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Friday 19 August 2011


My friend and I were out walking with Muffin and Zac today, when suddenly we came under attack from above the tree canopy....or so we thought. It wasn't the usual hazard of the Noisy Miner birds that tend to swoop as near as they can to your head. (If you’re from here you'll know exactly what I mean) But this was something all together different.

As we walked along the pathway under the trees, loud thuds reverberated. Numerous heavy objects were falling from overhead. We rather foolishly went in closer to investigate - which could have resulted in injury - what we found were cones.....LARGE CONES.

What a noise they made when landing but then when you look at their size, it’s not so surprising they made such a loud noise. I dread to think what would happen if they happened to land on you....lights out probably?


Another dog passing by at the time thought it was a great new game....he was quite a large dog so therefore had no problem picking one up in his mouth. Then off he went...very happy with his new toy. Muffin and  Zac just looked on with envy. See size does matter! There's no way either Muffin or Zac could pick up one of those in their mouth.

And so who was to blame for all this commotion....a group of Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo's (Calyptorhynchus funereus)
What a noise......

 After standing watching the antics for a while and dodging the fallout, we collected four to take home. I have never seen such big cones in my life. No wonder the cockatoo's were excited.

It was a great feast.
Here's the largest....

I couldn't resist getting the scales out when we got home....it weighs a staggering 425g!!!

I think we were right to be cautious with those falling from a great height don't you?

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