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Sunday 23 October 2016

My Sunday Photo... Autumn Synopsis

This may not be the best photo, but in my defence it was such a dull grey day, so I suppose the result is not surprising.
I thought I'd show you a synopsis of where we are at this moment in time.
Autumn is just getting into full swing after a very mild start, so the trees are only just putting on their colourful display and as you can see here some plants are still flowering. 
I've started to take the tender plants inside, just in case a sneaky frost creeps in to visit during the night, but it's such a shame whilst they are looking so healthy.
Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.
The Virginia Creeper has been virtually changing colour right before our eyes.
I couldn't help thinking that this next photo looks like a string of hearts.
I love those little love hearts on the top right of the photo.
As you can imagine with the weather turning chillier and a wood fanatic on the premises, there's a fair amount of wood management going on. 
Sourcing, stacking, sawing and standing back to admire your handy work.
I did wonder when I saw this pile, if my hubby was expecting rain... a lot of rain.
It looks like a raft! 
These logs haven't seen the chainsaw yet.
They have just been raised off the ground for now, so that they don't rot over winter.
We have a full wood store with prepared logs and we're not afraid to use them... daily!
Our wood burner is doing a grand job of keeping the house cosy and there's nothing more homely than having a fire flickering away on such a dull day.
And finally here's a shot of the sky to show you just what I meant when I said we have had a grey day!
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  1. Love the colours on the Virginia creeper - so pretty. Having a fire burning in the wood burner sounds so cosy :-)

  2. Love the autumn colours in these photos. It's half-term week for us now, which always marks our unofficial 'proper' start of autumn for us.

  3. You capture autumn so well in just a few carfullly selected shots. Beautiful photos.

  4. Oh what a wonderful collection of Autumn shots - that fire shot is amazing, and the first fire of Autumn is always a cosy affair!
    That really is a grey day!

  5. Hi Denise, I love the string of hearts. The colour is so pretty. There are wood piles springing up all over here. Always having plenty of wood and not being afraid to use it is something I like to live by too.


  6. The creeper is such a beautiful colour Neesie and they do look like hearts. Have a great Sunday x

  7. Beautiful autumn photos, I love the stack of logs

    Thank you for linking up

  8. Lovely autumn shots, especially good fire photo

  9. Beautiful photos! So Autumnal! x

  10. I can feel a chill in the air with your words and photos. Still hot here in Florida but your post reminds me of my childhood in Tennesse. Grey skies, rains, beautiful leaves.

  11. Love the hearts! Been below freezing a couple of nights already here. Sweet fall photos!! :)

  12. Eek that really is a dark day. I love all the golden and red colours right now...although I always hope it stays mild!

  13. Beautiful pictures Denise!
    sandy xx


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