a fairy tale place. I imagine it must be a big city though? I like living in my small little town but having a big city closer would be a plus!

    The wall is amazing. To think it's that old and is still in great shape really goes to the craftmanship of the day.

    As for Muffin, she's adorable! What kind of breed is she? I keep saying after my two are gone I'm done with dogs and will switch to cats but I really don't know if I could handle NOT having a dog in my life.


    1. Well hello Kay, Edinburgh is beautiful. There is so much to see and do there and of course has spectacular architecture too. I really haven't done it justice here. You're right it is a big city and that's why it is wonderful to visit, but I like the country better, but that's just my preference.
      I am fixated with the old garden walls and I've seen so many fantastic one's over the last few weeks. Now I want one of my own (hehe)
      Yes I know... what does Muffin look like? I couldn't resist showing these photos of her. I say the same as you Kay, I don't think I could be without a dog now, but I can't imagine any other than Muffy. It would be very difficult and maybe I wouldn't be able to replace her. I started with a cat, so I've already been there. I think I'll try to remain pet free, but who am I kidding!

  7. Very sweet photos.
    Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/09/up-up-away.html

  8. I smiled much visualizing and relating to your description of the outside and inside noises. I guess the mind must also be shut when wearing earplugs, haha! On the other hand thank you so much for your visit and kind words on my post. I hope you will drop by again sometime.

    1. Definitely... it's rather noisy even with ear plugs in!

  9. Beautiful city. Glad the move went smooth. A very humourous post...hope your daughter enjoys her new place! I know there are no Royals there because we have them!! Enjoying all hoopla around their visit too!! I could never get sick of seeing Muffy... she gives me so much joy!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Edinburgh is beautiful city with so much going on and to see. Thankfully the move did go well and she seems very happy there. We don't have the young Royals here, but Her Majesty is in her Balmoral home just along the River Dee.
      I'm glad you enjoyed seeing Muffy. She's snuggled up in her bed as although it's a bright sunny morning... it's still afa chilly.
      She met a new boyfriend in the park yesterday... Charlie and he was handsome! She's probably dreaming of him now :D

  10. Gorgeous photos, Neesie! Those buildings feel like they have a wealth of history behind them. I love hearing about Scotland as it's the birthplace of my Mum. I feel the same about Ireland, my Dad's birthplace. Mum grew up in Musselburgh which Google tells me is not far from the city centre of Edinburgh. Glad to hear that your daughter's move went well. I hope she will be very happy in her new home.

    And, of course, little Miss Muffy is as adorable as ever. :)

    Have a lovely week ~ :)

    1. Edinburgh is jam packed with history. Everywhere you look there are amazing architecture and something stunning to admire.
      It's so interesting to hear about your heritage. I haven't been to Musselburgh (but then I might have been through it without realising as I'm not too familiar with the area yet... nope I've just checked on Google maps and I haven't been there.)
      I think my daughters made a good move. She certainly seems happy there thanks.
      Muffy says hi too ^..^


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