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Thursday 20 October 2011

Bloomin' Lovely....

Let me introduce you to my first Sweet Pea grown here in Melbourne. Obviously not THE first but MY first. I just came across it on my morning rounds. What a lovely surprise....

But then I found another....

That got me thinking what else may be blooming so I took a wonder with my camera to see ... (I'm a little confined to barracks at the moment with Zac staying ~ he's not too keen to travel in the car, so we're staying close to home)
So what did I find?
Firstly it looks like I could be crushing grapes and maybe having our own vintage.... ; )
So many grapes but will they all stay for the duration, I ask myself?
I'm a little concerned about anything growing in the food stakes with having the possums nearby. I'm keeping a close eye on my strawberries that's for sure!
I'm not sure if they have a liking for grapes but we'll see. But I do suspect someones been at my blueberries though : / 

Here's a little ray of sunshine if you haven't any today in your neck of the woods...

And then we come to the roses......ah the roses.
Its incredible because I'm so good at growing them....(blowing my own trumpet here).... they just grow brilliantly without me doing a thing.
This gorgeous bloom is just under my bedroom window, so by next week when I write my Simple Woman's Journal, I may be able to say I can see it.

They just get better and better....
I just can't decide which one is my favourite.

Whenever I see a rose I automatically remember my Grandmother. She adored her rose garden.
I'm sorry I can't tell you the names of these shown here because I've only adopted them and there's no label attached.

Although having said that this one below reminds me of a rose called 'Peace' which she used to grow. Don't ask me how or why I remember that particular one but I do. Maybe its because it had such huge blooms and I was only a little toot back then. My cousins and I would pick the petals and mix them with water in a jar to make perfume. How many little girls do that these days I wonder?

Last but by no means least....

But that's just blousey and showing off.....
There's more to photograph but the rain that they predicted would head our way seems to have arrived. Well a few spit spots...It's still 30 degree's though so no bother.

I'm away now to prepare Singapore Chilli Prawns for dinner. Not sure they'll be a post because its gone quite dark for a photo session. 

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