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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Let the Painting begin....(Part 3)

Unfortunately this post isn't going to be as I would have liked....but I did open my big mouth and told you all about starting to paint again.....{note to self...keep your big mouth shut in future}
I could say that this is a tutorial and highlights just how careful you have to be with silk painting. And I'd obviously forgotten just how precise and careful you have to be.
Here is the painting at the stage when I placed salt onto the silk. This makes the paint absorb into the salt causing a really good effect.....I thought it would be really good on the sand.

It's so important to make sure that when you use the gutta for the design (Gutta is the restricting solution - like gum which stops the paints from mixing together) If you want to keep the paints seperate then the Gutta process needs careful attention, sealing all areas that you want the colours to be seperate. If you think about watercolours, they mix and run together, but with silk painting they can also mix and blend together in the same way, but also if you want to keep the colours seperate then use gutta to keep area's seperate. 
I hope this doesn't sound too confusing... : /
But then even with all my previous history and expertise, I made a gross error......

If you look to the right of the frame...my gutta line ends at the inside of the frame.....I could say I did this on purpose as a learning tool for you all ; ) do you believe me????
Nah.....I thought not. It's just its been so long since I did any painting, I'd forgotten this fundemental rule. Dah! But then that's why I did this trial silk to get all the blips out of the way.

I painted so far as my free time would allow and then left it to dry.....but when I returned....Grr... I was so cross with myself.
And here's the result.....

The paint bled over the frame and back into the picture....plus the sand bled into the sea....Sob, sob,

I'd obviously loaded the brush with too much paint, and it jumped over the gutta line. Another fundemental rule...that I'd left in the far depths of the right side of my brain.

So at least I've shown you and I feel so much relief that its now out there....Now unfortunately its back to the drawing board. But then artists aren't supposed to have it easy...are they?

Everything is left out in the studio in the hope I'll return. But I think I'll keep it to myself until I have something decent to show you....I may be some time.....

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