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Tuesday 18 October 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook....

FOR TODAY ~ Wednesday, 19th October 2011

Outside my window...the sun is shining which is casting beautiful dancing shadows from the tree outside across the wall. The sky is a stunning blue already with not a cloud to be seen.

I am thinking...Its 15 degrees already with a reported 25 plus to come so will I possibly take a dip in the pool?

I am thankful...that everyone in my extended family is heathly and well. Especially my brother-in-law who had an incident with an angle grinder...Eek! I haven't heard the full story yet but just that thankfully he's okay.

In the kitchen...the chocolate chip cookies I baked yesterday afternoon. Nope I didn't eat them all.....but then today's another story! Maybe I will have to get into that pool and do 60,000 laps :-[
I am wearing...I'm still in bed so never you mind!

I am creating...not a great deal...AND I MUST SORT THIS OUT!

I am going...initially take the dogs out for their walk before it gets too hot.Then do a little retail theropy...I need some new flats. Last years sandals are very tired.

I am wondering...I've been awake since dawn (my OH had to go into work for an early meeting) so why am I still here? I blame this internet thingy.....once it gets a grip on you its hard to move away.

I am reading...I finished 'The Lost Wife' by Alyson Richman, last night so I haven't decided on my next read yet. If you have a recommendation please let me know....I'd love to hear. We haven't got our next book club choice yet so the world's my oyster for my next read. How exciting.

I am hoping...that my son is remembering to put on sun screen. He's away and its toasty out there I just hope he's not toast too.

I am looking forward to...I'll not say Christmas this week (its getting boring, although its true I am) I just get so excited when I think about having my daughter come to stay : D I just can't wait.....

I am hearing...the lorikeets doing their usual kamikaze fly by. Other than the tap tap of my laptop keys and the fan frantically trying to cool my laptop down its very quiet here so far.
The dogs thankfully are curled up tight faking sleep because everytime I move an eye opens just to check...is it breakfast time yet?
My stomach's rumbling too so brekkie sounds just the job.

Around the house...its quite tidy thankfully because I want to do more than just clean today.
I know the studio still has my ruined silk sitting waiting so maybe I can get to that later.

I am pondering...all the things that I need to do before my daughter arrives in December.
It'll be wonderful just to spend all our waking moments together. We need to plan what we want to do whilst she's here to maximise the time.

One of my favorite things...my books. Unfortunately so many are still in boxes after our move but I want to buy a small book case for my special ones. Well, that small might have to extend to a large if I think about which ones I would like to in a bookcase.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
I want to try and get a new silk design started. I've got gazillions of old photographs that I'd like to pick out a few treasures to have them copied. I'd also like to use some for my family tree. I've promised myself to do this for a lifetime it seems, but hopefully one day I'll do it.
I've got some brilliant photo's from our travels but they are just sitting in boxes, which is just a shame.
There's also an exhibition that I'd like to see at the Immigration museum of the British Child migrants http://museumvictoria.com.au/immigrationmuseum/whatson/ After reading the book and seeing the film I really must now see this exhibition. I'm not sure I'll fit it in this week but its on the plan ~ its on until May so I'll definitely get there sometime before then.
Plus then there's all the usual stuff that has to be done in a week ie gardening, cleaning, shopping, visiting friends, dining out etc.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Another typical Aussie Icon....
{photo taken at Healesville Sanctuary}

And there you have it . . . my day book for this week. Now I really do need to get some breakfast and get on with the day.....Don't forget to hop on over to the Simple Woman to check out the other day book entries! 

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