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Monday 29 August 2011

Coughs and Sneezes....

My other half has always been generous, but I do wish he hadn't been over this last weekend. No I haven't been showered with gifts, chocolates, or flowers. Instead he's passed on his horrendous cold...and it wasn't Man Flu either. That I could have coped with. No, this one was full blown sneezes, snivels and sn** (lots of cold systems shall we say and leave it there).
What a household....and then there's Muffin still wondering 'what the....happened'! She's doing okay, but I think she keeps forgetting that she's had surgery and starts to dash only to come to an abrupt holt! Twisting round to see whats attacking her side. She just sits and looks at me with them huge eyes....until I give in a carry her. The trouble is she could get used to this - I'll have to be careful - do something twice for her and its a habit.
Poor thing, we haven't ventured out for her walk since last Friday, so cabin fever will be setting in soon. Maybe we'll be able to manage a little walk tomorrow.
So I wondered around the garden with my camera again today. The gardens certainly bursting into life.

 I love the light shining through this 'Bird of Paradise' plant.

 And guess what I was wrong about the Wisteria....its not white after all....
I really should get on with some housework...look at this cobweb.

I'm quite glad I didn't see the owner :-(

I feel like something sweet...hmm....I had thought to bake some cookies, so I'll have to see if I can muster up some enthusiasm


  1. Oh, I hate spiders! Other than that you live in a bit of a paradise! Can't wait to see the Wisteria in full bloom! Hope you and Muffin are feeling back to scratch soon! xxoo

  2. I'm not fussy on spiders either Marie, but I did like the way the web caught the sunlight.
    I'm also excited about the Wisteria and I'll definitely try to get a good photo once all the flowers are blooming. It should be stunning X


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