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Friday 14 October 2016

Confession, Conker and Cosy Owl... PPF

I'm having to come to the party this morning with a confession. 
I failed the InkTober challenge miserably, but I'm feeling so much better now that I've decided it wasn't working for me this year.
The official prompts didn't appeal and I am aware that a challenge shouldn't be easy, but I was beginning to not enjoy the art and that's a fundamental principle of me drawing/painting or sketching.
I have to enjoy it!
So now that that's out there, I'm carrying on with the ink drawing at my own pace and creating designs that appeal to me. 
As it's autumn and all the leaves here are putting on their colourful display, I thought a conker leaf would be just right. 
I was even tempted to go back and paint this one, but I think I'll leave the painting until the end of the month. 
It's funny how our inner thoughts and feelings come out in a drawing, without any conscious thought.
Here's my design from yesterday.
It is a wise old owl.
He's not finished yet, as I want to pattern his hat and add his feathers.
My Hubby's Father has been very sick for quite some time and he was in my thoughts today.
Thank you for visiting and I hope that I can pop over to your place soon.
In the meantime, I'll be linking up with Paint Party Friday as usual.
If you'd like to see lots of fantastic artists work, then come and join me by clicking here
Have a great weekend everyone. 

Sadly my Hubby's Dad (Grandad) has passed away
I may not be around for a little while, as the family need to group together at this terribly sad time.
He will be greatly missed... he was a real trouper, but unfortunately two days after his 90th Birthday went quietly asleep and is now at peace.
Rest in Peace Grandad


  1. Sorry to hear about 'Granddad', I am sure you will miss him. Lovely leaves and owl, and yes, art needs to be fun, so enjoy yourself. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. yes, sometimes challenges aren't meant to be when they don't bring you inspiration and enthusiasm. I love your drawings-finely detailed! Sorry for the loss of your father in law. Hugs and prayers. Happy PPF!

  3. Sorry for your family's loss. Grandad had a good long life though, didn't he. Slipping away in his sleep is the best way to go to. I hope we are all so fortunate.

  4. Unless you make your living with your art, it should be fun. There is nothing wrong with putting something down because there is no joy in doing it. I think you did well with what you have already and I especially love wise old owls ... your Father-in-law should be pleased that this wise bird brings him to mind. Fun Post, Denise ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  5. Sorry to hear about your loss! I love your pen drawings. I agree its much better to enjoy the process and a good idea to stop if it is not agreeable.

  6. I love your drawings. And, of course, one shall create what is enjoyable. So, do what you do best, we love it!

  7. Wonderful drawings. Sorry for your family loss.

  8. As someone decades ago sang: "I just gotta be me." Why waste a bit of time unfruitfully? If there is something to be learned by doing something you aren't interested in, that's a different story. But art should be fun, relaxing, refreshing, etc. If it's not, do something different, I say. I like your sketches here. Very nice work.

  9. oh, the owl is my favourite today

    happy PPF

    MUCH LOVE...

  10. Sorry to hear about yout loss. What a peaceful way to go. Your inky drawings are lovely and detailed. I follow Inktober only in spirit. I am never good at responding to prompts. I draw whatever inspires me at that moment. That is good enough for me. Glad you were able to be comfortable with what works for you.

  11. I'm afraid I abandoned Inktober too. We are free spirits! We will not be constrained by prompts. I love your conkers. Sorry about this sad time in your family xx

  12. so glad you are doing pieces you ENJOY! That's too right, artists are like that, all about the mood.

  13. So sorry for your loss. Wishing your family all the best in this time of greif. We should always only do art we enjoy otherwise it truly won't have the same passion! Love your pieces and glad you went with your heart...it was the right choice. Take care, sending love to your family!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. hope your father in law is ok

    and if an art challenge is not working for you, its better to stop than to get frustrated with all the art you make

  15. Good for you for doing the ink challenge on your own terms. I think it is important to have art be fun and if you were not being inspired I think it's OK to move on. Sorry about your father-in-law.

  16. Denise I totally agree with you. It is the main reason I don't attempt Inktober because of the prompts. I need to just sit down and create. I would really like to try some ink butttttt.... I don't think you failed at all but went with your true artistic heart in creating. I love what you did with the leaves and of course the owl.

  17. Oh you do these ink drawings so well. They are your signiature. LOVE them!

  18. Its hard to make that decision to stop following something you think you want. I think for me the decision is harder than to actually stop participating, especially if you'r not following the prompts to start with. Loving what you are drawing though. They are wonderful. Happy weekend. Hugs-erika

  19. I started InkTober with no idea what to do so I did my own thing and have loved sketching with ink. I am not following their prompts either. Glad you are not because your work is fabulous.


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