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Monday 8 August 2011

The week starts with a bang!

Wow...Monday mornings certainly start off with a bang here in the new neighbourhood...quite literally. Imagine a scene from 'War of the Worlds' and you get some idea. It’s before dawn, when suddenly a loud vehicle comes crashing through the streets at break-neck speed with flashing lights and grabbing appendages flinging containers wherever they land.

What on earth can be happening? Can you guess? Well, it’s the refuse collection.

I decided that I couldn't possibly take any photos for this post. No matter which way I looked at the bins they just weren't attractive in any way, shape or form. So I decided to just post some pretty pictures of various plants in the garden.

I love the light and shade in this one....

Now this is just showing off....
Note the sun....not bad for winter eh?
I'm just off to the garden centre again for yet more compost and plants. My mission today is to fill my hanging baskets. I'll hopefully post the results when they're done.
What a lovely way to spend the day....
To give you some idea here's one of our gardens from Qatar. Not bad for the desert...

I know I should be cooking in the kitchen and I promise I will soon, but the sun's shining and the temperature is perfect for gardening.
By the way....talking of cooking...Congratulations to Kate for winning Masterchef 2011. 

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