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Friday 11 November 2011


We started today with an enthusiastic Kookaburra chattering away at 4.45am...It must be the most unusual alarm clock I’ve ever heard but unfortunately a good two hours early!!!

{Courtesy of scenicreflections.com}

I wonder if he knows its the weekend tomorrow? I hope so.....

I'm in a reflective mood today, but that seems fitting as its the 11th day of the 11th month. It could also have something to do with the fact that finally the ‘humdinger’ of a cold has finally burst its banks and rendered me lethargic and not enthusiastic for my normal headless chicken, multi-tasking activities. I’m giving in today...so I'm sitting still and letting my mind do all the work. {Eek...scary or what?}
At least I can achieve one activity that involves sitting plus the internet seems to be behaving.....and that is to blog ;D yah!

So have you got your cuppa handy?

Then I shall begin.....

Thinking back about the events that have happened to me over the last week or so it highlights what I’m becoming more and more in tune with....

Let me explain....whether its Karma, positive energy, you name it...whatever...I have a few examples which reinforces my belief that if you give unconditionally, willingly and without expecting anything in return you will be rewarded for your kindness.

Well that philosophy seems to be working for me lately. The first incident happened on Halloween night. I’d truly intended to be ready with my goodies for the little ones to call, but unfortunately forgot. So when the doorbell rang and six or seven young Halloweenies called I knew I’d made a booboo.

There was no hiding especially when a blood druelling nun peered through my window {not that I would have hidden :O} ...so off to the fridge, cupboards, anywhere to find any kind of sweets or goodies....Nothing! Diddlysquat! Typical....who ate all the chocolate????

So as a last resort I went for the cash...I know I don’t agree with giving cash but what can one do to save being dive bombed with eggs {not that these little cuties would have any intention of doing anything like that ~ I hasten to add} Besides they were so engrossed meeting Muffin they forgot all about trick or treating. However, we did have to make it very clear that Muffy wasn’t the treat!

Anyway, to cut the story short, I insisted that they take the money even though they protested. I only give to the first callers anyway...so it wasn't going to break the bank...but imagine my surprise when later in the week I was scrambling around for some cash to pay for my milk delivery, when I collected a little card from the post box. Inside was a beautiful note from the mother of the main birthday Halloweenie. She wrote some beautiful lines to thank me and returned my money saying it really wasn't necessary.
The timing couldn’t have been any nearer to my need....my milkman was a happy man too.

Secondly remember the Hamper I created for my friend for the Melbourne Cup Day....well she was thrilled but not as thrilled as me when my horse came first and I won the sweep!

Then yesterday Zac called round to see if Muffin was pining away for him now that he’s returned home after his month stay with us. He brought the most exquisite bouquet of flowers and chocolates.

Pity she can’t have the chocolates...I'll just HAVE to help her.

And lastly here’s a link to something I heard on the news a few days ago.....Good Deed
It’s incredible that one good deed ~ stopping to help someone with a flat tyre ~ deserved another in return within minutes when that initial helper suffered a heart attack. Two strangers who helped each other with the incredible result of saving a life. Amazing!

So go out there this weekend and 'Smile'....  ; D

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