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Tuesday 9 August 2011

Who ate all the Broccoli?

I'm so pleased with my broccoli... well I was until I checked the new shoots yesterday...

I'd forgotten what a battlefield the veggie plot can become...

And it looks like I'm not winning....

So there won't be broccoli soup here anytime soon. But I have been busy in the kitchen today. The temperature has dropped and its definitely soup making weather. So I've made Pumpkin soup instead.

Can you believe that I actually had difficulty sourcing some fresh pumpkin this morning. Perhaps everyone else has the same idea? It is rather a chilly damp day, so soup is just perfect.

Here's a previous post that shows the recipe I use.....its the family favourite. http://neesienatters.blogspot.com/2010/08/pumkin-soup.html


  1. I recognise your broccoli. I am having the same trouble with my purple sprouting..............or I was . I was looking for a solution as I didn't want to use sprays on food plants and thanks to Google I was advised to put cayenne papper on the leaves. It worked. I bet the caterpillars got a nasty shock LOL

  2. Oh brilliant...I'll be out there in the morning armed with my cayenne pepper. Lets hope the caterpillars here get a similar shock....hehe
    Thanks for saving me hours of research, trials and tribulations. I'll let you know the outcome ;)

  3. Your broccoli looks like my beetroot!! Also my Basil and hmmm . . . they ate my squash too! My broccoli however is doing great! Obviously my slugs don't like broccoli. However Pigeons do like cabbage and they ate mine into nonexistance.

  4. I'll never manage to grow my five portions at this rate.
    I know we share this planet...but I just wish we didn't have to share our produce!


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