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Friday 12 August 2011

Bloggerversary....who would have guessed?

Hey...I've just realised its my 2 year bloggerversary this week! Wow... I can hardly believe it.
I started this blog 2 years ago after my daughter encouragement me to "have a go". I'd never even heard of blogs! I know how did I manage?
Anyway, I reluctantly started with great intrepidation, but after slowly pushing myself, and sometimes flying without a safety net, I began to discover I could post. With lots of encouragement from my family, I slowly began to enjoy this whole new world of blogdom. I've learnt so much, but realise I've still got so much to learn...but that's the good thing about it....its a journey.
One thing I've noticed since I started, I've found I look at everyday things in a new positive way, a renewed artististic eye and posts would just pop into my head, sometimes at the most inappropriate times.
I've been amazed that 29 countries have viewed my blog!!! That blows my mind!
I adore hearing from readers and am thrilled if someone leaves a comment. So please come on leave me a message I'd love to hear from you.

(This is my blanket box but I think it looks a little like a treasure chest - which is quite appropriate talking about my blog - the time I spend reading, photographing and writing are very treasured moments for me)

I'd like to thank each and every one of you reading this and for all your support over the last two years, and hopefully your continued support over the coming years.
My thanks especially to my daughter for opening up this world to me, inspiring, encouraging, patience (especially when I became too enthusiastic during our telephone natters) and helping to close the miles between us.
Love you so much it hurts....


  1. Happy Anniversary on two years of blogging. Isn't it fun. I am coming up on a year in September and have enjoyed it so much. Continued fun in year three.

  2. Happy Bloggiversary! I've been blogging for about 8 years now and I have to say I love it so very much. I have never been tempted to quit. It's been so much fun meeting and making new friends from all around the world and sharing my soul with my readers, also my food. It's become an integral part of my days! Although I am new to your page, I have enjoyed my visits here and am cheering you on to many more years! xxoo

  3. Thanks Marie for your kind comments and encouragement. Eight years and still loving it, that's incredible ;D
    I must admit I can't imagine giving this up...I'm hooked. It just gets more and more enjoyable.
    Your blog has and continues to be an inspiration...happy blogging and long may it continue! X

  4. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for stopping by...its very kind of you.
    As I mentioned I'm having such fun I don't think I could stop. Hopefully it will continue for many years, improving all the time.
    I love visiting your blog too and am going to baking your delicious lemon brownies tomorrow. Yum....X


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