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Monday 21 November 2011

Malvern Town Hall

I couldn't resist yesterday stopping to capture this beautiful landmark building.
For those of you not familiar with Melbourne its the Malvern Town Hall.
For anyone interested in architecture here's a few details.....
It was built in 1885 - 1886. Built in the Victorian period in the Second Empire style.
It was first built as a Hall but its currently used as offices.

As you can see The Hall's dressed ready for the holiday season, but I think it looks perfect without any embellishment...I think its grand enough without.

Whenever I drive past, it always makes me smile.
I love the tower ~ in fact there are two towers, but this one is the only one with the clock.

I think the sun and blue sky could have something to do with its appeal.
But it always looks stunning even with grey rain clouds overhead.

Oh to look good no matter what the weather......ahhh......

I thought I should include this photo....well the tram just wanted to get in on the act.
I must do a future post on the trams here. People either love or hate them but I must admit I have a soft spot for them. They're iconic and have been a part of this city since 1880s and an essential part of the public transport in Melbourne. The trams are an essential part of the CBD. They also travel deep into the heart of Melbourne suburbs and are a great way to travel in Melbourne.

I'm away to begin my preparations for tonight's dinner....maybe one of these days I get to actually post a baking or cookery post. Phewph...so little time.
Enjoy your day ; D


  1. What a beautiful building. Todd wanted to emigrate to Oz back in the early 60's when they had a £10 passage scheme going, but unfortunately they closed the door just as he was ready to go. It is still our dream to go one day. Dreams can come true! xxoo

  2. What a shame for Todd...but if he had come here then who knows he might never have met you?
    My husband actually did come to Oz in the 60's as a 10 pound pom. He was only 11 years old and celebrated his birthday on the ship coming over.
    All the family landed in Perth but they only stayed for 4 years.
    Unfortunately his mother didn't like the heat and returned to the UK.
    Its a pity that they never came to Melbourne because the climate here would have suited them much better.
    Anyway he had to go back to the UK...otherwise he wouldn't have met me ;D
    I hope Mitzie is okay oxox


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