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Monday, 10 October 2011

Giorgio Armani Workshop

Last weekend was upon me before I knew it, so I never got to do this particular post last week. So before I get into this week I need to correct that......
It all started when I got an invite from my friend to join her at a Giorgio Armani makeup promotion. So I envisaged sitting at a large Department Store makeup counter whilst shoppers passed by.....but it wasn't at all like that.
Upon our arrival we were taken to a lecture room in the basement of the store, where a beautiful fragrance wafted from the scented candles. The room was set out with makeup stations around three large tables for each of the customers. Each place setting had everything you needed ie mirror, wipes, makeup, creams, cleansers, brushes, serums, and primers to name but a few.

The Armani staff were immaculate....with flawless makeup and clothes accessorised with friendly bright enthusiastic smiles. 
Trays of beautiful delicious sandwiches, fruit and chocolates were passed around accompanied by champers, juice or water. Then the lights went off and we watched three short film presentations. Each very interesting and gave an insight into the Armani Empire and its collection - the clothes, serums, creams, makeup and perfumes.
All the staff were so passionate about the company, but not in a hard sell way. You could tell they were proud of their product. After the presentation we then got to play....cleansers and pads at the ready we wiped all trace of our own makeup away. What a scary sight...well in my mirror anyway.
Then we were lead through the serums, primer, foundations, and makeup with one on one help if needed. Each of the staff took time to explain and analysis our skins and personal needs, helping where necessary.
After so many years doing my own makeup I even learnt little tricks of the trade....and trust me I need all the help I can get!
It was great to try numerous eye colours and lipsticks. Sometimes you need to step out of the box and just listen to someone who knows best. They were a few things that I wouldn't have tried but was surprised how suitable they were. My skin felt and looked incredible.

I loved the compact and lipstick lids that are magnetic and close with a snap (no losing lipstick tops in my handbags any more)
Whilst all this was happening the refreshments were replenished....
After three hours {yes, three hours, but it went very quickly} we made notes of the products we liked or wanted to keep a record of for future purchase or reference.
I have to add that I didn't feel any pressure to buy. The staff were just friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable of their ranges.
We also had testers for the new fragrances. I have to say I liked quite a few of them and had difficulty picking a particular one. My wish list for Christmas grew considerably that afternoon and now my bathroom smells fantastic even with just the samples.
Everybody left the room looking extremely better than when we entered.
We also were given a promotion package upon leaving, but they didn't know I was going to do this blog so it wasn't a bribe....everyone got one. We also have a booking for a free facial with attending the workshop. How good is that?
I thought Giorgio Armani was a perfectionist before the workshop, but now I know he definitely is....Giorgio Armani
I'm not sure if they are planning to do any further workshops, but if you get the chance to go....take a friend and have a very enjoyable, informative, luxury pampering.

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