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Thursday 10 November 2011

After the storm.....

I thought I’d come back today to report all’s well here after the storm. Just in case you were wondering?
I wouldn’t say it was a disappointment in the end, after all the reports and warnings because I think possibly other areas may have been affected more. Plus its better to be safe than sorry right? But we escaped lightly here in my neck of the woods.

There were a few good claps of thunder, flashes of spectacular lightening, a downpour of torrential rain and a quivering dog. Thankfully it didn't last too long ~ the storm and the quivering dog that is ~ especially when  a few pieces of chicken appeared. Miraculous recovery!

When the clouds started to build around 6pm I ran outside with my camera to try and capture it all.

How small do we feel when we see sights like these.....the power of nature. 

It’s a shame because the photos don’t really do justice to the fantastic formations. One minute they were billowing and heading our way to then quickly change speed and direction. It really was a show.....
From clear blue skies to dark threatening black clouds ~ all within minutes.
Whatever weather you're having today make the most of it....catch you later ;D


  1. Nature is awesome and oh so powerful. I am glad that you didn't get the storm as bad as you thought you were going to! Nasty storms are not nice! xxoo

  2. I've been hearing on the news that certain parts of Victoria were really hit quite badly, storm floods, houses wrecked and without power etc, so we did get off lightly thankfully xxoo


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