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Saturday 12 November 2011

Veggie update....

I haven't much get up and go today....I think it just got up and left {yep, still suffering from this cold} so I've just had a wonder around in the sunshine to check whats happening with my veggies.
I have to report there's good and bad, or as my school report often said "there's a lot of potential, we just need to bring it out"!!!
As you can see the broccoli is coming on fine....we may even be able to pick some to accompany our Sunday Roast Dinner tomorrow. How special is that....no carbon footprint here ; )

I became impatient wondering about the carrots too. {When did I get to be this impatient I wonder?}
So I picked one out to have a peek.....

Hmm....curly carrots!
I may have to space them out to prevent this, so we may have carrots tomorrow too....

Now then...on to the beans. Now here lies a sorry tale. I really thought these were doomed but on closer inspection look what I found....

They're having a real fight on their hands, what with slugs, snails and ants
I'm also not sure that they are in the best position...steep learning curve with this new garden.

Am I right in thinking that this is a baby ladybird and that's a good thing to have lurking amongst the leaves. There were quite a few of them.....

I am puzzled over my potatoes too. I never used to be, because I knew that you wait until they flower then you should have tatties beneath. Simple...
But I've used the plastic containers this time and I'm not sure if they are doing a good job yet. The first two containers I planted haven't really flowered but the foliage has grown so much they are hanging down touching the ground.
Maybe someone out there can answer my question...."do they need to flower first"?
The third container planted a few weeks later has a few flowers as you can see....so I'm hopeful of at least maybe one meal ;{

And lastly my tomtarters....I got very nervous and picked these first two babies because I was a little nervous that the possums or birds would be in there before me.
I've blown up the photo in the hope to impress because let me tell you they're titchy.
Oops I shouldn't have told you that....Dah!
Well that's all the walking I'm capable of today...I'm off to sit on a comfy lounger in the sun with my book
 ~ to recuperate.
Enjoy your day : D


  1. You have some nice looking veggies there Neesie. WE are still waiting for our Purple Sprouting Broccoli. It hasn't done much but leaf out so far! xxoo

  2. The trials and tribulations of veggie growing Marie....but when something works it sure does taste good! Good Luck :D

  3. I find that my potato plants seldom produce many flowers, but that doesn't prevent them producing lots of tubers.
    The "wee beastie" looks like a Harlequin Ladybird larva. They eat lots of aphids, so I reckon they are good.

  4. Whoohoo...good news then on both accounts Mark. Thanks for coming back to me with your expert advice. I really appreciate it.
    By the way we did have some homegrown broccoli yesterday and my son commented "its just like the real thing!" (:/)
    I don't know quite what he was expecting....?
    I'll have a peek at the tatties soon and hopefully if its a good crop post a pic! Thanks again ;D


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