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Wednesday 26 October 2016

An Uninvited Guest Arrives

My sister started to jump up and down, gesticulating wildly as she ran out into the garden this morning. She was virtually squealing as she ran down to the pond.
I'm glad to say that this isn't her usual behaviour... but she'd noticed a heron had landed near her pond. After restocking her fish recently after last years greedy heron visitor, she was not prepared for this new chap to indulge in her new Koi Carp.
I was thrilled to have my camera on hand to capture him being shooed off.
I didn't take a photo of my sister flapping and running down to the pond... because basically she'd kill me if I did that.
He didn't manage to eat breakfast this time, but he did try to come back three times during the morning.
There's wire zig-zagged across the pond as a deterrent to keep him from entering which seems to be working for now, but he seems determined.
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  1. he thought he had found an easy dinner!!!!

  2. Fantastic photos Denise!!!
    I must tell you that I am so far behind with my whole life. I will have to settle for cleaning up instead of catching up!
    Sandy xx

  3. Gorgeous photos - great captures!!
    Thanks for linking up at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/10/along-way.html

  4. Great captures, Denise! Hopefully he will soon seek his meals elsewhere!

  5. neat visitor :D is there anything that can be put o the pond that will last long enough to stop the heron and not hurt the fish?

  6. Hi Neesie, my Dad used to have the same problem with a heron when he had his pond in the UK, but being an avid bird watcher he would curse and grab his binoculars to get a better view.

    They are such cumbersome birds when they take off. You were so lucky to be able to get such good photos, the top photo makes the heron look like a garden ornament rather than a live bird.



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