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Friday 26 August 2011

Spring has Sprung DownUnder

I'm trying to keep busy this morning to distract myself...not always a hard job to do, but today is particularly challenging. Why? Because I did book Muffin in for her 'little Op' as the vet receptionist described today's procedure. So without breakfast nor her walk I dropped her off at the surgery. She's certainly switched on when she wants to be and she knew immediately that something was afoot.
So how to keep busy.....? I wanted to be on hand so thought I'd wonder around the garden checking out all the new spring additions would be a pleasant way to while away some of the time.
I wasn't disappointed....Azalea's seem to be a favourite of the previous owners and I must say they are looking spectacular in all their glory just now.
Unfortunately I don't know which variety they are...

 But they all seem to be enjoying the beautiful sunshine

I'm also so pleased to have a wisteria here because I did plant one back in Scotland and then left to go abroad, so I never even got to see it flower. I think this one here will be white but I'm looking forward to the display once the curtain rises.
 I brought this pot of Jasmine from our last place and it looks like its settling in nicely.

I love the way it twists and raps around the support...I'd better not stand still for too long

Even the fern's are putting on a show....with new shoots unfurling in the centre.

 What hairy shoots....

Then look what I spotted at the top of this climber....I thought it was going to be an ordinary climbing rose bush but then I spotted the flowers right at the top....wow I think this one is going to be a stunner!

I had to take a chair and precariously balance with my camera on full zoom to reach this shot.
Good job I didn't have a little drop of something to calm my nerves this morning - I was wobbling enough without!

But look there's lots more to come from further down the plant. Lucky me =D
For anyone out there whose more interested in veggies than flowers here's a little segment for you....
If you read my post about something eating my broccoli well let me tell you the cayenne pepper trick worked. They're really coming on now.
So thanks to Rhyleysgranny http://teandwheatenbread.blogspot.com/ for her help in saving my broccoli.

Now I must show you these little babies! I haven't used them before but I think they're rather ingenious.
They are so practical for planting your veggies and I'm hoping the little wee beasties don't get to know what's inside.....

There's even Velcro flaps that allow you to go in through the bottom. Plus drainage holes for any excess water to escape. How clever. Maybe they've been around for a while (and I know I have too) but I've never seen them before.
Take a peek inside......

Yep, my tatties (that's potatoes to anyone who hasn't been to Scotland) and they're doing really well so far.
Plus I used a bag for finger carrots. I'm really looking forward to harvest time ; D

Although the sun is out and the temperature is warming up nicely we still haven't reached the official start of Spring here in Melbourne....that will be next week on 1st September.
Which is good because the salad will need a little longer to come to full fruition.
Happy Days....

Phewph...only two hours to go before I collect Madam Mufftypup....now what can I do next?????

HOT OFF THE PRESS.....Breaking news......Update.....
Madam Mufftypup has returned home safe and sound minus some feminine bits and two teeth. Still looks cute though even with wibblywobbly legs!


  1. Beautiful! It seems funny, here we are heading into Autumn and your Spring is beginning!!

  2. But we hardly have the same kind of winter as you over there, so I really feel a little guilty. We get off very lightly during winter even though Melbournians grumble at the cold. I think the coldest temperatures we've had this winter have been around 3 degree's....positively arctic!
    They have had the best skiing season here for years. Yes, even Australia can have snow covered mountains.
    But I must admit I'm ready for the warmer weather though....just not 40+ please
    Enjoy your weekend =D


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