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Tuesday 23 August 2011


Look who I caught in the act of trying to find a few warm rays first thing this morning....she's such a hot house plant! Although I suppose its only to be expected after all she is from the Middle East, so its no surprise that she's had enough of winter and ready for a little warmth....
She also loves the hairdryer blowing hot air on her and will always appear when I'm doing my hair for a quick blast. I'm surprised she hasn't found and hovered over the ducted heating vents! Well I don't think she has anyway, unless I've just not caught her.

(I love the light and shade in the photo, although it gives the impression she's in prison)
For the last few days thankfully its beginning to feel like spring. But then that gives me an added worry......In a whispered voice.... because before the sap rises any further I've now got to be brave and ring the vet to book her in to be desexed!
SHOCK, HORROR yes, I know its taken me this long to finally give in to the fact she's never going to be a mum. No granddogs for us :(
We always thought we'd find a match for her at some stage, but it proved too difficult in Qatar and then once here, every shih tzu we've met has been cross bred.
As you can imagine she's been very popular on her walks, but its all going to have to stop. Hopefully her cuteness will maintain her admirers but keep her out of trouble. I think Zac will remain faithful but we'll have to wait and see.
It's such a shame because I think she'd be a great mum, well as long as she got to the chicken first! 

I know when I finally manage to make that call and book her appointment, I'm going to be in a terrible tizz until its all over. I'll have to make sure I'm really busy that day.....

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