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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Le Croissant ~ Patisserie Francaise

The doggy walk had a definite purpose this morning at my OH suggestion...."lets walk towards the cake shop"....amazing really because he claims he doesn't have a sweet tooth :~/
So off we set.....
Our destination 'Le Croissant' on Toorak Road. You can actually smell the shop from about 50 paces.....it just draws you in....
Belles Pâtisseries Françaises

'Le Croissant' has been established since 1969 and is one of Melbourne's oldest French Patisseries. Tradition and experience are the most important ingredients in their authentic hand made pasteries. Using all natural ingredients, they offer a selection of freshly baked pastries including hand made croissants, biscuits, tarts and cakes. Yum..yum...yummy

Here's a little something we picked up for our afternoon tea....
They specialise in making traditional French cakes. The favourites being the Millefeuille (a French vanilla slice) and the Croquembouche (profiterole tower).

The Millefeuille are the best I've tasted and trust me I've tried a few over the years.

But there isn't just cakes there's savoury treats too....and beautiful fresh bread....the list goes on.....

The smell, the taste, the perfect croissant ~ "Magnifique!"

Anyone who starts work at 4.30am (or even as early as 3am on some occasions) then it has to be more than just a job....you can taste the passion and these bakers have passion.
If I have one complaint or criticism then it has to be that they are closed Monday and Tuesday!

J'espère que vous aurez la chance de visiter et de profiter...

Have a great weekend : D


  1. That cream slice looks gorgeous Neesie! Thank goodness there isn't a bake shop within walking distance of our place! There used to be a bakery near to us when I was a child and the smells used to drive one wild with wanting! lol xxoo

  2. It was gorgeous...
    I must admit its very tempting knowing that the bakery is so close. It takes a lot of willpower not to walk that way every day!

    You sound your chirpy self Marie....which is good. I hope your doing okay and staying positive. I'm thinking about you and keeping my fingers crossed for nothing but good. xxoo


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