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Wednesday 2 November 2011

One Man's Rubbish is Another Man's Treasure

If you happened to be beamed down from another planet sometime over the last week, you'd probably think that the inhabitants of this area were extremely untidy and uncaring. Debris is virtually on every nature strip in the neighbourhood. You name it, I'm sure its out there somewhere.....and why I hear you ask?
Well its the annual hard waste collection time that's organised by the local council. Everyone can put out whatever they no longer need, or the Op Shop doesn't want. From fridges, freezers, bikes, toys, beds, cabinets, garden items and equipment carpets, wood etc, its all out there. You name it and you'll probably find it somewhere. I think for instance fat tv's are a thing of the past...there are so many discarded.

I must admit I get a little sad when I see all the children's toys...you can imagine all the fun and love that they've had playing with them...only to have this sad end. The children have "all grown up and saving China" {quote from Disney's Mulan}
But then there's another amusing side watching vehicles stealth like... cruise the streets trawling for treasure. To see what's on offer? This all happens very swiftly within the blink of an eye....its in a trailer and gone before you can say 'Jack Robinson'. {I've just had to research that saying because I had no idea why we use it ~ there's lots of ideas out there so I'll let you look and decide which you like ~ sorry I digress}
This act is allegedly not encouraged and may even be an offence, but I haven't seen that actually written down anywhere.

You can never be surprised by what you come across on your dog walk just now.
I have to say here and now that I'm not in the habit of taking photo's of toilets usually but when I saw this the other day I chuckled. It reminded me of going to see the movie 'The Help' If you haven't seen the film you'll wonder what I'm on about .... but if you have ....what a giggle.

But then everyone knows one man's rubbish is another man's treasure.I'm just not sure about a toilet though
 : \
There's also the other side... when you put out rubbish and no one takes it! If it isn't poached before the council pickup, it can be a kind of insult..."what's wrong with my rubbish that no one's taken it yet"? It makes you think it obviously should have been thrown out much sooner!
I'm frantically trying to find something to throw out but with only moving recently we have already discarded all that we had....but I still feel I'm missing out.

My last photo today was taken on this mornings walk. It also has the end of an era kind of theme.
I saw this house in the process of being crushed and thought how sad that all those memories and history were to be erased. The roof looked like it had had a huge bite taken out of it... : O
A little sad but then it'll be the start for someone....their treasure perhaps?

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  1. We used to have these types of days back home in Canada, usually in the spring. It was fun to drive around and see what had been left, because indeed as you say, one man's junk IS another man's treasure! We often found things that we could use and wanted. xxoo


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