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Tuesday 2 August 2011

The Dog and Ducks....

What a perfect day for getting outdoors....temperature about 19 degree's due to a North Wind blowing from the interior of Australia. Not really what you expect in winter, but we'll gratefully accept it.
I've been appreciating the temperature and pottering about in the garden trying to get to know it. There are some surprises sprouting and some very interesting plants. Some that I haven't a clue what they're names are....but that's the fun part. New discoveries.

I think before I carry on with this post I'd better explain that we actually have a pool for the first time in this new house.

Well, looking at it at the moment, it looks more like a pond. So much so I keep calling it a pond!

The water is very murky and green due to lots of falling leaves landing and then sinking to the bottom. Not very attractive and inviting, I must say.
I've been advised to take a sample of the water to the pool experts to have it analysed and then we can start the process of cleaning it up. Hopefully before the warmer weather arrives...
Anyway, after pruning the roses and needing a break, I sat for a few minutes with a cuppa when suddenly there was a whooooooosh.....
I turned and there gliding across the 'pond' were two ducks!
I'd seen one the previous day so obviously he must have been on reconnaissance and decided it was the perfect place to bring his intended.

(Apologies for the blurred photo but they don't keep still especially when there's a Mufftypup following them, plus I was holding my breath wondering if Muffin was going to dive in)

But they stayed for quite a while even so, but Muffin wasn't very happy. How dare they.....?
She's found a place that she can shimmy under the pool barrier to get a closer look. The trouble is she can get in, but then forgets how to get back out and just gruffs at the gates....Dahh.....
We're not too sure if she can swim yet which causes immense nerve wrecking moments, until we retrieve her. Yes, swimming lessons are on the plan plus to get the gap fixed asap, but for now we're on lifeguard duty.
I have terrible visions of her....glug....glug....glug!
I'll venture in when the pools clean and the temperature has improved A LOT! So for now we'll just be vigilant and hope.

Back to the ducks...they were so funny and not in the least bothered about Muffin going round and round to each side trying to get near. They just looked with distaste and glided to the other side.

In this photo I didn't know whether to shoot the pic or dive across because she really looked like she was going to launch herself. Thankfully she didn't.

I have been told by friends that we're probably on their flight path and regular stop over now. They may even become neighbours, with plenty of potential nesting sites available. This isn't good as you can imagine because although I've always wanted a pond, I do really want a clean hygienic pool, to enjoy during the summer months.

I had to stress to my son that getting some bread definitely wasn't a good idea.
I've been thinking about getting some chooks at some stage, but ducks never occurred to me!

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