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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

What's on Your Work Desk ~ WOYWW #171

It's WOYWW time again everybody.. Get ready...https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1508619.gif and open your door to  let visitors in from all over the world to see what you've been up to....creatively that is and what's happening on your workdesk! 
If you're new to the term WOYWW (What's on your Workdesk Wednesday) or just here for the first time then you'll wonder what on earth I'm referring to...but this is the brainchild of Julia's blog at Stamping Ground.
So if you want to see lots of creative artists and crafters work just nip over to take a look at desks from all over the globe. There's so much talent and inspiration waiting plus they're a friendly bunch and would love to see you.  
 So what's on my desk this week....Well I'm in the process of moving back into the studio...I know...YAY!
At last I can have the dining room table back. The weather has been so springlike this week with beautiful blue skies and warmer temperatures that I thought I'd take a risk and move back.
The trouble is that everything has just landed on the desk as you can see and I've yet to sort!
I'm also trying to be more organised this week because basically over the last few weeks I think I'd lost the plot...so with that idea in mind I'm always impressed when anyone can assimilate two challenges into one post and would like to show you another silk painting from my previous life...this one will fit perfectly into the Artists Play Room theme for this week. Jenn at Just Add Water Silly sets a challenge each week and this week's theme is 'Juicy'.
Immediately I thought of lucious juicy fruit but then at the bewitching hour of 4.30am I remembered that I had a silk painting of cocktails. Darrrrdaaahhhhh!
I smile to myself when remembering this painting because we happened to live in a dry country at the time...but as most expats living there we had our own fully stocked bar and this painting was displayed on the wall behind it.
 (I'll retake this photo later today and try to get less reflection)

Before I go I must tell you that I've had a close encounter with a fellow WOYWWer! 
Yesterday I met up with RosC from Wild Cards on my Workbench 
It's incredible to think that WOYWW has introduced us to each other from the other side of the world.
We had such a lovely time and she even brought me a gift.
I'm now the proud owner of an adopted daughter of Gloria. Gloria by the way is a sourdough starter that Ros has been caring for for about a year now...eek...no pressure on me then?
I've yet to name my girl...any suggestions?
Both Ros and I realised just as we were saying goodbye that we should have taken photographic evidence of the event but we'd been too busy chatting...well I probably nattered far more than Ros truth be told! 
I just can't help myself...but we do plan to meet again so we'll hopefully organise photos then.

My apologies for such a long post today...I know Julia likes to keep our posts short to help with the desk hopping...so I'll shoot off now to start visiting all the peeps out there and see what they've been up to.
If you like peeking into peoples lives then this is the place for you....
Have a wonderful week with lots of creating ~ enjoy! https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1508618.gif


  1. Yay, you're moving back into your studio!! I love that big table you have and with chairs for friends to craft away with you! In my room, they would have to stand, lol Gorgeous beverage art, lush colors!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. Shhh sandee...don't say it too loud the weather might hear you! ;D

      Although the temperatures have been higher over the last few days...they're supposed to dip again tomorrow. I give in!!!

      Thanks for popping over...I'll be across to the hills of NC soon xoxo

  2. How fun! There are some other WOYWW'ers who met up this week as well. I think it is fabulous that the internet brings so many people in contact with each other that might never have met otherwise :)
    Mary Jo #40

    1. Hi Mary Jo,
      It is amazing bringing people together not just on the blogosphere but also in real time...especially when they have such a mutual interests.
      Immediately you feel that you've know each other for a quite a while and not just a matter of minutes. :D

      Thanks for stopping by ...I plan to start visiting soon ;D

  3. How lovely Neesie, to meet up with Rod. Have you read that Jo met Neil this week too!! What lovely friendships we're making!
    Judy #43

    1. It's incredible isn't it? I'm amazed at the power of blogging!;D

      I haven't started visiting yet so hadn't heard about Jo and Neil.
      I did read about Kay and Di meeting and seen the photos. They look like they had a great time together.

      I wonder if Julia knew that WOYWW would grow to such an extent?

      Pop the kettle on Judy...I'll be across to you soon :D

  4. Hi Neesie, Spring must really have arrived if you are moving into your Studio again! How lovely to meet up with Ros and have a natter. WOYWW has been a good move for so many of us. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #82

    1. Hmm...well yes and no actually Anne,
      We've had some lovely warm sunny days over the last week or so but then today it has changed back again. Back to cooler temps and rain predicted!

      Oh well...I'm back in the studio now so there I'll stay. I'll just have to nip in and out as suits! ;D

      Have a great time with WOYWW ~ enjoy :D

  5. Congrats on moving back to your studio, it must feel really good. Also catching up with Ros wow that is great and amazing too considering it took someone from another country to make it happen. It really is a small world.

    Eliza #93

    1. Hi Eliza,
      Yep it feels good although still a little chillier than I'd like. I nipped in for about half an hour this afternoon but was glad to get back into the heating!

      It was so surreal meeting Ros but then much fun too...it was like I'd known her for ages instead of only minutes.

      The blogosphere has such power and is amazing on so many levels.

      Thanks for popping by and have fun desk hopping...I'm about to start once I've finished here :D

  6. You must be so happy to be getting back into your own space where there's no chance of having chips dipped into your red ink instead of the ketchup, lol.
    Love that cocktail picture, so bright and well done on the ta-dah moment of remembering about it for Jenn's APR.
    Loving your sunset, such gorgeous colours, and 19c is a fine fine temperature for late evening. Hope it's pleasant and relaxing :0)

    1. LOL precisely! ;D (although I'm not into ketchup myself...I know someone who is)
      I was thrilled to think I could enter the two challenges at once...but I've not got round to linking to APR yet! I must do that after finishing here.

      It always makes me giggle when you check out my weather and time here...I'm glad you like the widget :D
      I always like it too when other blogs across the globe have it. It's so interesting to see what's happening in their part of the world.
      It says it's 14 degrees here now and we're only having 10 degrees tomorrow!!! :(
      I am enjoying my evening thank you with feet up and fire on. Perfect! Have a great evening yourself :D

  7. Woohoo studio time! I'll think of you in there nice and cosy with warm sun shining in, you know when I look out the window to grey damp autumn weather! ;0) That cocktail picture sure looks yummy, can't wait to see your latest studio creations, am sure your Spring and Summer will provide much inspiration. Take care lovely. Zo xx 109 ps glad you had a fab time meeting Ros.

    1. Hang on the bell Nell...I moved my things back in Zo, but it's still very cold in there. The sunlight streaming in the windows is wonderful so I went in there for a short time this afternoon but started to sieze up after about half an hour!

      Typically the temperature dropped as soon as I moved my things back ...I must have frightened it off! :$

      I'm looking forward to lots more inspiration but still have so many things in my head ...it's all very exciting...I just need the time to do them now :D
      Have a great week with lots of creativity! xoxo

  8. Yahoo, spring has sprung when down south gets warm enough to move into the cool room (he he). Your messy desk looks like mine when it's tidy!! Glad you are back in the studio. How lucky are you meeting another WOYWWer. So sweet that you and Ros got together, shame no photo, maybe next time :) I really love your juicy glasses of loveliness. That silk painting is a fabulous medium.
    Have a great week.
    Von # 56

    1. Yeah well that was the plan Von...but then the weather had another plan! This afternoon the weather changed yet again (what's new...it's Melbourne after all) and it's cold and blustery again. Only expecting 10C tomorrow! Maybe I frightened spring away :$

      It was great to meet Ros and if we do it again we'll definitely take photos.

      Oh that coctail silk painting could tell a few tales if it could talk ~ thankfully it can't! ;D

      Have a great time checking out all the desks...I'm trying to start myself. xoxo

  9. Springtime move--nice! I hope it will warm up for you soon.
    Love your juicy entry!! Glad you got to meet a blogger friend. How cool is that. Have a warm day! :)

    1. Oh I do too Rita...its pouring with rain now :$
      Thankfully we've got a nice fire to keep us cosy.
      Yep it was great to meet up with Ros and to think we were introduced from 12,000 miles away. Incredibly!
      Well it doesn't look like tomorrow will be warm either...only 10C! (sigh)
      I bet your day will be warmer (hehe) Enjoy! x

  10. Ooh hello nice bit of zentangling on the wall there Neesie.
    I used to do silk painting myself years ago at a class. We still all meet 15 years on but do our own thing now. Mainly gossip.
    Enjoy your move back into your studio.
    Lynn :)

    1. Hi Lynn,
      Those tangles were some of the first I did so they are up on my inspiration wall.
      That's amazing that you still meet up after 15 years. It's difficult when you move around so much but at least with the internet I can stay in touch or reconnect with friends all over the globe now. ;D
      Thanks for stopping by...enjoy the day! :D

  11. Great post and I love that painting you have.Take care of the sour dough and show us your cooking creations xx#81

    1. Thanks Angie,
      I'm a little nervous of the sour dough but hope I can keep it alive and produce some wonderful creations...I'll be sure to let you and everyone else the outcome...be it good or bad ;D

      Have a wonderful day and thanks for popping over :D
      Happy WOYWW!

  12. Your desk, no matter where it is, is always so neat!! I like your studio, it has so much light!! And how fun to meet a blog person in real life! That must have been so much fun!!

    1. Oh I'm not so sure about that Daniella but I do like to keep things tidy. I'd just carried armfuls of stuff from one room to the other so feel it's in need of organising now.
      You're right about the light though...it's streaming in this morning and almost makes it worthwhile to be cold.
      Hopefully the temperature will improve soon and then...just watch me go!!! ;D
      I wore my badge to meet Ros but she didn't have one. She said she didn't like to ask for one...does that remind you of anyone??? LOL
      Have a wonderful week with lots of creativity!
      Happy WOYWW xoxo

  13. What a great painting!

    1. Thanks Krisha,
      It seems so long ago now since I painted it...but I remember it was fun to do. ;D
      Thanks for visiting my space ~ Enjoy WOYWW :D

  14. Lots of WOYWWer get togethers on this weeks desks!! Brilliant. I adore the silk painting - such luscious colours!! x Jo

    1. I know Jo, isn't it brilliant!
      It was such fun to meet someone who knew all the WOYWWer's and we just hit it off straight away ;D
      Thanks for your lovely comments on the painting. I appreciate it :D
      Have a great week with lots of creativity...Enjoy!

  15. Glad to see you moving back in your studio. That table is awesome and I am sure you missed its space. Dani#16

    1. I did indeed miss it Danielle,
      Not sure how much time I'll be in there at the moment...it's still rather chilly.
      The sunlight is fantastic though. ;D

      Have fun desk hopping and I'll be visiting later today. :D

  16. enjoy being back in your studio,i love the large desk :)
    happy woyww
    kay #64

    1. Hi Kay,
      Well I've been out all day but it's probably just as well because winter has just bitten back! I must have frightened spring away :$

      Thanks for stopping by...have fun!

      Happy WOYWW :D

  17. that silk painting is great and the theme is perfect, I want the one with a flower!
    monica 131

    1. No problem Monica...I'll just serve it up for you...come on down!

      I used to know the names of each one but I've forgotten them now...although yours maybe a piña colada looking at that glass! ;D

      I used to make them all the time....well not 'ALL' the time you understand...you might think I've a problem!

      Have fun and enjoy your week whatever you get up to :D

  18. Love your cocktails. Nessie. The colours are stunning. Bet it looked brilliant hanging in your bar!!!
    I had to laugh at your sourdough. We had one going for months. It was a "he" called Herman. Don't ask me why!!!! Made a lovely cake though. We had to give it up when we went on holiday!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #88

    1. Another success story...oh my...Lisa you're adding the pressure on here. I never thought about it being a 'he'?

      Well it's got a name now so Gertie it is? I couldn't resist when May suggested it below. ;D

      I'm now going to have to find someone to hand it to if I go on holiday...(sigh)...more pressure.

      Unless of course Gertie comes to? LOL
      Have fun with WOYW and thanks for stopping by...I appreciate it!

  19. Love the fact you are in your studio again.. and the weather is heating up for you... Wonderful to meet up with Ros and the both of you got to spend sometime together.. piccies please next time.... I think you should call your girl GERTIE!! no-reason just like the name!! I love you cocktail silk painting you are so clever young lady... Beautiful artwork.. Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x #65

    1. Rewind May...it's back to winter today!
      I must have frightened spring away with the move :$

      It was indeed lovely to meet Ros and chat about WOYWW and all the gang...and yes if we meet again we'll definitely have to remember to get the photographic evidence (hehe)

      'GERTIE' it is then May! I think that's perfect...thanks for the suggestion ;D

      Happy to hear you like the artwork too...just a pity it's old but I hope to start again soon.

      Have a happy week too xoxo

  20. Hooray - back to the studio! And, your silk painting is lusciously cool and juicy feeling - great entry to JUICY!

    1. Well not quite Terrie...my things are in there but I'm not!
      Winter came back with a vengeance today.
      The wind returned with an icy blast :(

      Hehe...thanks for your kind compliments on my painting. I was thrilled to be able to post to the APR so painlessly and early in the week...it was such a relief! :D

  21. I'm loving that silk painting. It would be perfect over a bar or bar cart! I'll have to remember that if I ever have a house big enough for one. Always wanted a bar cart, even though I tend to forget to actually use the alcohol I purchase, lol.

    1. It was perfect for the space and I did have fun painting it.
      I actually have three bar carts here...one in the hallway, and two outside with plants on them. There's a story there but I'll leave that for another day ;D

      With living in a dry country virtually all the expat homes had their own bar!
      We would meet at friends houses as if we were out to a local pub. Some people even went as far as having themes ie mexican.
      We'd make a trip to a specially built secret warehouse for our monthly allowance of alcohol...all very hush hush ;D
      I think we never had such a well stocked bar before or since then.

      Have a great day whatever you're up to ~ enjoy! xoxo

  22. Ig back in your studio
    isn't blogging wonderful lots of us WOYWWers seem to be meeting up this week. Julia sure has started something!
    have a good week playing in your studio
    janet #37

    1. She has indeed Janet, I wonder if she ever thought WOYWW would grow to this extent?
      It is incredible when you think about it...the power of blogging eh? Who would believe it! ;D

      Have fun with WOYWW and who knows who you might meet one day?

      Enjoy your day!

  23. That's a nice long table. I'll bet it is a great place to really spread out. I love the painting of the cocktails. I'll take the one on the extreme left. It looks very inviting.

    1. Consider it yours ;D
      I wish I could actually remember what it was to tell you the name of it but unfortunately I've forgotten...too many cocktails since then perhaps! ;D

      Thanks for popping over here and I'll be along to you shortly :D

      Have a great week!

  24. Congratulations on your move-in, or re-move in, hmmm . . . anyway, congratulations to you!

    Happy WOYWW!
    :)trisha, #144

    1. Hehe...In...Out...in...out....shake it all about Trisha,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Have lots of fun desk hopping!
      Happy WOYWW to you too ;D

  25. Oh I'm so happy to read of your meeting Ros, how lovely for you both! What with that and the outbreak of Spring, I'm a little jealous!

    1. Well it's all down to you Julia that Ros and I met. ;D
      I hear that it's getting to be quite popular for the WOYWWer's to meet up...it's been quite a week for it!
      You must be thrilled with being the instigator to all this. :D

      We'll definitely make sure that we take photos next time.

      Thanks for stopping by and for being a fantastic host!

  26. It will be great to get back into your dedicated craft space again. How exciting to meet up with a fellow WOYWWer!
    Bernice #10

    1. Hi Bernice,
      Yes it feels good although not quite settled back and organised yet.
      It'll come though ;D

      Thanks for visiting....I hope you're having fun desk hopping ~ enjoy! :D

  27. Hi Neesie,

    Isn't it so cool to meet up with a fellow WOYWWer! I think we should hold a convention somewhere....... tee hee About the name of your starter -- hmmm. Maybe Rosie? (Ros and Neesie combined)

    Congrats on getting back to your studio - it looks like it has lots of nice, natural light.

    Thanks for visiting me already. I'm slowly getting around this week.

    Hugs, Kay #31

    1. Hi Kay...it is indeed,
      You looked like you had such fun with Di...I bet you had a good giggle. ;D
      I think 'Rosie' is a very clever idea but May came through first with the name 'Gertie' so she's already named...sorry.

      The studio has brilliant light and that's what I love the most...its just a little chilly still when sitting but it'll get better so I'm looking forward to spending some quality time in there.

      I haven't been to as many desks as I would like yet myself and here I am at Friday already!

      Have a wonderful weekend with lots of fun :D xoxo

  28. Congrats on getting your dining room table back. Your desk doesn't look at all cluttered to me! What a great idea to see how people work. i am also reorganizing and need ideas for storage etc. , so will check out WOYWW. Your silk painting is just to dye(hehe) for! Gorgeous colors!

    1. Yeah it feels good Gloria...thankfully with my drawings I didn't have too much mess so it was quite easy to relocate.
      I want to start silk painting again so need the studio for that. My hubby would have a 'tizzy fit' if I attempted to do that on the dining room table!
      Oh boy be prepared to be addicted Gloria...the WOYWWer's gang have some fantastic storage and ideas. Just don't blame me...I'm warning you in advance (hehe)
      Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by ;D

  29. the minute you moved it turned cold didn't it... I thought it was my fault for washing the blankets, but no it was you!!!!
    love the juicy work... and on not being tail end Charlie!!!!
    t xx

    1. I know...I must have been very evil in a previous life!
      Oh so you're to blame too eh?
      You were hoping washing blankets...I'm toying with the idea of sheets but decided ~ nah!

      I need to go and squirt some polish around the room so that it give the impression I've actually done something other than being here online all day!!!
      Oh bother...that's my secret out now ;D

      Yep...no tail end Charlie for me this week...but I had to cheat to do that!

      Have a great weekend and let's hope that sun arrives soon...it has to sooner or later! :$

  30. Oh My..this is fabulous..magical..so fun and full of color..wonderful energy..gorgeous!! and now i am curiously thirsty..and not for water? ha ha! beautiful work..stunning!

    1. Aww...Victoria you say the nicest things...have I told you I like you the bestest!!! LOL

      Thanks so much for your lovely compliments...I really appreciate it.
      Have a wonderful weekend ~ enjoy! xoxo

  31. your painting is wonderfu! i love the colors and the vibrancy :) and your desk looks better than mine and i don't have an excuse!

    1. Hi Alice,
      Thanks for stopping by and saying such lovely things about my painting. ;D

      Yes but my desk hasn't produced any work lately...yours has... Beautiful art in fact! :D

      I hope you're having a great weekend with lots of fun xoxo

  32. Looks like it is going to be a great move to your studio with the gorgeous spring weather. Isn't it amazing that so many woyww are catching up all over the world it truly is a lovely community. Your pic is gorgeous.

    1. Hi Sandra,
      It certainly has been a week of WOYWWer's meetings hasn't it? ;D
      It's incredible really and I think a lot more will meet up in the future don't you? Julia must be thrilled.
      Thanks for stopping by my place...I'll be carrying on with my desk hops soon. :D
      Have a great weekend!

  33. Your juicy interpretation is very colorful and inviting. There truly are some wonderful friendships that can be formed through blogging with art lovers all around the world. Blessings!

    1. Hi Arnoldo,
      At least my silk painting has splashes of colour...which shows another side to my art, although I wish it had been a more recent piece of work.
      I hope to get back to silk painting soon.

      Blogging continues to blow me away with all its possibilities!
      Thanks for popping over here to my space...I'm just about to start visiting all the APR gang. I know I'm in for a treat!
      Enjoy your weekend...I hope its jam packed with fun! :D

  34. what a fun way you managed to combine these 2, Neesie. I love your cocktails and am thinking it would BE nice to meet up with you for one [or 2]...

    thanks for always making me laugh out loud. I know I live alone and so I make sure that I remember to laugh, even if I am the only one to hear me!! Gracie always loves it and if she is NOT right BEside me [which is often the case in 300 square feet] she comes to "see" what's got me giggling!!

    enJOY the warmth. I am sure it will land and put down roots soon.

    1. Hi Currie,
      Cocktails sounds great...although its only 8.30am here at the moment...so maybe I'd have to go with a Bucks Fizz! ;D
      I was certainly pleased to tie in the two challenges and it's giving me a little reprieve for this week...but I still don't know where that week went!

      There's nothing better than to have a giggle whether you're on your own or not. I'm so happy that I have been able to make you laugh out loud and will hopefully continue to do so...that's my mission. When I first started blogging I wanted to make my posts a fun place to pop into for a few minutes...to escape from all what life has thrown at us.

      Aww Gracie sounds such a sweetie...and so caring. ^..^
      Mufftypup is the same...anything different then she's there in a flash...such a nosy tink!

      Have a wonderful weekend and keep laughing...its the best feeling in the world! xoxo

  35. Yay! So pleased to hear that it's warm enough for you to move back to your studio ... just when it's getting chillier here. Your desk does look packed but I'm sure you'll get sorted out in no time. Love the vibrant and sunny colours in your picture - I can imagine it was a bit cheeky having cocktails hanging on the wall in a 'dry' country :) Delighted to read about your meeting with RosC - this WOYWW phenomenon is far-reaching. Hope you are having a great weekend. Elizabeth x #11

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Yep a lot of sorting to be done but I'm not in any rush...its still chilly so I tend to nip in and out of there. All the signs show that it'll be fine soon. Each week the temperature is rising slightly...so bring it on! ;D
      I suppose it was a little cheeky having a cocktail painting hanging but then I'd never seen so much booze before! 'Dry' in theory but certainly not in practice. :$
      Have a super Sunday with lots of fun ~ enjoy! x

  36. Your space looks so lovely. You are really lucky to have a dedicated place to craft. We are just moving into Autumn here which means my craft area (the kitchen diner) will be a freeze zone and I'll be wearing gloves to craft!

    Take care

    Jaki# 110

    1. Hello Jaki
      Oh I know how lucky I am...so I intend to make the most of it while I can.
      I've been borrowing the dining room table for months so I'm really looking forward to settling back into the studio.
      It'll be great to just leave things out so that I can nip in and out when time allows ;D
      Maybe you'll have an Indian summer and won't need the gloves for some time?
      Have a great week with lots of creativity! :D

  37. Juicy indeed... and now that you have space around your table... I am coming over!!! It may take me a couple of (100) years... but it is the plan:-)

    1. Just let me know when and where you want me to collect you...what flight etc!
      It's good to have a plan...even if it is long term!
      Have a great week ~ enjoy whatever you have planned. :D


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