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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Simple Woman's Day book....

FOR TODAY - Wednesday 5th October 2011

Outside my window...Well where I'm sitting at the moment there isn't a window!
That's because I'm in a hospital waiting room. I know the sun is shining outside because I walked Muffin early this morning just as it was rising. But you can forget what time of day or even what time of year it is when sitting in these waiting rooms.

I am thinking...About all the poor staff here who have to work in windowless rooms.

I am thankful... For so many things that this section could take a while, so I'll just pick the main one of the moment...
Skype! I've just walked to work chatting with my daughter. She's in the UK and I'm here in Melbourne but we've been chatting as she's walking through the park on her way to her office. How fantastic is that?????
I'm sure that we'd be homeless if it wasn't for Skype...our telephone bills over the years would be horrendous.

In the kitchen...Steaks defrosting for tonight's dinner....that is if Muffin hasn't devised a way of mounting the kitchen cabinets!

I am wearing...A hospital gown. How Shhhexy! Who invented these things....they seem to be just designed to maximise your embarrassment. Haven't they heard of Velcro???
Its amazing how many people wander around oblivious to they're rear view.

I am creating...Nothing today and I'm aware I made a very bold statement earlier in the week that I would paint this week.
I was forcing the issue but I really truly haven't had the time yet....but I plan to start something tomorrow. Even if its just to stretch some silk and start the prep work.

I am going...To escape here in the next half hour and head home.

I am wondering...Two things really...one, will there be a taxi outside that I can hop into for a quick getaway and two, will the steak still be there? : (

I am reading...Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay

Its set in Paris, July 1942: Sarah, a ten year old Jewish girl, is arrested by the French police in the middle of the night, along with her mother and father. Desperate to protect her younger brother, she locks him in a cupboard and promises to come back for him as soon as she can.
Paris, May 2002: Julia Jarmond, an American journalist, is asked to write about the 60th anniversary of the Vel' d'Hiv' - the infamous day in 1942 when French police rounded up thousands of Jewish men, women and children, in order to send them to concentration camps. Sarah's key is the poignant story of the two families, forever linked and haunted by one of the darkest days in France's past. In this emotionally intense, page-turning novel, Tatiana de Rosnay reveals the guilt brought on by long-buried secrets and the damage that the truth can inflict when they finally come unravelled.

I am hoping...That tomorrow is a good painting day.

I am looking forward to...Still Christmas...
You might actually get fed up of reading this one. Well, my daughter is coming here for the holidays.
What more can I say.....I'M EXCITED

I am hearing...The blackbirds singing....I've arrived home.
My son's music upstairs.
Muffin's breathing as she's snoozing in her bed. Greeting me took such a lot out of her....bless!

Around the house...Everything is quiet neat and tidy. It helps if your out all day.
A lovely vase of flowers from the garden sitting right in front of me.

I am pondering...Will I try and get my son to cook the steak on the Barbie ....or shall I?
My OH usually is the BBQ king but he's not here so we need to call in a sub.

One of my favorite things...Blackbirds singing.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Painting, painting and painting. I really will have to make sure I don't get distracted.
I also need to get organised because Zac is coming to stay. Shh....Muffin doesn't know yet.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

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